Fox News: The Electric Car Revolution Is Coming Thanks To Tesla Model 3


Fox News Applauds Tesla's Model 3 Acheivement

Fox News Applauds Tesla’s Model 3 Acheivement

Fox News has finally succumbed to the plug-in electric car revolution…that’s been underway for years now.

It took Tesla unveiling the Model 3 to finally convince Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren that the age of the electric car is here.

Fox news goes so far as to call the Model 3 the “most spectacular thing to happen to cars since Henry Ford’s Model T.”

Video description:

“Greta’s ‘Off the Record’ comment to ‘On the Record’ viewers: Elon Musk is the Steve Jobs of the automotive industry! This is the most spectacular thing to happen to cars since Henry Ford’s Model T.”

There’s no going back now…

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That’s a decent commercial for Tesla for free :D. Probably generated some preorders aswell. Jeyyy.


How old is she?


Mentally or physically?


If she thinks the most spectacular thing in automotive history was the Ford Model T, then I think she’d be a record breaker.

The average age of viewers of Fox that would be “watching” her would certainly be able to remember Model Ts in their time being sold in second hand dealerships.


Just about anyone who knows the history of the automobile *at all* agrees that the Ford Model T is the most significant car of all time.

The only contenders would be the first cars ever built, such as Daimler’s.



I learned that not all Republicans are hopeless… 😉


I’d had hoped that they are deep down, real honest people and that they would eventually turn down the money and Fox News script.

Hey, we say RT reporters go against the will of Putin’s Kremlin over the years.


The irony (and was noted when I explained it to my right-wing father), is that the average Republican SHOULD be absolutely in love with Tesla:

1. Reduces the need for foreign oil
2. Paid back DOE loans early … with interest
3. Entirely American designed and manufactured
4. Made (mostly) with American parts
5. Made without UAW or any union labor

Once I laid out those points to my father he decided Tesla was a great car company.


GM-Volt did a poll back in 2012 or 2013 on the political leanings of its readers, if memory serves it was roughly 40-30-30, Conservative-Liberal-Independent.
I would imagine a Nissan Leaf page would have broke more liberal.

Big Solar

yes, I have a friend who is extremely conservative but he is an engineer so he bought a volt. He loves it.


Well, the engineers I know are very conservative.
Isn’t it a part of their job?


He didn’t mean conservative in the same sense but in the republican sense

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

AH, yes, the usual round of republican bashing. Last time I checked, the Volt, leaf and even the Tesla were produced by evil republican corporations. Not a single republican politician advocates pollution or ruining the environment. Cap and trade was a republican invention, so was our national parks system and also just by the way, so was ending slavery. We are for the evil values of freedom and smaller, less intrusive government.

EVs are not a democratic value. Liberals just think they own it.


What on earth?

Yeah, you were right 40 years ago. The Volt is GM so, who knows. The Leaf is Nissan, that’s kind of french. Tesla, is California, they might be libertarian, but, they’re not idiot Republican. “Not a single repub advocates pollution and wrecking the environment”??? Really. Because THEY ALL DO. They’re all global warming Deniers. And they all want to shut down the EPA in their fantasy world and allow Frackers to pollute our water for free with no oversight and no regulation. What do you think those regulations are Stopping them from doing? Polluting your water with oil waste ( “fracking lubricant” ), methane gas, releasing uranium and arsenic into our water supply. Why do you keep hearing “Obama’s war on coal”? Because they want FREE POLLUTION of mercury into your water with NO REGULATION. Cap and Trade? Dems agreed to use it to stop Global Warming, and Repubs REFUSE to Implement ANY form of cap and trade on carbon. National Parks: Repubs have been cutting funding for 20 years! And attempting to sell them off to the Rich so you would NEVER Walk in a national park again. Now that the 1% has the wealth of 3.5 Billion people,… Read more »
Mister G

Well said…but some Republicans continue to believe that they are the party of Lincoln today and refuse to accept that the parties have switched ideologies.


Not well said. You can’t generalize “all republicans” like that. Not all men are perverts, not all Christians hate homosexuals, not all lawyers are crooked, and not all Republicans are against EV’s and the environment.

When will people in this country remember that there are shades of grey??? You can want to drive an EV and not be an unemployed, tree hugging, pot smoking smelly, hippy, Democrat. Or is that an unfair, outdated, overreaching stereotype?

Sooner or later, the early adopters are going to have to get off of their high horse and face the facts: less than 1% of vehicles purchased are by people like you. The other 99% don’t give a darn about the environment, but will care about silent, instant acceleration, cheap fuel (electricity), autonomous driving, great styling, and long range. The more of those boxes that get checked, the more EV’s will increase in market share.

