France Pure Electric Vehicle Sales Report March 2014


Passenger Electric Cars Registrations In France

Passenger BEV sales in France (credit to l’Avere-France)

Passenger BEV sales in France in March 2014 (credit to l’Avere-France)

Another month passes us by and France is now back above the level of 1,000 new EV registrations in March.

709 of 1,037 are electric passenger cars and 328 are electric light delivery vehicles (LCVs).

This result is significantly lower than March 2013 due to Renault ZOE’s spike in 2013, but such results give us hope for growth in subsequent months.

Leaders in France are like always: Renault ZOE (255) and Renault Kangoo Z.E. (173).

Bollore, as announced, increased the number of Bluecars in Paris Autolib and here we are – second place with 193 new registrations.

Nissan LEAF landed in third place with a solid 146. The rest of the pack is far far away from the podium.

If we look on quarter 1 results – we see 1,529 electric passenger cars versus 2,248 in Q1 of 2013, so the market shrunk by 32%… Or, if we exclude Renault ZOE, sales of the other electric models increased from 649 to 967 – almost 50%.

Number of electric LCVs after the first three months of 2014 reached 800, which is almost 38% less than in the first three months of 2013.

Bolloré Bluecars

Bolloré Bluecars

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When giving sales numbers for other countries, can you give a comparison of US (for US readers). For eg. what would 1,000 plugins in France mean in terms of US – as a % of total car sales ?

In March France saw about 180k cars sold compared to about 1.5M in the US or about 12%. This would put the 1000 plugins in France as about 8000 in the US.

The Bluecar is doing well and has a max range of 155 miles.

It also has a lightweight aluminum frame and body.

Starting at €12,000 (US$15,695) helps, which is cheaper than the Zoe.

It also has a battery lease at €80 ($105) per month. But the difference is that it’s for unlimited mileage.

C’mon France . . . buy those nuclear powered cars!

France gets a higher percentage of electricity from renewable sources than eg USA.

And we haven’t even started talking about CO2.

Great to see those numbers put into perspective. You read all these articles about the ZOE sales being low. They are low, but they are quite good when compared to other EVs in France. It’s just that overall EV sales are pretty disappointing.