Frost Makes Tesla Model X Fail – Video

Tesla Model X


“Ahhhh shhhheeeeeyyyyyt” … the Tesla Model X suffers from some frost-related issues.

Bjørn Nyland is back with Optimus Prime, his Tesla Model X. He points out that he’s heard some Tesla owners mentioning issues related to cold weather. So, Nyland leaves his car out in the cold overnight and purposely doesn’t preheat it. He says there’s a lot of moisture and it’s about zero degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit), which honestly isn’t even that cold.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X door won’t open because the window is frozen and can’t lower

Nyland’s observations show that it’s really not much different than any car left out in wet, cold conditions overnight. The doors and mirrors are frozen. He’s still able to easily get the door open, the spoiler works, as does the frunk and the trunk. Nyland suggests disabling the auto-folding mirrors in the winter. Nothing else really seems to be an issue.

This basically just further proves that it’s important to preheat these cars in the winter. You really should warm up any vehicle in the winter before heading out. It’s not as if the Model X won’t start or function properly due to the cold.

It would be interesting to see the situation in truly extreme conditions. It would also be helpful to know exactly what other issues people have apprised Nyland of. Have any of you had any cold-weather concerns with your EVs, or specifically a Tesla vehicle, aside from reduced range and frozen doors/windows?

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

I let my Model X park overnight with frost. In the morning I tried to open doors and tested folding mirrors. Some components failed and some worked.

Video below: Bjorn trying to break his Tesla in the cold again

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HE’S A SHORT. That’s all I have to say. He’s spreading FUD. Shorter, burn in Hell shorter. He’s working for the big oil industry. You are all tesla shorts, all of you, aaaarrggghhh, all of you

Ha ha ha! He won that Model X, from winning a Tesla Referral Segment, or Set! He owns/owned a Model S, first, ya know! HE might be Short, but I doubt he promotes Short Selling on Tesla!

You Funny! ??

It is actually very funny, but you missed it…. read the post name again….

Please explain for non-native speakers… is “little push myu” a satirical term of some kind?

Another Euro point of view

You must not be very familiar with Insideevs comments section otherwise you would know our famous “Pushmi-Pullyu”. He seems a nice guy but for some reason he is convinced that all people having a somewhat negative opinion of Tesla are “shorters” (manipulating opinion to get the stock down). It’s rather funny actually and a pivotal aspect of insideevs “folklore”.

“…all people having a somewhat negative opinion of Tesla…”

No, just the ones who keep repeating lies about Tesla and its cars, because they’re intentionally trying to harm Tesla’s public image. They usually lie about their motives, too; very few of those spreading Tesla hater propaganda admit they are shorting Tesla stock, but anyone reading the posts over on the Seeking Alpha stock investor site can see that self-admitted Tesla shorters are telling exactly the same lies which are spread here by Tesla haters.

Another Euro point of view

OK, I think you are right that there are a few “shorters” here probably. Tftf is often commenting on seeking alpha so he might be one. Spiegel used to comment here from time to time as well. It also could be that commenters such as “mystery” who appeared not so long ago could be one, but in my opinion, among all the people that believe Tsla stock is ridiculously bloated (that includes me) I still think a very small proportion of them have the technical knowledge/will to actually short this stock. We will need to agree to disagree on this.

I think Tesla’s stock price is pretty inflated, too. Even Elon has publicly said as much, at least a couple of times. Does that make Elon and me Tesla haters? 😉 No, it just means we are expressing our honest opinions. “…among all the people that believe Tsla stock is ridiculously bloated (that includes me) I still think a very small proportion of them have the technical knowledge/will to actually short this stock.” You conceded only that Tftf and Mark B. Spiegel were actual TSLA shorters posting Tesla hater comments to InsideEVs. Those are the only two who, so far as I know, have actually admitted being long-term TSLA shorters, so that’s not exactly going out on a limb there on your part. Are we actually supposed to believe that the only TSLA shorters posting Tesla hater posts here at InsideEVs just happen to be the only two who have publicly admitted it here on InsideEVs? I don’t think it takes much “technical knowledge” to find a website with a lot of Tesla bashing FUD comments — such as Yahoo Finance or Seeking Alpha — and copy-and-paste some of those here on InsideEVs. For example, Another Euro…, someone using FUD… Read more »

“For example, Another Euro…, someone using FUD about rare earth elements from “central Africa” to bash Tesla, as you’ve done in this very discussion. I seriously doubt you came up with that on your own; most rare earth elements — like 90% of the supply — come from China, not Africa… central or otherwise.”

