France Boasts 25,000 Charging Stations

JAN 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 8

The number of AC charging points is relatively high in France

The number of charging stations in France increased to roughly 25,000 at over 10,000 places. The precise number as of the end of November was 24,780.

The number increased by 24% compared to September 2017, despite the close of thousands of Autolib stations.

Comparing the number of EVs in the country (157,838), on average one stations falls on 6.3 EVs, which is a high ratio (European Union would like to see 10 EVs per station).

Two-thirds of the stations are three-phase AC 11-22 kW, which are very well suited for the electric grid in most European countries. The single-phase on-board chargers can take 1/3 of the output, which is from 3.7 to 7.4 kW, while the three-phase on-board chargers use the full potential of the station and usually replenish more than 100 km (62 miles) of range per hour of charging (at 22 kW).

Charging points stats as of the end of November 2018:

  • 16,038 (65%) of 11-22 kW (3-phase)
  • 6,722 (27%) of <11 kW (1-phase)
  • 2,020 (8%) of >24 kW (usually DC or rarely 3-phase 43 kW AC)

source: L’Avere-France

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I wish they could accelerate deployment of 150kW charging stations on Highways. It would boost EV credibility for most people as more 100kW & 150kW capable EV will hit the roads in the coming two years.

Those are called Teslas. (OK, they top out around 120KW but they are going to bump it up.)

So the EV’s from Jaguar (Already being delivered to France), Audi and Mercedes are pie in the sky then? Pah!

There is plenty of room for all makes of EV.

Another Euro point of view

Only 2k stations above 24kW is far from convincing. I wonder why that huge effort of installing so many low power charging stations.

This is because many stations have been installed long ago, because are slow-charging stations are installed in shopping centres, car parks of shops and retails so that customers stay longer ; or because chargers are inside public car parks where cars often charge during the night.

AC charging with 11 or 22 kW is what needed for parking houses and city parking. They are cheap to install.

I still think France is one of the nations that should most make a hard push for EVs. A very large percentage of the French grid is powered by nuclear power and with those reactors they have a massive amount of excess generation capacity at night. That excess generation capacity should be powering up EVs at night. Nuclear powered cars!

Ok, I used a German website for gathering the following information ( Maybe even the list of French chargers close to Germany is quite incomplete. But when I’m looking into the area around Strasbourg: – In Strasbourg mostly Schuko and CEE blue (both 1phase 16A -> 3.7kW) – Very few Type 2 >=22kW (+ 1 Tesla 11kW Destinantion charging) – Chademo mostly at the interstates (none >=100kW). – CCS with 20kW at a VW dealer – and CCS 50kW only at a supermarket which also offers (actually part of the numbers above) 50kW Chademo and 43kW Type 2. So CCS is not really available at the interstates. So Schuko and CEE wasn’t count in that numbers or Strasbourg is quite different concerning this. In the German neighbor town Kehl (roughly just a 1/10 of the citizens as Strasbourg) – The density of Type 2 22kW chargers is much higher. – One of the Type 2 22kW chargers also offers 50kW CCS -> VW dealer. – At a rest stop a one end of the town 50kW CCS + 50kW Chademo + 43kW Type 2. – When using the German interstate (there’s only one in that area due to the Black… Read more »