Get off your high horse.

Republican, red stater, Christian, meteorologist, father, EV owner.


Corporations are not Republican or Democratic. At least they should not be but since Republicans did invent the ‘corporations are people’ thing, maybe they are now.

It was probably some economist that invented cap & trade. Some Republicans (like McCain) did support cap & trade to help address climate change….but that was many years ago and they have pretty much all flip-flopped on that and no longer support it. Blacktracking as Bill Maher calls it. It never passed. Climate change denial is pretty much the party line for the GOP now. Neither Trump nor Cruz accept it.

If you look at the voting records and proposed legislation by the two parties over the last 40 years, reality show the GOP allow pollution far more than Dems. Among the biggest backers of the GOP are the Koch brothers that run a heavily polluting corporation that constantly p ushed for less pollution regulations and funds climate denier groups.

That’s reality. All true and you know it. Deal with it.

What you say would have been a reasonable assessment 15 years ago. However, the face of the party, that is, the current batch of governors, members of congress, and the last several election cycles of POTUS candidates, as well as the narratives from Fox News, tell a very different story. They outright lie about everything that gets in the way of quarterly profits, whether it’s labor unions or environmental protections or climate change projections. They alienate minorities, particularly all Muslims, thus playing right into the hand of ISIS. They disrespect the sitting President of the USA so blatantly and shamelessly that they won’t even hold a hearing for his SCOTUS nomination, nearly a year before his term is up!!!!! And when these so-called leaders have nothing else to do, they divide and distract us over race, homophobia, religion, etc. It is an unfortunate reality that people get stuck with the label of the face of their party, regardless of whether that label actually fits the views of the majority of people who align themselves to the party in question. If I were Republican, I would be ashamed to admit it. I wouldn’t even say that I’m “conservative” because that term… Read more »

Also bear in mind that the Democratic party used to be the refuge of racism and bigotry, and overwhelmingly won in the former slave states. And it was the Republicans that were more progressive on a variety of issues.

However, the parties did a flip-flop between the World Wars. For the last 60-70 years, the GOP is the vocal base of bigotry and dominates those same states and fights against anything worth doing.


Van Susteren may be the most liberal show host on FNC. Until Cavuto, Varney, and Hannity admit that they were wrong (an apology won’t be bad either) they can take a hike.


Those 3…ugh. Good luck. Maybe Cavuto could flip.


There is NO Liberal on Fox News.


There are generally some but the tend to be the most pathetic feckless ones that are just put up as punching bags to be ridiculed. People like Alan Colmes.


There is a big misconception that EVs are the domain of liberals. Same as for liberals, a large portion of conservatives & independents as a percentage make up for EV purchases because they are pro environment/health & pro national energy security.

Having said that it is also true that some corners of conservative media outlets (mostly because of high pressure by union lobby tradional car makers which have influence on huge dollar media ad spends) in the past have attempted to frame the topic of EVs as a misguided liberal cause. I’m glad to see that rhetoric element going away…mostly thanks to Tesla making it abundantly obvious that the EV revolution is real, strong, and good for America irrespective of liberal, conservative or independent.


It is not a misperception. The two GOP front-runners deny climate change. Romney called out Tesla by name for bashing.

Conservative media has been hostile toward EVs

Certainly not all conservatives follow that party line. But the general reality is that conservatives don’t care much for environmental regulations and they don’t like subsidies.

I largely agree that subsidies are bad, but in my view fossil fuels have the biggest subsidy on the planet by being allowed to spew toxic pollutants and climate changing greenhouse gases into our shared atmosphere & waters.


They care about subsidies but only for the industry that lines their pockets, like oil and gas.

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

I don’t believe in global warming propaganda either, yet I own TWO BEVS and am converting my house to solar. Republicans have both brains and ideas, and we are free thinkers, not parrots.


It’s good you can do the math on EV’s and solar, that will make you personally richer.

But, you’ll cancel that out COMPLETELY by voting Global Warming Denying Republican.
You’d better start taking a basic science class, and get your GED soon, before Repubs destroy the planet by pushing warming up into worst case projections.

And if anyone is telling you global warming is a hoax, you’re listening to a fool.


Well your “brains” clearly cannot comprehend basic science things like the atmospheric greenhouse effect, biological evolution, or the female reproductive system such that the GOP runs candidates that deny climate science, think the devil invented evolution, and claim raped women have “a way of shutting that whole thing down”.

That’s reality. Deal with it. I wish it were not true because it sucks basically having only one party to choose from. But I can’t support people that don’t accept basic scientific truth. That always leads to bad policy.

