Fremont Factory Photos Show Tesla’s Q3 Delivery Push

SEP 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 44

This is where they charge the ones for delivery using destination chargers (source hkibad at Reddit)

Some new Teslas getting a “destination charge” ahead of delivery  (source hkibad at Reddit)

While taking possession of a new Model X at Tesla’s Fremont facility, a new EV owner noted a strong delivery push currently underway by the company.

In a photo report we see that scheduled deliveries have overstocked the showroom, and many new vehicles are taking up residence under tents.

“Cars were delivered from a garage behind the showroom. Now that they have so many, they are using tents in the parking lot.”

And for the most part, all the normal charging and Supercharging stalls are fully occupied.

In other words, its all hands on deck in a bold push to achieve strong Q3 results urged by Elon Musk in a recent email to employees.

“The simple reality of it is that we will be in a far better position to convince potential investors to bet on us if the headline is not ‘Tesla Loses Money Again,’ but rather ‘Tesla Defies All Expectations and Achieves Profitability. That would be amazing!”

“I thought it was important to write you a note directly to let you know how critical this quarter is, The third quarter will be our last chance to show investors that Tesla can be at least slightly positive cash flow and profitable before the Model 3 reaches full production.”

First Tent (source hkibad at Reddit)

First Tent (source hkibad at Reddit)

First Tent (source hkibad at Reddit)

First Tent (source hkibad at Reddit)

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I would have thought they would charge the batteries prior to installing them in the cars.

Serious answer: I don’t think they’re connected to the active cooling/heating system until they’re in the car.

Joke answer: they’re heavier if full

LMAO! Well played!

YEA, They are about 150lbs heavier when they are fully charged..Oh yea,Seriously ….

That is true:
E = m*c^2

They will be some 0,00000004 grams hevier full. (If it is the 100kwh one)

Obviously the machines that Tesla uses to move the cars around inside the Fremont factory can’t handle all that much extra weight. 😉

But seriously, as someone already noted above, shelf life for li-ion batteries is best preserved by storing them at 50% charge. So, no point to fully charging the battery pack until the car is ready to be shipped out for delivery.

For long-term storage, its best to store Li-Ion batteries at 50%. If Tesla wants to deliver the cars with a full charge (so you know what the max range is) it will still take some time on the SC.

Bears will claim this is unsold inventory piling up.

The Wall Street Mouths have always got something to say.

“The Market” is fully in on Tesla.
Giving it good support when the stock drops below $200, it becomes a buying opportunity.
The market sees it as the future.
The market sees it’s asset growth to 10 Billion Dollars.

Doggydogworld said:

“Bears will claim this is unsold inventory piling up.”

ROTFL! Brilliant!

😀 😀 D:

Yes, But the Bulls won”t.

Tesla does not sell a bunch of cars = time to short
Tesla sell a bunch of cars = time to short

LOL! Yep!

If you short a Tesla , it can result in a fire..

When the Model 3s start rolling out to customers, it’s gonna remind people of Charlton Heston’s line in the first Planet Of The Apes movie. “ITS A MADHOUSE!..A MADHOUSE!”

When is Tesla going to open that second Fremont SC station with 20 stalls? That would seem to help those who are stopping by to charge on a road trip and let Tesla use all the SCs on site for themselves.

I think Tesla should look at building two sets of 60 stall supercharger stations on their property.

Tesla could also build a 30 stall supercharger a few miles away and save the existing 20 stall supercharger for the new cars.

60 stalls is a lot of energy – if each pair of SCs can use 150kW, that’s 4.5MW peak power. That’s a lot of switchgear, 14.4kV connections, transformers, etc.

Have you seen the long distance transmission lines that come up to the back of the factory? There is practically a whole substation back there.

This scene is every OPEC Minster worst nightmare a parking lot flooded with electric cars. And a giant factory going crazy pumping them out.

I think the batteries however what would be stopping Tesla from making the huge volumes of cars that it wants. Unless the Gaga factory has started making a few now.

Oh yes, every OPEC minister, every Republican, every fossil fuel employee, every fossil fuel business owner.

And Exxon could have bought in 3 years ago, now Tesla is an expensive stock, and Exxon has got it’s own Growing Debt to worry about, along with future low oil prices, an expensive dividend to pay, and overvalued assets.

Exxon looks like they missed the exit to solar, and are now dedicated to driving off the Peabody Energy cliff.

It’s not too late for Exxon to begin transition.

No worries, the hydrogen economy is about to take off any day now…

I would laugh if it weren’t so sad and true.

Exxon’s vision of the future is cars being filled with gas or diesel, and then using that fuel to create hydrogen on-board to power a fuel cell. That way everybody will continue to buy gasoline, while being green-washed into believing they are “benefiting” the environment:

I just read the info in the link – with disbelief. Where exactly does the carbon go in this crazy scheme? They mention reduced CO2 emissions- but the description describes only combustion of hydrogen – which of course would contain zero CO2.


Lady Gaga needs to tour the Tesla Giga factory. That would be one heck of a West Coast Tour!

You mean the Tesla Gaga Factory…Peter

That’s Lady Gaga factory to you!?

Why are they under tents, transparent ones at that?

They are being delivered to their owners.

Who have to get their cars delivered to them in a tent? Could they not get their cars delivered to them not in a tent?

Just asking…

DJ asked:

“Why are they under tents, transparent ones at that?”

Just a common-sense guess: To protect them from dirty bird, rain spots, windblown grit and debris, or anything else found in the Great Outdoors which might create an imperfection in the pristine paint job before the cars are wrapped for delivery.

They are homeless, and have to fend for themselves in the streets, and the tents were better than newspapers….


Maybe to keep them clean? LOL

I wonder how Chevy is charging their Bolt EV battery packs. Prior to installation into a chassis or like Tesla at the end of the line?

ideally at dealer after it arrives and before customer takes a delivery.

But knowing dealers, they would screw it up for sure.

FWIW, dealers certified to sell/service the Bolt will need to install a CCS fast charging station.

Of course having a fast charging station and using it properly are 2 different things.

It is fairly difficult to use a fast charging station improperly though. Either you manage to plug in and push the button or you don’t, and in the latter case you get zero charge. I am fairly sure the dealers too realize that the Bolt is an opportunity for them to connect to customers that they otherwise can only dream of. Perhaps some wonderful day when EVs are totally mainstream this won’t be the case anymore, but right now they certainly have a unique chance to capture some highly educated and affluent customers. The product has created small waves even before it is on the market, and there likely won’t be enough cars to satisfy demand for a good while. All of which means a salesperson would have to be uninterested in his own bonus or stupid in the extreme not to invest a little time in learning about EVs in general and the Bolt in particular. I can certainly testify that Opel in Norway is extremely eager to get their hands on the Ampera-e. With electric cars being the hottest thing on the market the car is guaranteed to boost Opel in Norway. And now we are just two… Read more »

Still pretty likely that the headline will indeed be “Tesla loses money again”.

I find the whole push-now-and-then approach to be rather odd. Are investors that stupid? If I were an investor in Tesla I would want the company to focus on the Model 3 rather than on the Q3 result. As everyone agrees, that is what will either make or break the company!

The majority of wall Street investors are stupid how do you exlain all the boom and busts created by wall Street investors?

Terawatt said:

“Are investors that stupid?”

Given the lemming-like movement of stock market prices, I’d say the answer is pretty clearly “Yes!”

Reading the blog posts and comments at Seeking Alpha — as well as the serial Tesla bashers here at InsideEVs — would lead one to believe investors are even more severely lacking in the ability to reason or practice critical thinking. However, to be fair, I think that’s cherry-picking some very poor examples.