About 60% of global cobalt (which is an important ingredient in batteries) comes from the “Democratic Republic” of Congo.

Alternate source showing that China provides two orders of magnitude more Cobalt than the Congo.


@Nick that’s odd, the first link says “55% of the global supply originating from the politically unstable DRC” yet the numbers don’t seem to match up.

I think the numbers show different things. If Chinese companies mine cobalt in DRC then the “production” number would end up in China while the raw material comes from DRC.

Doesn’t this poster also go by
Lamata, or something like that? Some people have such a unique point of view, lol.

I think it’s intended to make fun of my screen name. 🙂

That’s fine, I have a sense of humor. It’s the serial anti-Tesla FUDsters who lack one.

There’s a commenter in IEV by the name of Pushmi Pullyu who often accuse people badmouthing or pointing out Tesla deficiencies as Tesla stock short sellers. I hope he chimes in; it’ll be a funny segment today.

Like GM uses a Northern Ontario Town, Kapuskasing, for Cold Weather Testing, I hope Tesla Has some local Towns around the world for testing peculiar weather handling, particularly, for the Model 3!

I can think of Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, for lots of Rain, far more than Vancouver! And just an Hour or Two inland from there, for Snow, & ICE (The Frozen Water Kind!) Testing on roads!

Tesla went to New Zealand to “winter test” the Model 3. There’s a facility in the mountains there. I’d say the conditions were more autumn driving conditions for the Canadian Prairies though.

Oui, mon cher ami! And we folks in Kapuskasing get to see all future GM vehicles, including weird brands like Opel and Holden, and the occasional foreign companies that hire GM to test their cars.

If it wasn’t for the fact that some of my neighbors work for GM cold weather testing, I’d take pictures when test models drive camouflaged in front of my house.

But we don’t do that, we appreciate having GM around showing us glimpses of their future models. They let my physics classes visit their facilities… really nice place and nice people. (But they’re real good at making sure we don’t see what we’re not supposed to see.)

Interesting…. a good example of why to avoid frameless windows in cold climates.

Frameless windows are stupid anyway.

Still, I think if you pre-heat the car for 5 minutes you should be ok, and it doesn’t use much energy to do it.

True, but preheating your car can also lead to other problems:

I think this is the far more interesting video from Bjorn’s winter series this year, and I’m a bit surprised that no one else has mentioned it. I mean, ouch, that has got to be an expensive windscreen!

As far as “Nothing else really seems to be an issue” is concerned, I’d say that not being able to close the door reliably qualifies as “an issue”, but then I’ve driven plenty of fossils that have the same problem.

It’s obvious from the video that a stone divot existed on the windshield and by superheating the windshield with snow on it, the crack grew from the stone chip.

This would occur whether a car is gas or electric. The lesson is that you don’t superheat a windshield with snow on it. (Anyone from Norway should know better.)

Cars should work down to relatively extreme cold temps, so Tesla needs to work on this. They fixed the vampire drain as soon as it became an issue, they fixed the faulty door handles, they are working on fixing the fit and finish, and I would bet that within a year they will have a series of small fixes that take care of these issues in 99% of the cases. Freezing rain can do this to some ICE vehicles too, though.
BEV’s already take a hit because their range goes down during the coldest months, they shouldn’t have these small, albeit irritating issues as well. This isn’t a big deal.

“…they fixed the faulty door handles…”

Did they finally get the problem completely fixed? Last I saw the issue discussed, Tesla had reduced the incidence of non-operating Model S door handles, but the problem was still occasionally being reported.

Maybe I spoke too soon. I hadn’t heard of anyone having a problem lately and I assumed that the problem had been fixed. They do seem to have taken care of most of the early issues and I would bet that they will find a way to deal with freezing rain, though I have to admit that freezing rain has made my morning a pain with earlier ICE vehicles I have owned.

