France Sets New Single Month Electric Vehicle Sales Record In September

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New BEV Registrations in France (Passenger & LCV)

New BEV Registrations in France (Passenger & LCV)

BEV Registrations in France in September (L’Avere-France via AAA)

BEV Registrations in France in September (L’Avere-France via AAA)

France surprised the world with a new electric car sales record in September.

In total, 1,921 new EVs were registered, which is 61% more than in September of 2013.

As light delivery vehicles registrations declined by 26% to 407, all the growth comes from passenger cars – 1,514 of them in September. This is significantly better than March 2013 (2nd highest sales month in France since January 2013).

Number of registrations after nine months reached 10,046, from which 6,929 belong to passenger EVs and 3,117 to LCVs.

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE is back to high growth with 914 registrations, which is its second best result ever.

ZOE had 60% share of all passenger EVs in France.

Second best was Nissan LEAF, which smashed its own record with 297 registrations (more than a hundred above its previous best April – 178).

Bollore Bluecars is the last model over a 100 registrations (136).

Other EV models do not sell so well. Just 19 new Tesla Model S were registered this past month.

Passenger BEV Registrations in France – September 2014

Passenger BEV Registrations in France – September 2014

BEV Registrations in France in September (L’Avere-France via AAA)

BEV Registrations in France in September (L’Avere-France via AAA)

Renault ZOE surged to 10% of Clio sales, which means that for every 10 Clio sold, there was 1 sale of ZOE in France.

Renault ZOE Registrations in France – September 2014

Renault ZOE Registrations in France – September 2014

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17 responses to "France Sets New Single Month Electric Vehicle Sales Record In September"

  1. Rob Stark says:

    More Model S registered than i3. Hmmm.

    1. Electric Bungaloo says:

      Allways look to the bright side of life 😉

  2. GeorgeS says:

    I thought the Zoe was basically a Renault Leaf….but I guess not.

  3. ydnas7 says:

    Zoe and LEAF are really different.

    Zoe uses a copper only motor, (similar but different to Tesla) LEAF uses a motor with Permanent Magnets (like Prius, Volt, Ford, Nissan hybrids)

    Zoe uses fast charging AC, with onboard charger
    Nissan uses fast charging DC, so parkside charger

    Zoe uses LG cell with refrigerative TMS
    LEAF uses AESC cells without refrigerative TMS

    Zoe is half a size smaller than the LEAF


    1. poupou33 says:

      Zoe 4m08 trunk 338
      Leaf 4m44 trunk 355
      Not so different for everyday use…

      1. arne-nl says:

        Until you actually try to sit on the rear seat.

    2. GeorgeS says:

      Thx for the update.

      I wonder if the Leaf could perhaps get the liquid TMS when they also come to the 150 mile version and LG chem batteries.

      We were also speculating that the Leaf would, at a minimum, get the eNV 200 cooling scheme which is refrigerated air (vs liquid).

  4. Cavaron says:

    The reason for this increase is that the french incentives are now usable by businesses too.

    1. poupou33 says:

      Incentives were always usable by businesses… Reasons are deeper, french began to understand EVs are cheaper to use than ICE vehicles as more and more EVs are on the road. And Renault made a lot of efforts to highlight it’s hatchback.

    2. vadik_veselovsky says:

      I doubt it because they usually report private registrations as “passenger” in the land of cheese and wine.

      I would rather bet on new Zoe lease conditions.

      What is the EV share in France in September? Any info?

      1. poupou33 says:

        1% share.

    3. Paul says:

      The true reason is that the incentives, because of a mistake by the government, could not be cashed in completely by people who wanted to lease a Zoé. This has been corrected and can be seen for the first time in the sales of September. Since most leases are done by businesses, Cavaron is partly right. But a lot of private persons lease as well. The difference before/after is quite big. The incentive is 6300 euro, but leasers got only around 2500 of that when leasing. That has become 6300 as well now.

      And the lease of the Zoé is very attractive: it starts at 169 euros a month with 2000 euros down. The battery is included in the lease, they install your home charger for free, free 24/7 road assistance and finally they deliver a free trickle-charge-cable as well (the quick charge cable was already included before).

      It is cheaper then the Leaf, which also has an offer for 169 euros a month, but with 3700 down. And if you want the same options (the Zoé has a lot included in the base model) like heat pump, quick charge option, etc., the Leaf lease comes in even more expensive (between 200 and 230 euros). However with the Leaf in France is included 4 weeks of ICE-rent at Hertz (for holidays or business trips). And the Leaf is a true 5 seater, the Zoé a 4 seater, but you can squeeze 5 in.

      Since France has only a few quick chargers (but a lot trickle chargers), who buys the Zoé does it as second car or doesn’t mind planning well. Because of the ICE-rent the Leaf can be used more easily as the only car.

      1. Phr3d says:

        well said, thanks

  5. Mike says:

    Well sales have to improve to stop Total SA and Exxon from spending billions to import Canadian Tar Sands and crack them in Antwerp.

    That’s the only way right wing troll run corporations change direction, by making them lose in the market.

  6. Greg says:

    Je pense qu’il suffit d’observer la courbe des ventes depuis janvier (en faisant abstraction de juillet août traditionnellement mauvais en France) pour comprendre que le bon resultat de septembre s’inscrit tout simplement dans la continuité du mouvement de hausse régulier entamé en début d’année.

  7. ericmarseille says:

    Now, this is nothing compared to the numbers we’ll have when all structural hurdles regarding the charging infrastructure are being put in place (once again : essentially the systematic implementation of charging infrastructure in collective home buildings)and when Renault decides to make the equivalent of an electric Megane model, that is, an electric compact.

    then we’ll be talking of more than 50k per year for a while and very soon more than 100k per year.

  8. Phr3d says:

    Go France, Go Nuke!

    Tourism boosted in a decade when the only auto pollution is heavy transport? Dreaming up the ad campaign..