Four Tesla Superchargers Go Live in Germany


In the wink of a eye, Germany got its first four Tesla Supercharge stations.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Just days ago, there were zero Superchargers operational in Germany.

As Tesla Motors stated on it Facebook page today:

“We’ve opened our first ‪#‎Superchargers‬ in Germany! These connect major German cities, the Netherlands with Germany, and make traveling from Munich to Zurich easier – all for free!”

Now, 75% of the country is in Supercharge range.

The total number of operational Supercharger in Europe now is at 13.  More sites are expected to come online very soon.

Tesla Supercharger in Germany

Tesla Supercharger in Germany

This quote from InsideEVs reader Alok is definitely worth sharing:

“A new SC a day…keeps gasoline away!!!”

Hat tip to Alok!

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SC=DE:) … and all for free!

This circles around the superchargers are so bullshit. Streets are not build in straight flat lines to the charger locations.

Get over yourself, they are generalizations and should be taken as exact.

Whatever happened to the battery swap stations?

The end of the 4th quarter is getting close.