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fully chargedIt’s an all-battery episode of Fully Charged!

It’s a battery special. This episode looks at the stories we’ve been told about batteries and the reality that is emerging.

Will we ‘throw them away’ after 3 years as predicted by someone, 3 years ago.

Robert Llewellyn examines several of the myths related to battery technologies and even discusses battery pricing.

Additionally, he hunts down the owner of a 3-year-old Nissan LEAF to see if she threw away her batteries after 36 months of ownership.  Why?  Well, some people say that batteries only last three years before they’re useless.

You’ll enjoy this episode of Fully Charged for sure!

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“Anyone” who reported that an EV battery was going to last 3 years was working on an agenda.


That’s one of the things we have to remain very careful about when reading about EVs: There’s SOOO much money and other things at stake in cars, batteries, etc. that virtually everyone has some sort of agenda, whether paid in the traditional sense or merely ideological.

What’s your agenda? Sell your Exxon stock already.
The batteries are well managed and of course will last longer then 3 years.

Oh, and no link, just your opinion.

Holy ****.

Your sentence first started to sound like you agreed with dumbass Clarkson. Sorry.

Couldn’t he at least have told us how many % she would get on a full charge, or somehow tested the battery degradation.
Also a full charge and then driving it around London until it was totally empty to get to know the range would also have been nice to see.
A car just parked there could have been towed there, with or without a battery. 😛 (not that I think it’s the case, but still).

I normally enjoy fully charged but this episode was pretty *meh*.

I’m going to make an educated guess. By and large, modern electric car batteries have lasted longer than three years. I’m going to assume that her battery performance isn’t unusual. So, her battery is probably doing just fine.

Casting doubt on her battery performance, given the state of the technology, makes you seem more like The Orangutan than The Muskrat.

I’m sure the battery is just fine, just like any and every report, study and stories from real world use has told us. But you totally missed the point…having a video about batteries and especially that car and not show its stats is just pointless.

The next time he can make a video about how fast the Tesla is and then just stand besides it and say “It is really fast”.

I don’t think I totally missed the point or your point. Different reports are geared towards different audiences. Some are wonky, some are for general consumption. This particular report opted to go for the mass audience and follow up on the Top Gear statements. Top Gear said people would have to throw the battery out after three years. Top Gear didn’t get into the tech details. This report responded in kind. Just because a report didn’t directly speak to you doesn’t mean it is a bad report…it’s just not what you want. Any number of people can say that the report left out something very important.

It was the “follow up on the Top Gear statements” that I thought was missing. Anyway, still one of his poorest videos so far.

Well they did say the 2 yr old taxi with 100,000 miles on it still had 98% of its life left (assuming the original battery, which seems hard to believe),

and, perhaps this woman had more than the usual “bars lost’, which would have gone against what he was trying to say.

But whatever it is in her 3 year old car, at least it is still usable for her.

The 98% figure is actually wrong, its capacity is closer to 12.5% loss. Somebody was able to get a LeafSpy reading from the taxi: https://speakev.com/threads/c-c-taxis-leafspy-screen-grab-from-102-453-gen-2-leaf.8862/

I tried messaging Robert Llewellyn about it but got no reply. You think there might be an agenda there?

Myth 3: Telsa sold 38,000 Powerwall units in the first day after they were announced.

It’s reservation, so you could differentiate it from a done sale.
But to say it’s a myth as to come from a mythoman as far as I’m concern.
Because we all know, some decent number will eventually turn to a cash sale.
That doesn’t look like a myth but rather simple statiscal fact.

The video’s been up nearly a month and a half. Surely someone else here besides myself is subscribed to Fully Charged? Perhaps one of the editors? You guys could be getting subscription notifications too. Means you can share the good news much sooner.