Get Real

CDAVIS wrote: “Having said that it is also true that some corners of conservative media outlets (mostly because of high pressure by union lobby tradional car makers which have influence on huge dollar media ad spends) in the past have attempted to frame the topic of EVs as a misguided liberal cause.”

I’m not sure what alternate universe you are in but I’m certainly not aware of any labor unions having ever opposing EVs?

If you have any evidence of this feel free to back up your claim o are you just trying to “flip the script”?

Certainly the oil and gas cartels and very powerful conservative fools like the Koch-Heads have made it clear that EVs are an existential threat to what they believe in.

If you have any evidence of this feel free to back up your claim.


@Get Real said: “…I’m not sure what alternate universe you are in but I’m certainly not aware of any labor unions having ever opposing EVs? If you have any evidence of this feel free to back up your claim o are you just trying to “flip the script”?”

@Get Real,
There is no single group that have more than the unionized automakers (with UAW consent) organized against regulations (i.e. CARB, ZEV, Allow Tesla Direct Sales) that promote adoption of Hybrid & EV.


“…S927 was supposed to be voted on yesterday along with the pro-Tesla legislation. It was a package deal — all wrapped up with a tidy bow on top. Well, the United Auto Workers union had something to say. Remember, the automakers came out strong against the proposed amendments to the franchise act. The UAW, citing the fact it is an owner of at least General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, began pushing back against S927. As a result, the vote was delayed….”

Get Real

The InsideEVs article you cite has zero mention of the UAW in any way and in fact several of the legacy OEMs mentioned are NOT unioized, the article on the New Jersey law states that the UAW was AGAINST the bill that the car stealerships wanted to pass in Jersey.

(keep in mind that aside from the oil and gas companies and associated individuals like the Koch-heads who basically own the Republican/Tea parties to the point their leverage with the Republicans can block action on the SCOTUS vacancy, probably no other powerful organization in the US but the stealerships’ NADA are anti-Tesla/anti EV and the stealerships are NOT unionized.

So once again I don’t see any evidence that the UAW is anti-EV.


Nice job Greta. Agree 100 percent.


“..the age of the electric car is here”
Since the Model 3 will not be available in great numbers for more than a year, it is not here yet.

38 EVs on sale this year. Over 400,000 sold to date. I’d say it’s pretty much here.

Chevy Bolt deliveries start in 8 months. Now that Telsa Model 3 reservations top 400,000, there will be increasing pressure from automaker shareholders to step up their EV game.


They were heralding the start with the Model 3 which is not here yet. When only 10% of the reservations can get the tax breaks, the rest may reconsider.


Isn’t that the “drill, baby, drill” station? 😉


Maybe it was more of an ad to invite the Kochs $10m to be spent at fox going forward. Or is it a sign that that fund is already depleted ?


Fox “News” determines they’re not getting enough corp money and starts telling the truth, until someone writes a check.

It happens with Global Warming too.
You’ll hear the Truth about global warming damage, and suddenly the next week you’ll see big warm and fuzzy EXXON ad’s, and they’ll start the global warming is a hoax bull.

I’ve seen it twice.

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

Yes, as in the fraccing that is supplying clean energy to power your EV and create energy independence.


You should put a (sarcasm) tag somewhere.
Otherwise people will think your the only sucker in America who still thinks fracking is clean.


It’s cleaner than coal, and the way it is treated in regulation, cleaner than nuclear.

Great, we’re running toward a wall, half as fast. Most people with the Left don’t realize their preachers aim to replace existing, paid-off, nuclear with natural gas. They don’t consider jobs vs. CO2 mitigation are a real choice Progressives make.


Franco, you are factually incorrect.

First off, not all natural gas comes from fracking. In fact, less than half of California’s NG comes from fracking, and CA is the largest EV state by far.

Second off, EV car buyers have massively built out their own solar power production, with most of them building more solar generation than they use to charge their car. EV owners are not only generating their own electricity, but over generating more electricity than they need for their cars

Third off, Tesla’s Supercharger network is largely net solar powered, and the Tesla’s that this story are about charge around 15% of their miles on Superchargers.

So no, fracking isn’t what is powering the majority of Teslas. It is green energy.


Fracking is what makes natural gas and so the electricity cheap in the US. Expensive electricity with cheap gasoline = limited market for battery cars.

All the solar energy relies on quickly dispatchable power plants for backup as minimum. Rooftop solar relies on netmetering incentive in addition, but it’s another story. Solar or wind is useless for grid without backup. You can’t charge without grid, no way to store solar over winter or even until next week. No other energy source today can provide quickly dispatchable power on wide scale but natural gas that has storage reserves for many months. Not nuclear that requires large capital and has very limited fuel costs so it doesn’t make sense to stop it. Not even coal that typically can’t be dispatched quickly enough. Hydro is better, but it is regional only and may be not available at full power during dry years.


