Tesla Designer Delivers & Signs Model 3 For Unsuspecting Buyer


The designer of the Tesla Model 3, Franz von Holzhausen, hand-delivered and then autographed a Model 3 for an unsuspecting and soon-to-be-overjoyed buyer.

The buyer asked Franz to sign the dash of the Model 3, but he replied with a no, stating that the wood is too beautiful to mark up. Franz instead signed the inside of the flip-down visor.

Designer On Design – Franz Speaks To The Design Of Tesla Model 3

When asked “Why, why do this?” Franz responded:

“I was on my way home from work and figured I’d swing by. I love to see the excitement from people like you and share what we’ve created.”

Additionally, the Model 3 buyer notes that panel alignment was perfect on this particular car, stating:

“The car was flawless. I inspected every panel gap with a fine toothed comb and couldn’t find a millimeter of misalignment. After reading so many horror stories, I found it hard to believe there were no noticeable defects on the car. I said, “The panel gaps are literally perfect – did you make sure this one came out flawless like this?” He just smiled and said, “Nope, this is the first time I’m seeing this car, but things are always improving.” I continued down the four-page Model 3 delivery checklist another user posted on this forum and everything was absolutely perfect.”

There’s a lengthy thread over on Model 3 Owners Club explaining how it all went down, but basically, the Model 3 buyer showed up to take delivery and had no idea it would be Franz doing the hand-over. To say he was overjoyed is an understatement.

Lead image via TheTeslaLife on Twitter

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Seems like pulling all the stops to stop the bleeding

Yeah, I’m sure that Franz’s random actions will make all the difference in the viability of Tesla in the end..

“When your heart is filled with darkness, you see darkness in everything..”

That s so illogical. Your heart pumps bllod through your body😒

That’s great that Franz von Holzhausen would do that.

I’m an existing Model S owner that yesterday took delivery of a Model 3 as a 2nd family car. We didn’t have Franz as our delivery guy but can say we did at the delivery closely inspect the car… tried hard to find something to nit-pick at but the car was flawless in every way.

As a side note, according to the Sevicc Center guy we took delivery from our delivery was #7 Model 3 delivered just that day and that they had delivered over 40 last two weeks… and just received another 20 that day into inventory for delivery. So for sure Model 3 deliveries are cranking up on the USA East Coast!

Congrats on your new Tesla. Glad your experience was very positive.

Too bad the buyer’s name wasn’t Hanz!


That would really Pump… Him up!

I picked up my Model 3 yesterday at the same Marina del Rey delivery center and the place was packed with customers picking up their cars. It is only anecdotal evidence, but I am thrilled with my car. After driving a Chevy Spark EV for the last five years the Model 3 feels like driving a space ship. Everything from the delightful glass roof, to the seriously great stereo, to the amazing range were compelling, even arresting, features that exceeded my expectations.

I like the Spark, my brother has one. He borrowed my Model 3 the other day and I used his Spark. The only thing that is bad on that car is the road noise. It is deafening

Franz designs some of the most beautiful cars on the road today. Musk was wise to hire him. Imagine if GM had had the sense to put someone of Franz’s caliber in charge of Bolt design.

I agree. Franz did a great job with Model S and love the car but the the Model 3 is literally like sitting in a work-of-art… gives you a calm Zen feeling like like no other car.

Even if they did put a gifted designer in charge, there would be a higher up executive insisting on a cheap plastic insert on the front of it to give it uniformity with all of GM’s other cheap looking cars.

Great to see another Tesla success story. 🙂

Go Tesla!

I have suggested several times that new buyers be allowed to have an option to have employees sign the car.
Basically, on the inside of the fronk lid, put a white liner and then any employees that work on it, can sign it.
With this, it allows the employees the chance to take some pride, and for the owners, it allows us to know some of those ppl’s names.

Seriously, I do think that both employees and buyers would appreciate it.

You’d have to put the plaque or whatever in a place where it wouldn’t get dirty or damaged (behind clear plastic or Tesla glass) but otherwise a really good idea.

bear in mind that the employees would have the choice of signing the cars.
IOW, they would not have to do so.
OTOH, I know that if I worked there, I would sign a number of them. Basically, it tells the buyer that I care about the car.

Sounds like Tesla’s announcement that they were slowing down the ramp-up to nail quality worked and was the right decision. I’m seeing tons of reports of people taking that checklist to their delivery, and happily having their car pass this pedantic list with flying colors. Good to hear.

Elon himself signed the Purple Dash of our friend Signature Model S. They now won 5 from a early Roadster to the newest model 3. They rent them in the greater Phoenix area so people can experience a Tesla under his SparcRental.com But not the one with the signed Purple Dash !