All-Electric “Classic” Jaguar E-Type Zero Review – Video

OCT 14 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

A factory conversion of the Jaguar E-Type Zero was unveiled in September at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest, and is now the focus of a Fully Charged review.

Jaguar E-type Zero

The 1968 antique was seamlessly equipped with an electric powertrain … so the process could be reverted (if someone loses their mind or something we suppose).

The concept is not yet on sale, but Jaguar raised quite interest in the conversion, especially as an electric version could be offered to all Jaguars with the old six-cylinder XK-type engine.

A 40 kWh battery, good for range of up to 270 km (170 miles), capable of hitting 62 mph from a standstill in just 5.5 seconds, should satisfy every enthusiast.

“One of the most beautiful sports cars ever produced, converted to electric drive by Jaguar Land Rover. It’s faster and lighter than the original!”

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Always a great looking car. 2 seats is very limited. Convertibles are very unsafe. Can it DC fast Charge like a Super Safe Tesla. I’ll stick with our Tesla.

I’m sure most people who view this car will like it, – I like the fact that they didn’t do something stupid like double the horsepower, etc. I personally think that all original conversions should keep the power level of the original car roughly the same.

Interestingly, they only have a ‘Type 1’ connector on it…which is fine for the states of course, and from what I can see from this side of the pond, most British homes, especially smaller ones, are 240 only.

150 miles is better than nothing, but for me, I’d need somewhat more. I’m on my second bev, and both BEV’s I’ve owned could go over 200 miles – so you can go somewhere, which is the point of a Roadster to begin with.

I agree.
They should only juice the power no more than 10%.
Otherwise, you’re looking at upgrading the brakes and possibly the suspension to handle more power.

The point here is owner will enjoy more torque, quiet, and vastly greater reliability without Bosch electronics of this era.

You’d do this if you enjoy the car and want to drive it.

Years ago an associate spent many months restoring an E Type, only to find out when he was done that the damn thing was too expensive to insure for normal driving. He sold it to someone who now has it sitting, mostly undriven, in their “collection”. It gets trailered to car shows.

I wonder how insurance companies view this EV retrofit version?

Hmmm. DL, that’s a problem because one of the big benefits of the conversion would of course be the Huge Improvement in drivetrain reliability.

WOW what else can I say. I would buy it in heart beat. What a beautiful piece of art. There is nothing on the road that compares or even comes close to the XKE roadster. Sign me up for the conversion kit or the car itself.

I would love for GM to do something like this for the Solstice and Sky.

I think the 2014 Spark EV drivetrain would be a great fit.

There was an aftermarket company many years ago that tried to make a Solstice EV conversion kit. I think they were called AMP. Anyhow the prototype was such a dismal disappointment that they dropped the whole thing. Not very fast, noisy and could only go about 40 miles. The problem is, there’s really very little room for a reasonable battery and the Solstice is heavy car for it’s size.

The Camaro and the Corvette should have been first on the list. But, GM doesn’t have a gigafactory to control battery prices, or research expense to move along the rapid improvement of batteries. They’re just waiting for a friend( LG ).

Nope, not my taste. Too bulbous and out of proportions.
There are other cars I like more like a Porsche 911 or a Corvette C4.

The long wheelbase of the Jag helps it in stability in high speed drives.

All designs are tradeoff’s.
The Porsche is optimized for slalom runs.
The Corvette for 0-60 times, and rubber burning handling.

Not a word about being left hand drive

Not a word about being left-hand drive?