Fully Charged Drives Cadillac ELR – Video

MAR 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 34

2014 Cadillac ELR charging

Cadillac ELR charging

Fully Charged finally is back this month for the very first time in 2015!

Robert Llewellyn was in the US and prepared video on a car that isn’t available in the UK – the Cadillac ELR.

Llewellyn, together with Chelsea Sexton, drives from Los Angeles to Las Vegas talking not only about the ELR, but also about the general situation of plug-in electric car sales.  A very interesting conversation to say the least.

“A drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the very refined Cadillac ELR plug-in-hybrid. I’m joined in the car by Chelsea Sexton, Californian electric car advocate who was featured in the award winning documentary ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?’

Engine. 1,400cc four cylinder petrol series hybrid withe 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery

The all-electric range is around 35 miles, and total range is around 300 miles with a full battery and tank.

Top speed is 100mph – making it a similar performer to the Volt.

The ELR was going to be be sold from the sole UK dealer in Manchester but they went bankrupt so I don’t think you can buy one here.”

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We need to talk a little more of how the electric, we are using to charge these cars, is being produced! Is this really helping our air quality ?

Yes, they are really helping our air quality. They will do even more once we stop burning coal and natural gas to produce the electricity.

Yes, it absolutely is helping our air quality. See the reports from the Union of Concerned Scientists that affirm this over and over… One such report shown below:


Joseph, that conversation has been done to death. Chelsea even mentioned in the video how many EV drivers have chosen to install Solar panels on their roof. You’d have heard that if you actually watched the video.

Exactly Brian,
You can hit zero CO2 with an EV on Solar right off your own roof.

You can’t do that with a Prius.

Keep in mind that the majority of EV owners charge their cars at night. At night utilities produce a baseline of electrical current. This means that regardless of whether or not there are any EV’s being charged this electrical current would be produced anyway! Which means that since EV’s do not burn any gasoline which produce exhaust and since no additional electrical generation is required, above and beyond what would be produced anyway, then every mile in an EV constitutes a reduction in air polluting emissions.

Also, air pollution in a field near a power station is better than air pollution at the school gate. Still not great, but I’d rather burn something out of town than in town near pregnant women, small children and old people with heart complaints.

Don’t worry it’s going to be at least as clean as the well 2 wheel emissions generated by getting oil out of the ground and getting it into your gas tank refined as gasoline. it’s an old argument give it a rest.

Mr. Bellisario, I’m Going to bring you up to steam with the facts.

It matters not how dirty an old coal plant is as this reality is the unseen elephant in the china shop-

Off-Peak N. American, Big Utility #OverGeneration; that is, unused, wasted and dumped electricity, each night, equals the output Of 65-70 nuclear power plants.

So stated US Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) on the US Senate Floor.

My Comment posted on these pages here.

Link Goes To Inside EVs Comments- 01.06.2015


Thus, Big Utility, awakening to the business plan of promoting Electric Fueled Vehicles as New Energy Fuel Customers, can eat big oil for lunch, offering a fuel for the surging North American EV Industry using an already massive over supply of off-peak waste energy.

Great Video, by the way of A @CES2015 road trip in a Stunning Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric luctury Coupe with “Fully Charged” Electric Fueled Vehicle Videographer and EV Proponent Robert Llewellyn with special guest,Californian electric car advocate, Chelsea Sexton, a relentless stateside EV Advocate, second to none.


Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.



Lamar Alexander is a crook, so I wouldn’t hang my hat on too much that creep says. Also, baseload power isn’t being ‘wasted’ if its not used, since at lower levels the fuel consumption is reduced, but it is true that plants are more efficient when they are more heavily loaded. The other consideration no one talks about is the shortened life of central stations if the loading varies more wildly due to metal fatigue. While wind and solar tend to intensify this problem, they won’t so much if there are electric cars and trucks charging in the ‘background’. So in a sense, any ‘damage’ my solar system is doing to the powerplants is more than ameliorated by my ‘good’ usage of charging two EV’s after midnight. If almost everyone was doing what my household was doing, there’d be no extreme deliterious load fluctuations at central plants. And, of course, those who choose to charge their ev’s when the sun is shining are having no ‘grid’ impact whatsoever, other than enjoying a marginal electricity cost of ‘free’. So, the marginal cost, of charging an electric car overnight with baseload power, is VERY LOW. And those of us with solar power… Read more »

Looks like a much more refined than the Volt.

Well, I should hope so considering it costs twice as much.

Is anyone else irritated by the way Llewellyn is giddy about every little thing? Maybe I’m just getting grumpy in my old age.


Mwa ha ha ha! That didn’t take you long to find…

Still grumpy, maybe you need to do some drifting in an ELR to calm the swollen prostate. Sure as hell beats a high fiber diet.

Drifting in a FWD car? That doesn’t sound like all that much fun. No, I’d rather drift in a Tesla Roadster.

