Free Charging At EVgo Stations Over National Drive Electric Week


NRG eVgo charging station

NRG eVgo charging station

EVgo Freedom Charging Station

EVgo Freedom Charging Station

EVgo announced a nice promotion to celebrate the National Drive Electric Week during September 10-18 – free charging.

Both DC fast chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo), as well as AC Level 2 stations, in 50 metro areas will be available for free for all EVgo customers, which have access cards.

Electric vehicle owners who have yet to sign up for the EVgo network can sign-in using the “Flex” plan (without monthly fee and no $4.95 setup fee) and try EVgo for the first time without commitment.

Currently, EVgo’s charging network includes about 1,000 charging locations and more than 700 DC fast chargers.  PR blast below:

“Since its development, EVgo has worked closely with automakers like Nissan, BMW, and Ford to develop a vehicle-centric customer experience. These partnerships have brought customers faster charging speeds and more charging locations, allowing EVgo to operate over 700 fast chargers in more than 50 top metro markets across the country.

Last year alone, EVgo’s public high-speed charging network delivered more than 21 million electric vehicle miles, saving nearly 900,000 gallons of gas and offsetting nearly 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide. Beyond its celebration of National Drive Electric Week, EVgo plans to expand and strengthen its network reach, offering more drivers access to dependable chargers and supporting the growth of this crucial industry.

Drivers who do not yet have an EVgo card can sign-up for one (here). EVgo’s “Flex” plan has no monthly fee and is ideal for drivers trying EVgo for the first time.”

“During the entire week, EVgo will suspend billing for all session fees at their network stations when a driver uses a valid EVgo card to initiate the session.  This includes partner cards like EZ-Charge with Nissan and ChargeNow from BMW.  EVgo’s charging stations are typically located at popular retail locations, including Simon Properties, Walmart, Whole Foods and REI .

To find a nearby participating EVgo network location during the National Drive Electric Week promotion period, see (here).  To see a list of all Drive Electric Week events, go (here). “

Terry O’Day, EVgo Vice President said:

“National Drive Electric Week is a celebration of the electric lifestyle. One advantage of driving electric is never having to stop at a gas station again. This week, EVgo will make it even sweeter by making your public charging free nationwide. Our network is growing rapidly, and together with our drivers, is making the EV movement unstoppable.”

Joel Levin, Plug In America Executive Director said:

“We are pleased to collaborate with EVgo this year on National Drive Electric Week. Not only can your EV take you everywhere you need to go, but it will be for free this week of celebrating driving electric. With over 200 events happening this week in communities all across the U.S., there is something for everyone.”

Further details on the promotion and a map with charging points is available here.

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9 Comments on "Free Charging At EVgo Stations Over National Drive Electric Week"

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Drive to get new people to register for Evgo accounts.

I’m hoping they have fixed their accounting system. Lots of people have posted reports of HORRIBLE billing gaffes made by the EVgo accounts department.

I attempted to sign up for the free flex plan mentioned in this article, but signing up using my iPhone was awful, wouldn’t take my credit card info and customer service rep was hard to understand and couldn’t complete the enrollment info. Something that is expected to be simple in this day and age.

Interesting. That would make a nice addition to a test drive or ride you give in your car to do a quick DC fast charge demo.

I have a feeling it’ll be very difficult to charge your car with eVgo that week, because people will line up for “free”. I was going to drive to few far away events using multiple DCFC, now I think I’ll just stay local. In fact, I might have to dust off my gas car since “local event” will still need 1 DCFC.

Free charging will suck!

Of all of the charging systems around here, EVGo has the most reliable hardware. But their website is archaic. You can’t sign up on it, you can’t look at your account, your bill, usage history, etc. You have to call customer service to see or do any of that.

AND any billing issue needs to be forwarded to another department that takes 2-3 days to process.

Comparing Evgo’s website/billing services and say Chargepoint’s would be like comparing an abacus to a super computer.

i3 owner, EVGo is fantastic (and free). Just wish there were more in Phoenix.

What great timing — my two-year “No Charge to Charge” period just ended on the 2nd, and I was experiencing minor withdrawal symptoms. 🙂

Charging is free, just the authentication to start it is $11 😉