I’m not sure the problem with car doors freezing shut in wet conditions has any practical solution, unless it’s preconditioning the car to warm it up before you try to open the door. At least Tesla’s cars have that capability, which is more than you can say for most cars!

Tesla cars may appear to be magic, but they’re subject to the same laws of nature as all other cars. 😉

Look at the gap on the door frame.

Not what I’d expect from a expensive car.

It would be nice if the Tesla could use engine block heater outlets for this pre-warming. They are available everywhere in the nordic countries. OTOH maybe the pre-heating doesn’t drain the battery that much?

In North America block heater outlets are just regular 110 V power outlets, and you can plug the Tesla UMC into them just fine. Are block heater outlets in the Nordics funky in some way? Because if not, plug the UMC in, and you have what you’re asking for.

I see. Power is 240 volts like the grid and it’s a regular outlet. They are limited to a couple of kW but that should be enough I assume?

Yes. If I recall correctly, the cabin heater takes something like 5 kW peak and ramps down pretty quickly as the cabin warms.

Another Euro point of view

Ironically cheap cars are usually way more reliable as not loaded with all those prone to failure mostly thoroughly silly electronic gadgets. So basically the picture seems the following, rare minerals needed to make electronics components mostly assembled in China are sourced for a big part of it from central Africa. Thus de facto from mining activity where children as young as 6 years old are employed en masse. Then we can happily move our fat white arses in 4000 lb cars full of electronics sourced from this. So far OK, that’s life and life is unfair. When it stops to be OK is when the said moved fat bottoms feel that they are “saving the planet”.

Another Euro point of view

… now this said and coming back on the topic of Björn Model X, between this video and others where he got stranded in the middle of nowhere with it, this car is a fat, expensive, enjoyable piece of junk (yes piece of junks can be enjoyable cars, Alfa Romeo’s for example).

Another Euro… said: “Ironically cheap cars are usually way more reliable as not loaded with all those prone to failure mostly thoroughly silly electronic gadgets.” I personally am strongly in favor of the KISS principle, but that doesn’t help when it comes to car doors freezing shut. I had a cheap Datsun with thin doors which was absolutely awful about freezing the doors shut. After an ice storm here in Kansas City, I had to pour a large pot of boiling water on the door to get it open, so I could drive to work. But then the latch was frozen open; I had to drive down the road using one hand to keep the door shut! Not fun. (I have had fun before, and that was not it!) The problem was not resolved until I let the car dry out for a few hours in a heated garage. * * * * * Another Euro… continued his campaign of Tesla hater lies: “When it stops to be OK is when the said moved fat bottoms feel that they are ‘saving the planet’.” Hypocrisy: When someone pretending to offer honest opinions but is actually engaging in a disinformation strategy campaign… Read more »

“Thus de facto from mining activity where children as young as 6 years old are employed en masse.”

Finally you are showing your true colors! I bet you have that Coch propaganda video against evs on your desktop playing on repeat. I’m not surprised they fooled you, you are not that bright after all.

It’s “Koch Bros.”, not “Coch”.

Another Euro point of view
This is the video I saw (listen to is more accurante, it’s a radio interview). And I am not targeting Tesla at all. As a matter or fact, Tesla, by sourcing its battery cells from Panasonic they avoid the African sourced cobalt. What bugs me is the tons of silly gadgets that people thing they absolutely need, no matter the car being a Lexus, a Jaguar, a BMW etc…and that (of course) will not miss to fail at some point moreover that “I want more” attitude of a tiny fraction of the world population put a very heavy burden of the planet and no 5000lbs electric car is going to fix that. Now if someone wants an heavy electric car because its fast, comfortable and sexy, at least the guy is being thoroughly honest and that is really worth something in those politically correct time, but to buy that to “save the planet”, just f..k off, go and use public transportation ! Also, stop being so US centric. Do you think one second that the 96% of world population living like 10’000 km away from north America knows who are the Koch (Cosh ?) brothers ? I don’t about… Read more »

When the X gets too cold, the FWD sensors start to malfunction and the doors don’t operate without manual override. Or at least, that’s been my experience.

Funny how a serial Tesla basher claims to have bought a Tesla Model X, even after posting Tesla bashing comments for years.

