Frito-Lay Adds 20 More Electric Trucks In New York


Smith Newton

Smith Newton

PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America division announced that it will increase the size of its electric vehicle fleet in New York.

Frito-Lay will add to the 15 Smith Electric electric trucks in the area by getting 20 more from Smith Electric and Electric Vehicles International, along with 20 new charging stations.

The new vehicles will have range of up to 80 miles and will operate from distribution centers located throughout New York, including in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and New Paltz.

The total number of Frito-Lay EVs in New York will be 35, and at the end of the year, 269 across the U.S., which makes Frito-Lay the largest commercial fleet of all-electric trucks in the country.

Last month Frito-Lay reached a milestone of three million all-electric miles driven.

Below is an older video on Frito-Lay’s EVs in Columbus, Ohio:

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5 responses to "Frito-Lay Adds 20 More Electric Trucks In New York"
  1. kdawg says:

    I would like to see the data on the payback period. I wonder if it’s a no-brainer and this will be the trend for more & more distributors.

    1. David Murray says:

      Yeah, I wonder how much the vehicles cost. Its a forgone conclusion that these are probably hand-assembled. I’d also imagine their battery pack is huge, probably much bigger than a Tesla Model-S. Upfront cost is probably very high.

  2. Alaa says:

    Ofcourse it is a no brainer. Elon Musk will drive from LA to NY for free with his supper chargers. If a small fraction of the cost of these trucks is put into solar panles, they will produce more electricty than these trucks consume throught out the year.

  3. Brian says:

    Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and New Paltz.

    One of these towns is not like the other. One of these towns just doesn’t belong!

    This is very cool. Maybe I’ll see one of these trucks on the road sometime soon.

  4. miimura says:

    I see these around Silicon Valley regularly.