Fully Charged Features Airbus E-Fan Flight Across The English Channel (Video)

JUL 28 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

The E-Fan crossed the English Channel

The E-Fan crossed the English Channel

Fully Charged released an episode this weekend about Airbus E-Fan’s historic all-electric flight across the English Channel on July 10.

Total distance over water was 74 kilometres (46 miles) between Lydd, England, and Calais in France. The journey took 36 minutes.

Despite controversy behind the “first” all-electric flight, it was quite an achievement, 106 years after Louis Blériot’s epic flight.

“The 100% electric Airbus E-Fan on its first flight across the English Channel. The first steps in the electrification of air travel.”

As a bonus here is full 75-minute video of the flight:

“Airbus’ electric aircraft E-Fan is set to perform an historic flight over the English Channel, following in the footsteps of Louis Blériot’s first Channel crossing more than 100 years ago this month. The twin-engine electric plane is scheduled for take off from Lydd at approximately 10:15 a.m. CET, pending appropriate weather conditions, for a 45 minutes flight to Calais”

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The first electric flight was by someone else the day before.
And they flew both ways, not like this one. This one went over in crates to one side and was assembled then flew it over.


The first electric cross Channel flight was completed almost 35 years ago.


And then, as now, electric commercial passenger plane flight was not practical. Commercial passenger plane flight of any kind, like 2 ton, 80 mph cars never made sense, and never will be. But we will keep doing it until we cook ourselves.

They would’ve been Third if they didn’t Bulley the Pipstrel effort…


I don’t get the negative comments … unlike the other electric flights across the channel, this is a PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE from a world-class aircraft manufacturer that will be commercially available soon. I can’t wait until I can buy one!

I was going to ask if James Bede was following this, but ironically, he just died earlier this month.

Bede was one of the aviation mavericks of the boomer generation. Paul MacCready, and Burt Rutan were among the few whose companies still exist as Aerovironment, and Scaled Composites.