Plug-In Sales In France Rise 33% For October


Plug-in car registrations in France – October 2017

Plug-in electric vehicle sales in France continued their expansion in October, notching 3,627 new registrations – which was 33.3% more than year ago.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Once again, the fastest growing part of the market is plug-in hybrids, which nearly doubled last month:

October stats:

  • Passenger BEVs: 1,748 registrations (up 13.3%) at ≈1% market share (PC)
  • Passenger PHEVs: 1,055 registrations (up 95%) at ≈0.6% market share (PC)
  • Light commercial BEVs: 824 registrations (up 29.4%)

In the case of passenger BEVs, the Renault ZOE noted only 755 new registrations, which is down 4% compared to 2016.

On the other hand, the new Renault Kangoo Z.E. with its upgraded 33 kWh battery, set a new record of 507 units delivered in the light commercial BEV category.

In total, more than 34,000 new plug-ins were registered during the first ten months – which is already more than was sold in 2016.

Plug-in car registrations in France – October 2017

Plug-in car registrations in France – October 2017

Plug-in car registrations in France – October 2017

source: Avere-France / AAA data

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France has major air pollution problems, so they need to go electric like yesterday.

More horror stories like India are not wanted, though perhaps we need them to realize the real emergency we are in.

Constant collisions due to heavy smog lead to an 18 car pileup on an Indian Expressway from Hakak Yuak on Vimeo.

Yes, currently I am in Delhi. The situation is horrific.

Maybe they could promote solar, wind & hydro power and cut back on coal powerplants. Would effectively make the electrics less polluting, too.

The Zoë deliveries in a number of markets is below expectation. Could the large Madrid order (500 cars for ridesharing) have something to do with that?

I have read a comment, on automobile-propre site that in June, people whom want to buy a Zoë, have to wait ~2 months for the delivery. And at the end of september they have to wait ~4 months for the delivery.
I don’t know for the other European countries, but perhaps Renault is about to modify the assembly line to increase the production.
Because Renault hire more workers in their electric motor plant, because they will double the production. And in the factory for the batery pack, they also hire because they increase the production. And even in the factory where the Zoë is build, they also hire workers for the electric vehicule production.

I was expecting near 2.000 Zoë for October. So only ~750; it’s very disppointing.

It sounds like the Zoë is severely production constrained. Combined with the mega-order of 500 for Madrid makes for disappointing deliveries in the other countries.

Perhaps we should start to look at the EU as a single market. We also don’t get separate reports for California.