Fuji Electric Installs First DC Quick Charger in Midtown Manhattan


Fuji Quick Charger

Fuji Quick Charger

Fuji Electric Corp. of America 25kW DC Quick Charger

Fuji Electric Corp. of America 25kW DC Quick Charger

Midtown Manhattan got its first quick charger at the Edison ParkFast. It is a 25 kW CHAdeMO charger from Fuji Electric Corp. of America, connected to the ChargePoint network.

“Fuji Electric Corp. of America has announced a new project featuring their 25kW DC Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles at the Edison ParkFast’s famous Hippodrome location, conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan. The publicly available station provides a complete charge to electric vehicles in under an hour, making it ideal for the busy driver in the heart of the city’s bustling Times Square neighborhood.”

25 kW means that charging time to 80% will be slightly longer than the typical 30 minutes at 40-50 kW, but it still should be rather useful.

The project was conducted by Green Power Technology, Fuji Electric’s distributor, who is responsible for the sale, installation and ongoing maintenance of the charger.

Phil Charatz, President and CEO of Fuji Electric Corp. of America stated:

“With our corporate headquarters in NJ, we are honored to see our DC Quick Charger installed in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and are pleased to partner with Edison ParkFast on this project. Electric vehicle owners will benefit from the convenient location and the charger’s presence on the ChargePoint® Network, and we hope to see more DC Quick Chargers in New York City and the surrounding areas in the coming months.”

Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO remarked:

“Our successful partnership with Fuji Electric has helped make us the largest and most open EV charging network in the nation. DC fast charging stations combined with level two public and home charging give drivers confidence that they can plug in wherever they go.”

Stacy Stuart, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Human Resources at Edison Properties, the parent company of Edison ParkFast commented:

“We’ve built a reputation on providing value-added services to our customers, and the installation of an EV Charging Station was a natural next step for us. This allows New Yorkers to make an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to getting around. They know they can pull into an Edison ParkFast garage and charge up their electric vehicle in a quick, convenient setting.”

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It’s great to see a Fuji charger on the right coast to compliment one of the busiest CHAdeMO chargers in the US (that happens to be a Fuji) on the left coast.

It would kind’a suck, if 25kw units ended up on highways. I thought 45-50kw was the low.

The difference in time to charge from 20%-80% on a LEAF is around 8 minutes when comparing a 25 kW to a 50 kW CHAdeMO. When charging on a 50 kW capable charger, the charge rate only stays above 25 kW a short period of time.

Of course, if you only need a short boost to get to your next destination and arrive at a low state of charge, then the 50 kW station is appreciated. 50 kW stations will probably be appreciated more by future EVs.

As mentioned by Dave R, the 50kW does not save as much time as people might think.

In addition, the 50kW units require 480V 3 phase supply, which is not widely available, whereas the Fuji 25kW unit only needs 208V 3 phase, which is very common.

25KW? Might as well install a high amp AC charger.

But the the only car that can take advantage of 80A J1772 stations (16-19 kW) are Teslas.

Most plugins can only do somewhere between 16-30A (3.3-7.2 kW) on J1772.

This lot is located at 50 W 44th St. Between 5th and 6th Avenues.

Weekday parking rates:

Up to 1 hour 12.00
Up to 2 hours 24.00
Up to 12 hours 35.00
Up to 24 hours 41.00


I wish they would put some DC fast Chargers along the New Jersey Turnpike.

Oh cool, same Speed as my INCLUDED 22kw AC Charger when buying a ZOE.

Know I understand the benefints of DC. Much more expensive, extremely large and not available at home.

Great technology. Wow.