If I didn’t know better, I might think he was being less than entirely truthful. 🙄

I have no problems with my Peugeot 208 in -20 degrees Celsius even without heating.

Another Euro point of view

Thank you for that little bit of fresh air 🙂

Yes! Nothing mixes better than old Pba batteries, carburetors, return fuel pumps and sub freezing temperatures!

Give me a classic old car to avoid hard start and no start conditions in cold weather any day.

You guys all have rose colored glasses on thinking back on all the old POS ICE cars of days gone by.


Yeah this for me was a disappointing video. Too bad he didn’t understand there have been 2 sizes of ‘mini-fuses’ for years. The smallest version is about 1/2 the size of the larger version so I’m surprised he couldn’t see the difference in the store. Tesla seems to have ‘standardized’ on the smallest size. In any event – driving around a $100k+ car its worth having a $30 universal fuse kit in the trunk. Now about the weather: Its a typical fall day here, and the weather is essentially the same as BJORN experienced, and its not even Winter yet here. People around here consider what he went through ‘fallish’ weather. A decent test would be winter weather, around 20-30 degrees colder. This “TEST” was so easy that I don’t consider it a test. MY ELR coupe has operating windows when opening and closing, but the window regulator is so beefy (plus the window is much larger than on the “X”) that it breaks free of any sleet that may have been on the door, to the extent that my garage door will freeze solid before my ELR will. And the door latches are flawless in any weather, impressive since… Read more »

If you click the YouTube linked mentioned, he has two systemic failures with his “X”. Both times he called Tesla for something to try, and what Tesla told him didn’t work – nor did they catch the problem the first time since it didn’t stop the car from dying again.

BJORN seems to have trouble when he starts carting that dinky trailer around with him.

Perhaps something gets confused by the added Load?

I don’t understand why the comments in every Tesla story degenerate into arguments over their stock price.

Because it really galls the Tesla haters and the bears (who make money if it falls), that Tesla stock remains high and defies gravity. Just this year, it went up over 40% and some of these Tesla bears are despairing that they will ever get out of Mom’s basement or the trailer park. A century earlier, many shorted Henry Ford’s cars and bet for the resurgence of the horse and buggy. The horse never came back, except for a few kept for fun or racing, and neither will gas and diesel 20 years from now. Bears are usually Tesla haters and rarely grasp the big picture, that the tidal wave of change is sweeping the fading oil and gas industry into the twilight and to short is to bet on the losing side of historical change. At the bear den Seekingalpha, I see bears exaggerate every bump in the Tesla road. They invent stories and make up lies almost every day trying to push the stock down there and here. Every year they predict Tesla to go bankrupt, and every year they have been wrong and many lost their shirts Why? The downfall of propagandists is they end up believing… Read more »

The stock is vastly overvalued and it’s a dumb move to buy it. It’s also crazy to short it because irrational optimism can last a long time and you can end up losing your shirt betting against that sort of mania even if you’re ultimately right.

The smartest thing to do is avoid Tesla stock entirely. Just buy their cars if you like them, leave the stock to speculators.

Another Euro point of view

This is the smartest comment I read on this specific topic for a long time.

Murryville ev: “…I don’t understand why the comments in every Tesla story degenerate into arguments over their stock price…”

It’s the Bunch of Kindergartner’s problem.

Those who have nothing to say just come up with childish statements.

They’re not allowed most places, so like sludge they hang around here. Too Bad, because one can’t discuss sophisticated subjects where there are no one word answers with kindergartners.


I know this is a vid about the S&X, but I was hoping the Model 3 was going to have less electric actuators. They don’t like the cold and it’s just 1 more thing to go wrong. If it doesn’t need an actuator, then don’t put one on it. I would like to have seen him leave the charging port closed and then try to pop it open after a night in the cold.

The X is totally ridiculous with unneeded fluff like automatic spoilers. That is the most irrelevant feature I’ve ever seen.

Yep amen

Wholly crap
Is Tesla car sooooooo bad that you should preheat the car a Zero C????
You got to b kidding me.
I start my truck every day at minus 20 to minus 40. No issues.
What garbage teck is this anyway.
Mirrors Don’t work???