Fully Charged Checks In On First Shell Recharge Station – Video


NOV 11 2017 BY MARK KANE 22

Shell “Recharge” is a new service launched in the UK by the petrol provider.  Apparently, Shell doesn’t want to miss the electrification trend, and be left behind with all those old school gas stations.


Shell Recharge

The concept is to place dozens of DC fast chargers throughout its infrastructure  (the 50 kW multi-standard kinda), and try to sell electricity (kWh) for about half the price through the Summer 2018 as a pilot project.

Earlier this year, Shell also acquired the NewMotion charging network, and provider of EVSEs, to be able to further provide all kinds of EV charging solutions.

As such, Fully Charged checks in on the first Shell Recharge station in London.

“A rapid charger in a Shell forecourt, in the middle of London. I never thought I’d see that. Well, it’s happened, you can use it today. Will electric car drivers use them? Will Shell install loads of them? We certainly hope so.”

And look who was present at the station… one of the LEVC TX range-extended taxis. Who would thought that the TX is CHAdeMO compatible.

LEVC TX electric taxi – CHAdeMO charging

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At Minute 4:00 the Leaf mis the Shell station :-).

Maybe it was Fully Charged.

0il companies supply EV charging ? Why would they support EV,s ??? So they can later Manipulate Electricity prices Too?…The scammers will come with more excuses to hike Charging rates…I WOULD AVOID THEM Unless I was in dire need..

They want to sell you donuts & coffee. That’s where they make their money. Whether it is gas of electricity you stop to put into your car, they don’t care. Stations make a pittance on fuel sales.

We shall see if their “pittance” on per/kW charging EV sales, translates into less than a nominal $ .10 of a markup, over their delivered cost.

Hard to believe that Shell 0il beat BP to the punch, on this FC rollout, in the U.K.
Looks like Rob-Lew is putting out a good vibe to bring London on board with Gas Station EV charging.

Another Euro point of view


It’s not the same market. For EVs you can power up at home which will always keep FC competitive.

-only 1 charger (3 cords)
-25 pence/kwh
-no time limit
-50 kw

-Looks like the taxi that was charging was blocking a parked car

-no canopy for rain for the charger but gas pumps have one.

She says they have a lot to learn.
I agree

Gas stations need the canopy for safety fire-suppression systems. This fast charger had, for safety, an emergency-stop button clearly visible.

I took the pricing to mean “Lets go halves” to mean the introductory price was 25 pence/kwh for the first 12 months – then it will be revised up to 50 pence.

Its a good video

I’ve been to a Sunoco station, and an Exxon station, here in the southeast, with 50 kW fast chargers. They were installed by the station owners. But doing this at a corporate level is great. Bring it! It’s the only way we’ll see one in every little hamlet, which is what we need.

He said “it is the first in the world”. You have proven him wrong and I do believe I read here about a Canadian service station that installed one at least 2 years ago.

I’m sure this has been done in many countries already, I know for a fact it’s been done in mine, so definitely not a first. Maybe what he meant is that it’s the first corporate decision to install them at ALL stations? In my country, they are currently only available on a few stations next to highways.

Read my post again. You seem to have missed what I said.

I think it was in regards to the first charge at a Shell station world wide, not the first charger at a gas station.
There are more then a dozend in Germany alone. As well as in Poland, there is even a SuC at a gas station.

I live in the country so, I don’t really care about these chargers. Home and super rapid chargers on the motorways is all I care about. Having said that, how hard and expensive would it be to just build cheap night time use chargers for those who do live in big cities to use at night? I mean, the infrastructure is already there right? Lamp posts, wires. Basically just add the cheap chargers right? Because, one of the great things about EVs is that they will be able to use all that energy at night, when no one wants it. I understand in a big city like London you should have a few chargers like this one but I think it would be a lot better if you could actually charge where you park.

There is a FC episodes about lamp post chargers in London.

Well done SHELL!!! 25p pwh is REALLY really good guys, I’m currently using shell vpower diesel for my vehicle (taxi work) and am taking delivery of a new 2018 leaf early next year if you guys can get around 35p pkwh after the phase this will be great!

The price of 25p/kWh is nominally half off. I know they say they haven’t decided on a full price, but I think 35p/kWh is just dreaming.

“Historical moment” and” commercial reasons put these chargers” I have to say, I have always found Robert way too optimistic and kind of a dreamer. But I couldn’t agree with him more on this one. If all goes well and Shell decides this is viable commercially, this will have been an historical moment indeed.

Sigh. So the Shell rep spends several minutes discussing that it needs to be simple, they listen to customers — and it still requires pre-registration via app? No option for opportunistic credit-card charging: Simply roll up, insert credit card in the machine, and pay via that? Every single one of hundreds of thousands of filling stations (>1M pumps) in the world allows this.

Why require a smartphone in loop at all?
They’re not serious.

Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell) doesn’t make fast chargers, and they have to go with whatever crappy way the fast charger manufacturers have to pay for the thing – Aerovironment has the same (we’re both of the same minds here – its silly) way of paying for it, as well as ChargePoint (at least CP gives you a card that works at least some of the time). Gasoline station vendors figured out long ago the RIGHT way to do it – make the experience of refueling as fast and painless as possible since it doesn’t tie up the Clerk in the store – have a standard credit card reader and ask one simple security question – around here they ask what is ur postal code – and that greatly increases throughput. Some Great Brain somewhere will figure out how to glue a credit card machine to the fast charger. Of course – they never like paying for the receipt printer – so the vendors are pushing this ‘Level Up’ thing, which I refuse to use since it makes things cheaper for them and they don’t compensate you for the easier transaction (to them). I refuse to use it since soon, as… Read more »