Free Tesla Model 3 To Eligible And Existing Employees At Taser’s Axon Company



Want a free Tesla Model 3? Well, perhaps you should look into landing a job at Taser’s Axon company in Seattle.

Axon's Body Camera

Axon’s Body Camera

As Seattle Times reports:

“Axon, a Seattle-based division of Taser that makes body cameras for police departments, said it would buy a Tesla Model 3 for eligible candidates hired by the company.”

Axon general manager Marcus Womack, stated:

“We wanted to rise above the noise and find the best possible people.”

A free car may not be the best method for finding employees, but Womack thinks a $35,000 “signing bonus” we’ll certainly lure in some strong candidates. The free Model 3 are only offered for certain positions, including technical jobs such as full stack engineer and web developer.

In addition, existing Axon employees can score a free Model 3 by referring three individuals (at least three must end of being hired by the company) for qualifying positions.

Axon says the Seattle area is heating up, so finding highly qualified employees isn’t an easy task. Axon currently employees only 100 workers in Seattle, but the company is looking to hire at least 50 more by the end of next year.

Source: Seattle Times

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Police departments are creating high demand for body cameras. Maybe all black males should wear body cameras as well. It might save their lives.

More black people kill black people, as with any race…

Regardless you are somewhat off topic.

However I’d wear one too!!

If only the videos made a difference.

Then we’d find out how good a marksman the officer is, as the camera becomes the bullseye they aim at.

Does that mean you have to work there long enough for the Model 3 to actually arrive. 😀

Interesting you should bring that up. Tesla said today that NEW reservations get delivered mid 2018, or later (depending on demand, etc.).

So nothing new in any of that, despite CNBC misreporting on it.

But a signing bonus that demands employee loyalty for a couple years, seems like a smart move.

Seattle’s job market is extremely competitive.

So 2020 then. Gotcha!

The entire world will be reinvented by 2020.

As much as I like the Model 3, I would rather take the cash equivalent upfront rather than waiting for the car. Typically, that is the case for any prize…

Can you elaborate?

It is better to take $35K cash rather than a car that is “worth” $35K.

Is that simple enough?

Since you have to pay the tax on $35K either way, it is better to have the cash than a depreciating product the moment it leaves show room or retailer location..

Then again, cash is devaluing as we are speaking since Feds can’t stop the printing press…

I’d never buy a Telsa, or any Electric car for that matter.

I’d lease it, but I can not tell from a far if the sucker (M3) will ever have a good lease. Better be a really good Lease Elon, or you will have $400.000 highly pissed-off people. Also maybe open Tesla Bank, and print TESLA E-Money with Elon’s mug on the front. Haha!!

“The free Model 3 are only offered for certain positions, including technical jobs such as full stack engineer and web developer…”

Certain positions…
Probably those titles with three letters, or the word “Vice” in the title.

Hopefully Axon will hire someone who knows how to eliminate the 20 second delay in the start of audio recording associated with body cameras. That person would deserve a Tesla.

Just checked the Axon career site (which is very bogged down), checked many jobs including the ones mentioned in the Seattle times, no direct mention of the Tesla other than “•And more…” in the benefits…

However, perhaps the greater benefit for all jobs that I checked: “•Unlimited paid time off”

They have to allow time to drive your Tesla.