French Electric Car Sales Grew By 17.3% This Summer

SEP 23 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

BEV Registrations in France in July & August (L’Avere-France via AAA)

BEV Registrations in France in July & August (L’Avere-France via AAA)

August is the slowest month for car sales in France, so electric cars dropped too. However, looking at July and August data (like L’Avere-France) we find growth of 17.3% compared to July & August 2013 sales and EV market share at 0.5%.

In the last two summer months, registrations amounted to 1,720, while in 2013 it was 1,466 over the same two-month period.

This August, 1,109 of the EV sales were passenger cars and 611 light delivery vehicles. In eight months, those numbers stands at 5,415 and 2,710, so 8,125 in total (50% behind the Norway, but strong enough to be in second place in Europe ahead of Germany).

Sadly, comparing numbers we found that passenger EVs this time are below last year’s result.

Renault ZOE with 449 leads the pack (42% share) ahead of 221 Bollore Bluecars and 138 Nissan LEAFs – all number for July and August combined.

Then we see four German models – 79 electric smarts, 56 VW e-up!s, 54 BMW i3, and 51 VW e-Golfs.

Tesla Model S in two months have 35 registrations (eight times less then Norway).

Noteworthy is that the Kia Soul EV had 11 registrations.

Passenger BEV Registrations in France - August 2014

Passenger BEV Registrations in France – August 2014

Here is a graphic presenting the number of registrations for passenger models.

BEV Registrations in France in July & August (L’Avere-France via AAA)

BEV Registrations in France in July & August (L’Avere-France via AAA)

Comparing Renault ZOE to sales of Renault Clio, the result for August brings us below 3.5%, which means that for every 200 Clio sold, there are 7 sales of ZOE in France.

Renault ZOE Registrations in France - August 2014

Renault ZOE Registrations in France – August 2014

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They should be into EV’s in France with all their home grown CO2 free electricity.

I suspect ‘les grandes vacances’ are something of a barrier.

They may not take their car away for a few hundred miles in the summer down to the south, but may like to feel that they reasonably can.

A bit like the reason many Americans prefer SUVs when they may rarely use the space etc.

A lot of apartment dwellers also means that there are more people who will find it tough to plug in.

The French seem to always be in a “crise de coeur” over just about everything, including electric cars. The French wanted to revive French design, French engineering and manufacturing with EVs to the glory days of the Citroen DS in the mid 1950-70s. It hasn’t worked out that way. It’s nearly 1000 km from Paris to Perpignan in the south of France, (a vacation destination for the French in Provence). Without a well established and truly national quick charge network, travel by electric vehicle could be a bit dicey (and quite time consuming) Exactly why the French aren’t buying electric cars (in significantly increasing numbers) is a compelling mystery and your earnest efforts might just end up with a great big gigantic French shrug. But here a few thoughts: 1. The failure of the Fluence and Better Place. 2. The fact that Zoe leased rather than sold the batteries. 3. The fact that the Twizzy was a modest hit for recreational users, but not much else. 4. The fact that the Bollore Blue Car is not sold to the general public, but is sold only to car share or car rental outlets (and that only in France) 5. The fact… Read more »

Its France.
That means planning.
There are plenty of chargepoints for long distance travel:

It is also French people using them.

That means that they are not going to suffer inconvenience, and hang around at chargepoints when they want to be heading south! 😉

Chargemap shows a lot of charging points indeed. But there are very few fast chargers. Most of them are not faster then at home…

In the Côte d’Azur region for instance, with 1 million people, there are less then 10 fast chargers! The 150 others are trickle charging. For me it is absolutely clear why EVs sell badly in France.