France Isn’t The Only Country Looking To Ban Gas And Diesel

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More countries are embracing an electric vehicle future.

“We are announcing an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040,” said Nicolas Hulot, France’s new ecology minister, adding that the move was a “veritable revolution”.

Now, it looks like England may follow suit. Jesse Norman, from England’s Department for Transport announced, “a manifesto commitment for almost all cars and vans on our roads to be zero emission by 2050. We believe this would necessitate all new cars and vans being zero emission vehicles by 2040.”

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

And it’s not just France and England. Nations worldwide are looking to give up the gas pump. NBC News reports, “At least four [other] countries intend to go 100 percent zero-emissions vehicles.”

Check out which countries below…

  • Norway has laid out the most aggressive plans. It wants to get there by 2025. It helps that a full 24 percent of the vehicles sold in this oil-rich nation already are battery-electric.
  • India wants to get all of its vehicles switched to battery power by 2030 — and that means it not only wants to end the sale of internal combustion vehicles but convert or replace all other vehicles already on the road by the end of the next decade.
  • The Netherlands already has a relatively high EV sales rate, about 6 percent of its total new vehicles, but it has yet to formally lock down a switch to electric vehicles some would like to implement by as early as 2025.
  • Germany may also push to end sales of gas and diesel cars by 2030, but there is strong opposition, especially since half of its electricity comes from coal. Yet German automakers are launching major drives to electrify and that could help build momentum for a switch.

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It’s also reported that,

“While it has not laid out formal plans to block sales of internal combustion vehicles, China has been pushing ever closer… to increase sales of so-called New Energy Vehicles. There are now strict limits on the number of new vehicles that can be registered in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, but qualified NEV models are exempt, encouraging buyers to shift. With some of the world’s most polluted cities, some observers believe China could call for an outright ban on internal combustion technology in the not-too-distant future.”

Electric Vehicles

Explosive growth for electric vehicles is forecasted, particularly in China (Source: NBC News via Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

And although China is leading Asia in efforts to push electric vehicles forward, The Guardian reports that ING Bank is predicting a sea change in Europe too: “battery-powered vehicles [will soon be] accounting for 100% of registrations in 2035 across the continent… the car industry faces an imminent technology disruption.”

ING Bank concludes that, “the internal combustion engine car industry will have been long decimated by 2040.”

Above: ING Bank predicts all new cars sold in Europe could be electric by 2035 (Source: ING Bank)

Does Big Oil anticipate the threat from electric vehicles? According to Bloomberg, “Big Oil just woke up to [the] threat of rising electric car demand… OPEC quintupled its forecast for sales of plug-in EVs, and oil producers from Exxon Mobil Corp. to BP Plc also revised up their outlooks in the past year.”

Many are concluding that the “growing popularity of EVs increases the risk that oil demand will stagnate in the decades ahead, raising questions about the more than $700 billion a year that’s flowing into fossil-fuel industries.” On the other side of this equation, Bloomberg forecasts the leader in electric vehicles will be Tesla.

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Which has lager carbon footprint?Electric or traditional?



Depends on many factors. What EV vs what ICE? Where in the world?

But generally, on average, in the US, an EV outperforms ICE’s in all regions, unless the ICE Ccan get more than 68mpg.

Is that a serious question?

You no those where something is about to go critical, and everybody is trying to stop it to no avail.
It’s kind of like that. Like trying to reason with a bomb which is set to go off.
It doesn’t work.

Well, maybe we are bit quite there yet.

But your video shows that it defiently does work??

Are you sure this bomb will be anything more than a minor flesh wouund??

Yes, it does seem to work, but only for little while:

Is it for a region (England) or for the whole country (UK)?

Or are they expecting that the country has fallen by then and Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales has suddenly become their own countries?

Scotland might do it… but I don’t Northern Ireland and Wales will do it.

Why is it, in any way shape or form necessary to “ban” gas cars? If electrics take off, they will become the norm. So will it offend liberal sensitivities that there is a model T running around doing parades without (gasp) even a catalytic converter?

