Fox News 4: BMW i3 REx Review – Video

JUL 29 2015 BY JAY COLE 20

It is always fun to see what kind of review you will get when it comes to the Fox News Network.  This time a BMW i3 REx review is turned in from its Fox affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth.

BMW i3 (with range extender) Review With Ed Wallace (via Fox News 4)

BMW i3 (with range extender) Review With Ed Wallace (via Fox News 4)

We have to say we were a little worried when it started with the below send-off from the newsroom:

Anchor 1: “I don’t know, I’m still not sold on these electric cars yet”

Anchor 2: “Well yeah…this is an interesting segment.  You say BMW and you think sleek lines and elegant styling.  I don’t know if this vehicle has that, but it must have other attributes”

Thankfully car critic Ed Wallace took it from there…

Hat tip to offib!

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Perhaps there is hope for Fox news.

It’s an affiliate, not National, as others have mentioned. The networks own some local stations, just not this one.

There was a time, when “news” teams just reported the facts, and never shared their personal baggage or personal opinions with the viewing audience…

The anti-EV bias still frames the segment with the setup commentary. It’s ‘infauxtainment’, so I expect no less from Fox. P

Other than the off the cuff comment from an uninformed talking head, I thought the review was very “fair and balanced”. I didn’t see any anti EV bias.

Fox auto reviews are little bit more than ads for local dealerships. It could have been worse.

I wish people would evolve from using the term ‘suicide doors’ to describe a rear-hinged door. The term is quite outdated. ‘Suicide Door’ is slang and I’m struggling to find a modern example of anyone who has fallen /pushed out of a modern car with this door design.

Cars with Rear Hinged Doors – 2015
Rolls Royce – Coach Door
MINI – Cargo Door
BMW – Coach Door

I think the bigger safety concern was not from people falling out of the car, because even if the door opened, you wouldn’t necessarily just fall out. I think more people were injured or killed when the cars were stopped on the side of a road, to let passengers out or in. Other cars passing from behind could hit and slam the door into passengers getting in or out and crush them. If a car passing by hits a conventionally hinged door, it will most likely just damage the door as it will be pushed away from the person entering/exiting the vehicle.

The issue was when someone, maybe even accidentally, opened the door while the car was driving. The wind would catch it and fling it open extremely fast and yank passengers out if they were holding onto the handle.

Thank you Saabluster for the correct info, kids were ejected (and killed, obviously) because there was not even an Idea for child-safe rear doors then.
The crash=ejection-seat misnomer was thanks to the ever-bloodier ‘Driver’s Education’ ‘offered’ by high schools and subsidized by the DOT — for those that missed ’em, the required Films (must see in order to pass the class), shown in the classes pretty much specified that if you Ever drove, you were likely to wind up as white particles in the ink spot in a black & white feature at some future date.
and to think we got in trouble for making the girls sick during lunch period.

This is not “Fox News” in the sense that 99% of readers will think (the Fox News Channel, which is on cable).

This is the news program for the Dallas-area broadcast Fox television station. The local stations do not take their marching orders from Roger Ailes and do not necessarily have a partisan bias.

In general, there is effectively no difference between a local Fox station’s daily news program and a local NBC/CBS/ABC station’s daily news program.

How similar they are depends on each local market, and how they choose to report on each story.

For example, when talking about a Supreme Court ruling recently about marriage, the Fox local evening news broadcast only showed interview footage from religious leaders who opposed the ruling. While the other 3 networks all interviewed people at a rally celebrating the ruling, and couples who could now happily get married due to the ruling. One of the couples was actually interviewed by all 3 of the non-Fox affiliated networks.

But on other stories, like reporting on a sink hole, or reporting on a traffic accident, then you can’t tell the difference.

I found the segment complimentary which surprised me coming out of an oil state.

We’re pretty progressive here in Dallas. We have over 200 public EV chargers here too.

So, if you’re from Dallas, is it true you have to set your air-conditioning to “Max”?

Is that a big deal that the i3 has air you don’t need to set to max?

Not always. But when its 105 outside and 140 in the car, good airconditioning is important.

I bought an i3 three weeks ago, and the cabin cools off fast!

I think they should task the news-woman test the next car. Let her drive it for a couple hours, accelerating like a bat out of hell, for over 200 miles. Then, after getting her opinion of the vehicle, let her know she was driving an electric Model S.

Fairly accurate report.

I like the guy saying that i3 will potentially beat the 7 series in sales. Those kind of statement will always turn head for the general public…

Calling the REx a “Motorcycle motor” was very generous of him….

This is Texas. Anything less than a V-8 is a motorcycle or lawnmower ‘motor’. All drive engines are motors regardless of design or fuel. It’s a southern thing.

I was just thinking that most of us here would have called it the REx a “scooter motor”, because it originally was used in BMW Scooters. Calling it a motorcycle motor actually makes it sound better…

It’s so positive that I think they got paid 😀