France Stays At 1% BEV Market Share In November – 20,000-Plus BEVs To Be Sold In 2015

DEC 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

2,089 new all-electric cars were registered last month in France (65% more than in November 2014).

1,507 of them were passenger cars (including 852 ZOE), and 582 were commercial electric cars (including 346 Kangoo Z.E.).

Market share in for BEVs in the passenger segment is still at 1% for the third month in a row. LCVs are above 1% regularly and in November nearly hit 2%.

19,149 new registrations with one month to go give us certainty that the 20,000-unit mark will be reached this year.

As Renault takes most sales, there is not much pie for the other brands.

Details on the French market are provided by AVERE:

BEV Registrations in France in November 2015 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

BEV Registrations in France in November 2015 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

Source: Avere-France / AAA data

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16 Comments on "France Stays At 1% BEV Market Share In November – 20,000-Plus BEVs To Be Sold In 2015"

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Europe relies on Middle East oil production. Middle East oil production funds terrorism. Europeans, especially the French, should be buying nothing but plug-ins for that reason alone, but also because gasoline is two or three times more expensive there than in the U.S.

There should be bumper stickers and signs all over Europe: “Stop Funding Terrorism. Buy a plug-in car.”

Indeed. Go, France, go. Buy those nuclear-powered French ZOE cars and get off oil from the mid-east.

This is great news as the 1% does not include PHEV’s. if they were to add them as most counties do, what would the numbers be then?

Oversimplifying things, do we? Don’t know where to begin… how about russia is Europes biggest oil supplier? Tell me how ALL middle eastern oil funds terrorism und not just the few trucks the Daesh smuggles out of Syria/Irak. And then please tell me who left the mess in Irak in which the Daesh could grow.

But yes, we all should go BEV.

True, but Saudi Arabia is hardly all of the middle east (think Kuwait, Quatar, Emirates, Iran maybe…) and Europes Oil import from the Saudis is about 9% of all imports:

Also the OPECs refusal to cut oil production, and the low oil price as a result of that, may have hurt Daesh a lot (but that might not have been their primary goal though, granted).

Bottom line – BEVs are great.

It’s not oversimplifying at all. ISIS relies on black market oil. We can guesstimate where their oil is sold, but we really don’t know. Using oil at any level is funding ISIS and probably most, if not all, of middle east terrorists. Best is to try to minimize oil use. Even using locally sourced coal is better than using oil when it comes to fighting terrorists.

Chevrolet makes cars. Terrorist gets transported by cars. By buying a Chevrolet you are transporting all terrorist.

There should be signs everywhere in the US saying “Stop buying cars, stop transporting terrorists!”

By the way terrorists are way overrated and you should be a lot more fearful whenever you enter a bathroom or step into a car.
Stop being a scared little chicken.

You pay to buy gas which contains oil from terrorists. It’s called black market because it’s unknown where it’s going exactly; otherwise, they could be shut them down. In effect, you’re paying terrorists.

You buy car and pay Chevy, Terrorists buy car and pay Chevy, black market or otherwise. How does me and terrorists paying Chevy the same? That makes no sense at all.

As for scared little chicken, just hope and pray they don’t show up at your door step like they did at San Bernadino and Paris. Their influence is growing thanks to oil money. Fact is, oil money is funding ISIS and much of terrorists, and that comes from you paying for gas at gas station.

Chevy does not fund terrorists.

Saudis does, so does the Qataris and Kuwaitis.

Saudi Arabia does not allow practice of any religion other than Islam. You cant even take a picture of Christ or Buddha there.

An extreme form of Islam is practiced and they share the same ideals with Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

And they use the petrodollars to export their version of Islam all over the World.

Besides they can also bump the price of Oil and gouge money from all over the World. So its safe to have part of our vehicles running on domestically produced electricity.

When China can do, why not France.

I’m with Epicurus. The Saudis are the largest exporters and they do fund terrorists. There was a lot of such quiet covert direct funding but it has slowed down now that they realize that IS is a bad thing. And they still do fund Madrassas world-wide that teach the Wahhabist interpretation of Islam that is quite conservative and borderline extremist.

The other Gulf states also fund Sunni extremists. If we could stop the massive money flows to the mid-east, that area would lose importance. They could just kill each other and we could leave them be.

And Russia . . . yeah, that is another country I don’t mind seeing de-funded due to that airliner shot down, the take-back of Crimea, the covert war in Ukraine, and Putin’s effective dictatorship. But I have much better hopes for Russia reforming than much of the mid-east.

Russia is the world’s cruelest terrorist.

You are the cheapest paid NATO agent.

The simple fact is that ISIS gets the funding from oil. Stop buying petrol – stop funding terror in the Middle East (to a certain extent of course) I am going over to 100% HVO biodiesel next month. Produced in Sweden and Finland.

Can the French buy only 2,000 electric vehicles.

French led the World in Nuclear reactors, Jets and Rockets and they seem to be lagging behind in selling EVs with Netherlands and Norway in the front.

Only Renault-Nissan alliance seems to be selling well with their Zoe and Leaf.

Mitsubishi, Citroen & Peugeot are selling the Miev, C-Zero and iOn which are just the same car with different badges and this car is also 6 years old and its sales falling fast.

Hope the signing of global agreement on cutting emissions prods the French into buying more EVs.