France Electric Vehicle Sales Scorecard Through June

JUL 23 2012 BY JAY COLE 17

Renault Zoe - Coming Soon With Intentions To Destroy The 2013 EV Leaderboard

Every month we religiously report the plug-in electric car sales for the US, we even have a dedicated page for the year to date totals of the major nameplates. But up until we recently published a report on the UK electric sales for the first six months of the year, we had been pretty remiss about reflecting on the international EV sales scene.

Bolloré BlueCar Leafs Electric Vehicle Sales in France

So, today we bring you the the second installment of the InsideEVs ‘focus on someone who isn’t us’, year to date sales figures: Focus On France!  (As with the UK, the list is complied by actual registrations rather than automaker reports) – 5,446 total vehicles sold

Unsurprisingly, French automaker (and partner of Nissan) Renault dominates the French landscape of pure electric vehicles.

  1. Bolloré BlueCar – 1,383
  2. Renault Twizy (80) – 1,212
  3. Renault Kangoo ZE – 1,058
  4. Renault Twizy (45) – 339
  5. Nissan LEAF – 239
  6. Mia – 237
  7. Goupil G3- 150
  8. Peugeot iOn – 144
  9. Renault Fluence -121
  10. Citroën C-Zero  – 115
  11. Volkswagen Golf  – 15
  12. Mitsubishi i-MiEV – 8
  13. Tesla Roadster -5
  14. Renault ZOE -4

Goupil G3, An Electric Utility Vehicle That Gets Up To 73 Miles Of Range

Of interest, there are a few oddities on the list most are not familiar with outside of Europe.

The Bolloré BlueCar, which leads the way is a a small four-seat/three door EV that was deployed as part of the Autolib’ carsharing program in Paris starting in December of last year…so its reign at the top has entered its last month.  The Goupil G3 is an electric utility vehicle that comes in about a zillion different configurations, and has a range of about 75 miles.

Also of note is the Renault Twizy, which would have taken over as the best seller in France this past month were it not for a breakdown of the model between its separate ‘top speed’ editions (80 km/hr and 45 km/hr).  The little ‘EV that could’ has been very well received throughout Europe, and we will likely see it rebadged as a Nissan sometime next year for us in major US cities.

The leader for 2011 was Citroën C-Zero with 645 cars sold, and total registrations were 2,630 electric vehicles, an improvement from 2010 when 184 cars were sold, with the MINI E leading the way with 50 cars sold.

Surprisingly absent from this list is the Chevrolet Volt and/or Opel Ampera, which as been brought to our attention is because plug-in hybrids are classed differently than pure EVs.  We made a second inquiry about General Motor’s extended range offerings and came up with our own expanded list:

Opel Ampera – 109
Chevrolet Volt – 1


Updated with new info:  July 27th, 2012 (thx to reader Luarent J Mason for the heads up)

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I’m not 100% sure there is much interest in how EVs are doing in the rest of the world here in North America, but personally I find it interesting.

…and given the fact that I have foolishly been permitted to put out whatever plug-in content I choose to here at InsideEVs, no one can stop me.

still laughing…….

I find it very interesting. but maybe it’s cause I’m a canuck like you.

There used to be a day when cars and car markets in one part of the globe had nothing to do with what was happening in another part, but that has changed greatly. Now with truly global platforms even more so.

Prime example is the reporting by US based media on the LEAF. Basically media in the US are acting like the LEAF is going nowhere, and have all but written it off. However on a global basis the LEAF has outsold the Volt 2 to 1 as best I can tell.

I am inclined to believe Nissan went it claims it will ramp up sales when Smyrna comes online. Although there is that pesky extreme heat battery capacity loss to be dealth with.

So yeah don’t think you can have a complete picture of what is happening if you only look at the US market.

French YTD LEAF sales of 239 units is chicken feed. Honestly, what positive vibe can one draw from that number which could suggest expectations of success rather than failure.

The USA market is the big leagues, and there the LEAF has been striking out. Time is growing short before production is scheduled to begin in Tennessee; monthly sales need to break back into four digits quickly or else chances are Nissan will announce a delay or at worst, cancellation of their USA production plans.

LOL @USA market is the big leagues, please pull your head out of the sand. What you can draw from the numbers is that the French buying public are deeply supportive of their own locally produced products, as are a number of other markets around the globe.

On Nissan delay, you do talk a load of crap.

@Jay, do not under estimate the number of non USA residents who love this website. A lot of USA based websites regard the US of A as the center of the world and disregard the rest.

Car manufacturing is globalizing, and the EV world even more. Meaning I’m very glad your focus is more widespread than your home country. Of course California is the absolute frontrunner in EV cars. I’ve seen more EV’s in California last May than in any other area in the world (except the 300 Smart EV’s in my hometown, from Car2Go)

Many thanks from Amsterdam and keep on the good work!

IMO, the first country to break their addiction on foreign automotive oil will also be the first to solve their economic issues. Let the race begin.


My laughter was over Jay’s declaration of his own omnipotence, not the French report. I find it interesting too. Although compiling the global numbers is a little more ominous, I would like to see a list compiled of all the existing EV models globally and possibly including those scheduled for release by the years end. That would be an impressive article by itself. And Jay, as Mel Brooks famously quoted, “it’s good to be king”.

If the Twizy is coming to the US they better up an AC and windows in it.. plus power steering, brakes etc 🙂

The Bollore BlueCar has always been a favorite of mine, but now with the Zoe and its 43kW charger out I have a new favorite.

Please note that these numbers are total EV sales, mixing passenger cars like the Leaf, utility vehicles like the Renault Kangoo, and low-speed vehicles like the Renault Twizy. There were 2271 new electric passenger cars registered in the first semester in France. Not much, considering there were more than a million new cars sold during that time.

The Chevrolet Volt is not included, it’s a hybrid. We don’t mix EVs and hybrids in France.

So, Laurent, do you know what the sales numbers are for the Volt & Ampera in France?

I looked up the registrations myself specifically by name for the Volt and Ampera, and sure enough there they were, thanks Laurent (I updated the article as well:

Opel Ampera – 109
Chevrolet Volt – 19 units

…everyone has there only little quirky way of doing things, (=

Good on ya Jay!

That’s a pitiful YTD number halfway through the year; did not Ampera sales begin sometime during the spring season?

The first official deliveries began in February of 2012, if you don’t count the US Embassy in France PR stunt in December of 2012.

The first sales in the UK got somewhat delayed I think because they didn’t happen until May of 2012…maybe they ran out of Vauxhall emblems, (=

The industry needs your knowledge and expertise. It has been awhile since I have been to France but I am sure that the views in Paris are different than they are in Mormant. With under 3000 EV sales out of a million, it looks like there are similar issues making it to market. In the end, all EVs will be 100% BEVs, but for now, there is a place for the HPEV for at least a decade maybe more. I am sure there are enthusiast in Mormant who want to show off their support for the EV industry but can’t make the distance. Also the HPEV helps many to make the transition. Every market and every person is different, but the HPEV owners see themselves as part of the movement and will help us as a global community to get there.