France Increases BEV Sales By 42% In August

SEP 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 2

BEV Registrations in France – August 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

BEV Registrations in France – August 2016 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

France re-started its all-electric vehicle sales growth in August, after July was a rare month of failure.

Overall last month, a 42% increase year-over-year in new registrations was logged, with 1,255 new EVs on the road.

France’s market share for the month again exceeded 1%.

French BEVs stats breakdown into two camps: passenger vehicles (919 registrations, an increase of 28%) and light commercial vehicles (336, an increase by 104%).

Total plug-in registrations after eight months stand at 17,811 BEVs total (14,322 passenger and 3,489 commercial).

Three top passenger cars in August were:

  • Renault ZOE – 337
  • Nissan LEAF – 196
  • Peugeot iOn – 100

BMW i3 came in fourth with 99 sales, with athe 33 kWh version just appearing on the market at month’s end.

Kia Soul EV with 78 sales was also pretty strong, while the Tesla Model S noted 31 new registrations.

BEV Registrations in France – August 2016

BEV Registrations in France – August 2016

source: Avere-France / AAA data

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Vive la république!

It’s really encouraging to see France, as the first large European market, begin to take off in terms of EV share. The timing is perfect. There probably will never be as large a year-over-year improvement in value for money as from 2016 to 2017, with the facelifted LEAF and new ZOE R400 and Ampera-e, plus possibly Soul EV (though it’ll likely be more like the insufficient-to-stay-competitive 50% increases of BMW and VW) giving us twice the car for more or less the same money.

If GM prices the Ampera-e aggressively in Europe then everyone else will have to cut their prices. It’s plausible that the 2017 ZOE with 400 km NEDC will be cheaper than the currently available ZOE with just over half the range!

That should help ensure the momentum is not just sustained, but will increase.

I think France will reach at least 3% BEV market share before the end of 2017. Perhaps significantly more.

It’s a good month of August. I was hoping a 23,000 EV in France for 2016, I still hope it.
If the next 4 months the gross will be about 25% it will be good, but if the gross will be about 33% it will be fantastic.
Now we just hear that the Zoé will have major update for the batteries. It will be a 400km NEDC. It would be a 300km range in the real world. To have a good comparison, the Bolt have just prove to have 410km range in the real world.
But in the motorway the Zoé 2.0 will surely have 220 – 240km range, with a spedd of 110km/h.
2017 will be an exciting year.