France Passes Law To Encourage More Charging Station Installs

AUG 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

The 1st Fast Charger At Auchan In France

The 1st Fast Charger At Auchan In France

French Parliament adopted in July a new law that encourages the installation of new charging points.

As part of the program, companies that install charging infrastructure will pay reduced taxes.

Today, there is more than 10,000 charging spots available In France, from which several thousand were built by Autolib in Paris.

We don’t know how much the tax cuts will help,  however the French government would like to push the total number of stations to 7 million by 2030, so we assume that this incentive will be needed to drive this growth.

The 36,000 or so EVs currently registered in France don’t need 7 million charging points, so it’s understood that the number of EVs are expected to increase into the millions too at some point in time.

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When half of all parking spots have charging points you will see millions of EV’s being bought.


I didn’t know the i3 could charge on one of Bluecar’s chargers?

If you bring your own type 2-3 cable, you can unplug the J1772 cable in the charging box.

But I didn’t think Bollere Bluecar would let others use their charge stations. I see they are using a yellow card to unlock the station. Is that what the BMW i3 driver did? Does that mean he has a subscription for Bluecar even though he owns an i3?

Of cause you can buy charging cards for your own car.

I really don’t care if there are a million level two or level one chargers. What really maters is if they have a few thousand DC fast chargers on the road to charge up while on a trip.

need to be fast chargers