Fully Charged: BMW i8 “Economical Sports Car” – Video

MAY 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

Robert Llewellyn tested the BMW i8 for over 1,000 miles on a journey in the UK achieving average fuel economy of 52 mpg.

58 mpg in eco mode, and over 36 mpg in sport mode was enough to call i8 an economical sports car.

As always, it’s very entertaining episode of Fully Charged.

“The first plug in hybrid electric supercar on Fully Charged. Not sure if that’s true but it sounds good, in fact if you like that sort of thing it sounds amazing.
Over 1,000 miles of driving, average of 52 mpg. A very fast, semi economical sports car.”


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American Drivers would only get 80% of these mile per gallon figures, seeing as we are not using 5 quart Imperial Gallons.

The car is a looker, but for the price you don’t get much. Unless money is no object to you, and you like fake engine sounds. But its best use probably is on movie sets and tv programs, since I bet people tire of the car soon enough. Makes my Ex-Roadster look like a very practical vehicle, and far less coin. I defy anyone to sit in the rear seats, for instance.

Let’s face it: You don’t buy a sports car based on rational “how much do I get” arguments. 😉 And the engine sounds are not fake, but augmented. And guess what: Almost all sports cars today use sound augmentation, some through the speakers and some through sounding devices in the exhaust system.

Personally I think pure EV is not really a good option for this kind of car, which is meant to be taken on road trips. For example, I live in Silicon Valley, and could hardly make a trip down the famous Big Sur stretch of Highway 1 even in a Tesla, since the next Supercharger (San Luis Obispo) is about 250 miles away on that route. Drive a bit too fast and you risk being stranded.


San Jose to the Gilroy supercharger is 32 miles. Gilroy to the Atascadero supercharger via highway 1 and Big Sur is 171 miles. Then from Atascadero back to Gilroy on Highway 101 is 137 miles. Then just 32 miles back to San Jose.

This is an easy trip for the Tesla.

The only thing bothering me with the i8 is thinking that it could have been so much better, if fully electric. The Roadster was as fast, and with todays batteries even 350 miles range are possible. I imagine a fully electric i8 could have beaten the Model S in handling 0-60 and range, sadly BMW decided otherwise.

I think this car, much like the pip is a gateway drug. People who buy the i8 were probably not going to buy a tesla so this at least gets them into something with a plug and hopefully introduces them to some of the joy’s of ev driving. It also probably gets closer to the 58 mpg in the city than the 36 mpg on the open road.

An Economical Comical POS of a Sports Car…..This car makes No Sense……..