Fox News Reviews BMW i8 – Video


In this relatively short video, Gary Gastelu from Fox News takes a gander at the 2015 BMW i8.

Not your ordinary Bimmer.

Not your ordinary Bimmer.

We’ll link you to some i8 specs, because it seems most video reviews do not discuss specs in detail.

Gastelu loves the looks/style, performance, handling, & efficiency of the i8. Who doesn’t?

You will hear Gary Gastelu, the reviewer of the i8, state: “I don’t know how I am ever going to review a conventional car ever again…

Looks like we are near the end of the era where performance cars get approximately 2 miles per gallon!

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Does Neil Cavuto know about this?

He test drove one and it “ran out of fuel” in the Lincoln Tunnel.

That was actually the other Fox News idiot Eric Bolling.

He’s too worried that he might get a divorce if he drives one.

Wait, this wasn’t a ***** Republican hysterical about the future review. Must have been a Fox LOCAL station.

Good Review for 20 seconds.

I don’t understand the i8 it has to be one off the least power cars in it’s price range. Hopefully they upgrade the battery pack and add at least 100hp

I’m not as concerned with power as I am with high-tech feel and the general appearance of the car. This car definitely delivers in both cases. I’d probably drive it in electric as much as possible, despite the lower performance.

Not sure driving it on electric is really a viable plan. This is a performance hybrid car, that happens to allow some electric miles so you look good in the urban congestion area (which you don’t have in DFW).

But I agree its a looker and I’d have one in a heartbeat, no matter how much gas I put in it (which would be a trivial cost compared to the initial price).

Too bad there are not more BEVs that look like this.

“I don’t understand the i8”

And yet production was just doubled, to lower that months-long waiting list. Longer than the Model S, for that matter. Do you understand that not everything is about you? Certainly not FOR you?

When I can test drive a jon motors vehicle, you let me know. We’ll find out just what you do and don’t understand.

@ 1:48 “Compared to any other car you would spend that much money on, this is so much more interesting, so much more engrossing…”

Does he not know about the Model S? The i8 cost $137K.

Well, you are probably not allowed to talk about Tesla on Fox “news” unless you are bashing them.

Yeah, like what happened to the last FOX reporter who did a positive story on Tesla? Oh they were black-balled at the country club.

Darn … tried to find an anti-Tesla FNC story, but could only find this positive one:

Exposing libs to FNC is like exposing vampires to a crucifix. If forced to watch FNC, I bet you would burst into flames. LOL.

Congratulations, you found another Fox flipflop. Tesla was a green, government-subsidized folly… until they became a profitable startup success.

Or, for that matter, the Volt:

Flip flop? The new term is “evolve” … at least when liberals do it.

But the reality is … FNC employs many commentators with differing ideologies. FNC’s conservative, liberal, and libertarian commentators debate each other every day. So it is normal to hear different view points, and that is why FNC is crushing their competition.

Ironically, FNC’s single-ideology branding is a myth foisted by true single-ideology sources like Huffington Post, Salon, Media Matters, Vox, MSNBC, New York Times, etc.

Well in a semantic defense, he did say spend that much money on, since even the P85D is quite a bit less, you would spend less money on one. Still it was a pretty lame comment.

First off – I love But, there is so much bigotry and bashing in the comments on this site…..slowly getting sick of it day after day. Interest in alternative energy, bettering the environment, an most importantly….EVs…are not concepts owned by any political persuasion. I’m registered conservative, own Tesla stock, drive an electric car, recycle, and have been working on a microhydro project for a historic site. These are not things only found among liberals….so lets get real folks.

Look Aetius, now you can understand why we can’t even take 5 minutes of Fox Hate filled Racist Lies.

I get on fox lies and the first thing I see is someone denying Climate Change, blaming Obama for some Republican passed legislation, blaming poor people for ocean cruise bookings, and hysterical noise about modest wall street regulation.

Even there, instead of blaming banks for taking out leveraged positions of 40 to 1 or 100 to 1, positions guaranteed to bankrupt all counter-parties if the bet failed, they blamed poor black people.

So, if you want change go back to Fox Lies, and DEMAND they throw off the racist nuts, stop lying about EV’s, solar, wind, and drop the 100 years of oil subsidy. Which was the first thing the Republicans INCREASED when they got into office in 2014.

You want civil discourse, start it.

Mike – All I’ve got to say is: Bah! I’m with Aetius on this one – I pretty much lead to the liberal side, and generally watch both FNC and MSNBC for the comic relief, but that said, I don’t come to InsideEVs for political commentary. I’m not asking for “civil discourse”, I’m just trying to keep things at least remotely on topic, and asking to keep banking news, Obama versus congress, etc. toned down on a site about EV’s and technology. There are plenty of other sites we’re I can get my needed “political” fix for the day.. Personally, I don’t enjoy the endless Telsa bashing, versus shorting their stock, reading tea leaves on their sales in Asia, etc. But at least that’s on topic – Granted FNC has some bad past history in their handling of the Volt, we all know that, let’s acknowledge the positive i8 review, and leave out the general politically commentary (which is bound to offend someone, and is generally off topic anyways).. You opening sentence of “Hate filled Racist Lies” isn’t going to win any awards for “making friends and influencing people”.. And is pretty much going to turn off the “middle ground”… Read more »