When Dear Old Top Gears top host Jeremy Clarskon yelled out “It’s not a torch!!” As he was pushed back into the seat of the Electric Mercedes SLS he was testing… I knew the world as we knew it would never be the same again… Jeremy Clarkson : the most conservative old school, EV hating, old grump in the world!

We don’t need to convince anyone. EV’s will do the work…


“Greta’s ‘Off the Record’ comment to ‘On the Record’ viewers: Elon Musk is the Steve Jobs of the automotive industry! This is the most spectacular thing to happen to cars since Henry Ford’s Model T.”

Wow, did she miss one of the Hard Right Talking Points memos? Mitt Romney called Tesla one of Obama’s “failures”. She needs to get with the program, literally — she’s on Fox News, for heaven’s sake!

At this rate, Greta won’t be employed at Faux Noise Fox News much longer.


Fox has had positive press on Tesla for years. If there was any institutional plug-in bashing it stopped after Obama beat “loser” Romney.


Looks to me like Fox News are nothing more than bandwagon jumpers.

Now that Tesla had some success all of a sudden they’re not scoffing at them anymore.


Fox has had positive reports on Tesla for several years.


I can’t wait to hear what she has to say when they open a plants in Europe and China.

Any by the way, that was a ’64 1/2 Mustang. Well at least my parents might become believers now…

As for the rest of us, we saw this coming years ago.


Mitt Romney had 3 out 4 right.
The conservative buys an EV withe his own money.
Liberal wants the goverment buy the vehicle for him, or at least have the goverment pay for part of it. Oh wait they are already doing that with the $7500 federal tax credit.


But a conservative wants the government to pay for part of his SUV that grosses over 6000 pounds. Even worse, it’s under the lie that it is a “business” vehicle.

And Romney is a crony capitalist who used his chairmanship of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics to funnel contracts to his buddies. His Bain Capital company burdened dying iHeart Radio with so much debt that now they’re under pressure to give Rush Limbaugh a big pay cut.


The conservative want’s never ending oil subsidy.
Including 8 special tax breaks for natural gas/fracking drilling.
The government so heavily subsidies fracking that they should get 50% of profits.

Oh, you have absolutely no idea the massive scale of the oil and fracking subsidy? Welcome to the reason for Fox Propaganda. A complete one sided “discussion” bashing of the Obama administration, with total lies about the administrations positions on all issues, with a total Black Out of economic criticism of wacko Republican ideas.

There’s a reason Trump is your candidate.

Mango Kid

“Including 8 special tax breaks for natural gas/fracking drilling.” Please list all 8 and your reputable information source(s). For now and many many years to come the electic grid will require natural gas, so yes you will need to stay on the grid and thus your e-car will need natural gas. And the natural gas replacement for base load electricy (the kind that charges your car at 3 am when the sun don’t shine and the wind aint blowin)? Nuclear, of course!


>The conservative buys an EV withe his own money.
Liberal wants the goverment buy the vehicle for him, or at least have the goverment pay for part of it. Oh wait they are already doing that with the $7500 federal tax credit.

Why is it when a conservative gets the $7500 the conservative deems that “his own money” but when others get the $7500 it is “the guberment givin’ out free stuff”?

William Capps

Looks like Fox is about to invest in Tesla Stocks,how times are changing.

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

And you see that Greta was unable to say this without pushing for protectionism and nationalism, neither of which are particularly republican values.

Hint: The only people out there who think fox news is a republican mouthpiece is the liberals.

Mister G

LOL…IMO the day Fox News became GOP was the day Hannity was counting down the days until Dubya would win re election “120 days til President Bush wins re-election” and that was in 2004.

Get Real

Sorry to sink your boat Scott, its a semi-well known fact that Faux News was started as a propaganda service for the owners of the Republican/Tea parties:


“without pushing for protectionism and nationalism, neither of which are particularly republican values.”

Lol! Have you listened to a word that the GOP front-runner Donald Trump has said this year?


Why did they feel the need to bring up the AMC Pacer? That has NOTHING to do with this. At all. Ugh.


Typical cheap shot…

By the way, the Pacer did very well at launch. Things quieted down once everyone that wanted one, had one. The same rule applies to other unusual cars that did well in their first year, including the VW new Beetle.


I don’t know if Teslas are built in the USA according to Fox News, because they don’t include California.

Designed, engineered, and built in California by Tesla.


It has always disappointed me that electric cars (pieces of machinery) are dragged into political debates, including the comments section of