And high-fiber diets aren’t all that bad thanks to Fiber1. Cardboard? no. Delicious? meh.

THe only way you’d be happy with a Roadster is one with the 70 kwh battery. With mine, the battery would be dead to soon.

SO when are we doing lunch?

You’re right, Bill. I wouldn’t get very far with the way I like to drive the Roadster!

And we are overdue for lunch. I almost made it out west a month ago when the falls were frozen over. That only happens once in a lifetime!


yeh I know he can be somewhat irritating, but he has a good sense of Humour like most from the UK.

Get the series “Waiting for God” from Netflix if you want a good laugh.


“Last Tango in Halifax”

Good stuff

Rumor has it that Andrew “Dice” Clay was slated as a guest host for the Fully Charged Vegas Cadillac drive.

GM didn’t want to pay for the professional cleaning to get the cigarette smell out of the car and Chelsea was whining about “personality conflict” … So the deal got cancelled and Llewellyn had to fly over to do the thing himself.

Very interesting chat… Chelsea is very informed with quite a few facts at her fingertips.

Wow, I’ve heard of cars with sex appeal but this is the first time that I have ever seen one capable of actually reciprocating the owners misplaced affection. Look out for ELR drivers drifting wildly all over the freeway or frantically reversing back and forth across a no loading zones.

This is why owners of cars should do reviews.

On a more serious note, the passenger (as is often the case in fully charged) made a lot more sense than the driver. She sounds like a very interesting lady and she certainly know her stuff.

As I stated above, Chelsea Sexton, our global Electric Fueded Advocate, second to none.

Twitter handle; @EVChels – Take a look.

Link Goes To Chelsea Sexton Twitter Feed-


Link Goes ToRobert Llewellyn YouTube EV Channel-



Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.



Chelsea was always a very effective advocate for the EV1, and always has a pleasant, reasonable, non-threatening demeanor.

I’d much rather listen to her than her one time-boss, Andy Parker at Nissan. He’s the one who told the Tucson drivers with the cooked batteries that he’ll just add ‘bars’ to their battery gauges.

Ms. Sexton I’ve always found much less misleading. Even while ‘rooting for the home team’, (which employees have to do), I never have seen her spounting bald-faced lies as I did with Parker. I’m glad he’s gone.

wake up the amount of toxic materials
and the toxic conditions upon which solar panels are built is incomprehensible.
most are manufactured overseas under
horrible conditions for worker/ enviroment
please enough bull
assembled doesnt mean built in the USA

While I know there is some truth regarding the toxic materials used on PV production, your post is nothing more than fear mongering. How about providing actual numbers (and references?) rather than just “incomprehensible”. I’m sure the actual numbers are quite comprehensible.

And how about the toxic conditions under which coal miners work? Or worse – extracting oil from the tar sands?

So I agree with you somewhat – that we need to clean up PV production. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. We need to clean up our grid. We need to get it – and our transportation – away from fossil fuels ASAP.

Everything in life is a bit of a trade-off, but Solar panels will be productive for 20 years so each panel will produce a lot of juice and not make any additional contamination. My view is its an acceptible trade off, of course, others will differ.

Everything in life is a bit of a trade-off, but Solar panels will be productive for 20 years so each panel will produce a lot of juice and not make any additional contamination. My view is its an acceptible trade off, of course, others will differ.

So you’re rather be sucking in mercury, and other heavy metals from filthy coal emissions? Do you even know what Acid Rain is and how it’s formed? Or even realize coal ash is more radioactive than most nuclear waste, right?


Your post makes absolutely no sense. Please take your check from the Koch Brothers, and leave. You suck at FUD.

Ugh. If only GM had put the Voltec drivetrain into an SUV . . . or crossover . . . or mini-van.

But nope . . . they put it into grandpa land barge. Ugh.

ELR is not a land-barge. I wish it was, then we’d have another class of vehicle and a larger demographic of the buying public would purchase them. The ELR’s sales have been tiny since it appeals to so few people – neither very young nor very old people will be attracted to it. For those in the middle there is some interest, but yes, they should put the Voltec in a larger vehicle and not pay too much heed to the ‘underpowered’ complaints they’ll surely get. I keep saying that NOT EVERYONE needs 700 horsepower. The VW microbus (type 2 i think was the official name) had room for 7-11 people, or for the majority of its run 2200 pound cargo capacity (if you didn’t buy the seats) with a 52 horsepower engine, and they sold zillions of them. The volt is much, much more powerful than any microbus ever was, so if they took their existing voltec and put it in a much larger truck or van, with double the battery, you’d have a vehicle that would go 70 miles AER, and not cost alot of money. Now that the VOlt apparently is going to actually make money rather… Read more »

I was hoping he was going to actually review the ELR – wasted opportunity since I have generally enjoyed his reviews of other EVs.