French Minister Calls Upon Europe To Develop Own Battery Tech

JUL 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire said that Europe needs to develop its own battery technology for electric cars.

Currently, most of the referenced cars use cells supplied by Chinese, Japanese, Korean or U.S. manufacturers.

European Union

According to the article, there is a wish to develop next-generation solid-state batteries that would overlap current battery tech and enable Europe to start on a competitive level with the rest of the world.

The wishful thinking by politicians goes even further and picks up particular companies that (with subsidies) would be able to develop the stuff – for example French oil company Total works on solid-state lithium batteries and was mentioned as a potential partner for Germany’s Siemens.

The only missing part for politicians seems to be European Union-wide project under the joint budget, but we don’t believe it’s the way battery business works and we don’t see how breakthroughs can come on call or on demand.

There was a reason (or many) why companies in Europe (and U.S.) for years weren’t able to develop from the ground-up and produce lithium-ion batteries in volume and be competitive.


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Politicians old tricks are the best tricks. Populist statement with no realistic way to follow through. If they raised funds for academic centers of excellence and train people to develop these technologies then perhaps we have a path forward.

Sadly, most Europeans these days follow that socialist/communist idea that the government needs to create jobs, not te thriving environment for private individuals to do so. But well, that’s what you get when you vote for people that win polls based on stupid populism that is.

so do you think that there are no grants for research in Japan, US, Korea or China? Oh and by the way the biggest push for EVs is in communist China.

France would be smart to push this since energy storage is so important to the military, manufacturing, etc.
In fact, the entire west is foolish for NOT pushing this.

It’s not the battery tech which Europe needs to invest lots of money in developing; it’s the battery manufacturing capacity in which they need to make some very serious investments. Better battery tech can always be licensed, if needed.

If they don’t, they will be increasingly dependent on China, Japan, and S. Korea for the critical battery supply for all their new EV production.

Are you suggesting that “Europe” would somehow be better of licensing battery technology from LG, instead of just letting LG build factories here?…

Not necessarily. The important thing is to have battery manufacturing distributed around the world, not concentrated in just a few countries in Asia. China was able to corner the market on solar panels by huge government subsidies, which allowed Chinese solar panel manufacturers to undercut everyone else’s prices.

We can be sure that China is aiming to do exactly the same with li-ion batteries. They are already taking large, obvious steps in that direction. If auto makers are smart — not just German auto makers, but auto makers outside China around the world — they will step up to the plate and invest in battery factories in other countries, so China can’t create a monopoly in that market as well.

Well, all the Korean battery makers already have or are building factories in Europe, and some others are too. (Including one Chinese one…) So if it’s just about factory location, I don’t see the problem.

BTW, as solar panel production becomes increasingly automated, volumes increase, and prices are falling in general, logistics are becoming a major cost factor. We might very well see solar panel production return to places outside China, wherever PV is installed in big volumes…

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France has it right.
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