I say if some old geezer wants to keep his classic Camero and run it around on weekends, let him. If the car fleet is %99 percent electric, then thats more than enough to fix any pollution issue. The classic car guys are going to be few in any case (how many 60’s cars are around now? 50’s? 40’s?). They will be having issues finding gasoline by then.

How about stop trying to control the entire world you eco-facists.

Personally i don’t have a problem with a Model T running around your living room. Go nuts!

Besides India, all the bans are “new ICE sales bans” imho. Nothing about banning old cars. So please go angry some place else, you seem to need that adrenalin to be happy…

The UK quote states that they want to ban all combustion vehicles in 2050, not just new car sales. The new combustion vehicle sales will stop in 2040.

Naw, I just need to be kissed by you, you little devil 🙂

Do you really think that the world is really eco-friendly ? Noise and fumes worshipers have had their time, time to put an end on this.
You have 20 years ahead to worship noise and fumes …

If you ban new sales and registrations then the old Camaro is safe anyway.

But… there is no right to pollute, no matter if it is 99% or 1% of the fleet.

It is truly fascism trying to save lives… what is next, soon you won’t even be able to kill, beat up or rape anyone in this fascist society. Oh, wait…that fascism already happened, you bastards!

So driving a gas car is equivalent to rape eh?

How ’bout you friggin’ accept you’re living in a democracy?

If the majority is for an all-out ban of toxic fumes, then the majority gets its all-out ban of toxic fumes.

No matter how much freak out.

mmmmm sorry, democracies cannot majority vote to remove rights from a minority. This was established in Grecian times. Remember Socrates? They had a vote to put him to death. We are not a pure democracy, which means we cannot remove rights from individuals. There is this thing called a bill of rights. Now, there are also property rights. So if you own something, in general the government cannot confiscate it. There is also a lot of legal precedence for not allowing the government to pass laws against your USE of property you already own. This is defacto confiscation, although this seems to be a concept that escapes California politicians. Now we have arrived at the meat of the situation. If you, yes you you sexy devil, own the last gas car in the world that you legally bought and want to drive, that is otherwise legal and licensed, it is really going to be hard to prove that you are doing harm to the environment or to anyone passing by since you are the sole emitter, unless you tie up people to the back of your car and force them to breath out of the tailpipe. Lets take an example… Read more »

There is no right granted to own and operate a product that is known to produce carcinogens and other harmful chemicals.

So in short, you can keep your ICE cars for as long as you desire. And drive them as much as you want on your own property.

Driving on the roads, which are owned by someone else, is a totally different story.

This is all good, but any headlines about the auto industry being threatened is just click bait. No one is suggesting there will be few car sales in these articles.

Once upon a time cars did not have:
– anti-lock brakes
– air bags
– seat belts
– crumple zones
– emissions control systems
– traction control
– electronic fuel injection (or anything electronic)
– air conditioning
– automatic transmissions
– etc, etc, etc

yet somehow the vast majority of automakers figured out how to adapt and incorporate these things and still be competitive and profitable.

Yes some manufacturers/brands died off but it had NOTHING to do with the above list or any government regulation regarding their products.

The ICE to electric transition will be no different.

I would suggest the ‘threat’ is not so much from the transition from ICE to EV, but the transition to ride /car sharing. Autonomous driving will help further accelerate this transition.

Note that most of those improvements came as a result of govt regulation, not from corporate competition or will to improve the product since improvements tend to reduce profits, and that isn’t allowed in corporations.

Not exactly.
If you have a car without airbags and anti-lock brakes, you are still allowed to drive it today.

But if ICE cars are prohibited from driving on the roads, then you cannot drive it.
It has already started occassionally in city centres. Oslo (Norways capitol) had a 6 hour ban last winter for all ICE cars in city centre due to pollution.

In the future it will be permanent bans, and then they will expand the bans to regions, class of roads, and so on.

So it will be a very different transition. And it will be much much faster.