Fully Charged Visits Colorado To Check Out The Tesla Model 3

SEP 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Europe knows about Tesla Model 3 and sure seems eager to get it.

Fully Charged, just like others in Europe, struggles to find any Tesla Model 3s for a test drive. This is why Jonny Smith went to Colorado.

And you know what? It was one of the best Fully Charged episodes ever, despite the fact that we should already be overwhelmed by the Model 3 reviews. This one still was quite enjoyable.

Tesla community/customers also happily helped presenting their cars and sharing experiences. Some were new to EVs, others already all-in with S/3/X.

“Jonny Smith went to Colorado to test drive the Tesla Model 3. Many thanks to the Denver Tesla Club who supplied their cars, they’d only been had them a few weeks.

There are already thousands of Tesla Model 3 videos on YouTube, but I think this is the best looking. Amazing camerawork from @inksharkman”

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Model 3 looks great with the aero covers off.

great looking car, i wish a could afford one…instead I’m stuck with a 1st gen Leaf…….some day.


I too throughly enjoyed the review in part because Johnny wasn’t the “talking head.” He engaged with the car owners and that made all of the difference. He also had more than one Model 3 and their owners.

What came through is they, the owners, really like their cars. Not just pride of ownership but they really understand the difference. This is entirely different from the usual, presenter loving one car this week and another the next. There is a connection to their rides.

I was hoping the Tesla skeptics might take a peek and get a clue but I’m sometimes too trusting in others.

Great review.

Tesla Model 3 will be a huge success in Europe.

At the rate it’s going, Model 3 could very well be a huge success everywhere.

Think of it this way: Nissan has sold 300,000 Leafs (leaves?) total and are currently selling 10,000 a month worldwide. Tesla is selling more Model 3s per month, and when they figure out how to optimize production, they could be selling at up to triple or quadruple Nissan’s sales rate. So the Model 3 would then take the world’s best selling EV title in less than 2 years from full production and would achieve in 4 years what took 10 years for the Leaf.

FYI, the Model 3’s audio system is made by S1nn which is owned by Harmon.

I would not keep doing reviews from short term model 3 owners. Go for longer term, and you get longer term insights. For example, the car will tell you it is charging to 310 miles, which is basically preprogrammed. But you would have to drive like grandma to actually get that. And indeed, the car in current software will warn me that it can’t make a destination near that mark unless you drive under 70mph. 260-280 is more like it on a full charge.

Not what I have found, 310 or more is certainly possible with the aero wheels in warm weather, even at 70+. Of course range is speed dependent, that’s just physics. I think this car is fabulous, fast, efficient, roomy and comfortable, did I mention it handles like a dream?

“But you would have to drive like grandma to actually get that”
Don’t worry, you will get there sooner than later.

Compliments to Johnny, the interviewer. He listens very well and responds what they tell him. Plus that bit of a that unique British humor. Well done!

When Jonny Smith presented “Fifth Gear” (a rival to Top Gear in the UK), he was always the amiable, but not very knowledgeable one, a contrast with the other presenters, who were generally professional, or ex-professional, racing drivers. An “everyman” who liked cars, but was not really an expert.
He was pretty much in that mode in this video, engaging autopilot was clearly hard for Jonny, despite advice, and he manages to disengage it in about 2 seconds.
Not really a video for those who have been watching every Model 3 video on Youtube, but great for curious Europeans thinking about their first electric car, and wondering what the fuss is about this unavailable American car (hopefully it will be available in 2019, which seems to be the expected delivery date for a lot of the supposedly on-sale-now electric models).

I chuckled when the brit said one of the owners slept in his 3. Can’t help but think that for most of the world, if they bought one they would have to sleep in it.


No money left to buy a house…i thought that was obvious…