In Four Months, BYD Sold 3,294 Qin And 881 e6 In China



BYD e6

BYD e6

According to the latest reports from China, BYD is selling more and more Qin plug-in hybrids every month.

For the first four months BYD sold 3,294 Qin’s (630, 830, 877 and 910 in April).

This stands in oposition to the official BYD press release from March:

“After its much anticipated launch in China this past December, the BYD QIN has been selling at record numbers, so much that BYD has had trouble meeting demand. In the first weeks of 2014, more than 6,000 vehicles were sold accounting for over half (50%) of the Chinese new-energy vehicle market

Sales of the all-electric BYD e6 look stronger than previous year with 262 this April and 881 sales YTD, which is already more than half of last year’s 12-month sales result of 1,500.

But the good news ends here as total car sales for BYD in China fell by 13% in April to 34,783.

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10 responses to "In Four Months, BYD Sold 3,294 Qin And 881 e6 In China"
  1. Big Solar says:

    So where did they get that 6000 number?

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      My guess is that BYD is using the word “sold” when it actually means “ordered”

  2. Anon says:


    1. Mike I says:

      Do you think you’re clever using a translation website to make a snide comment in Chinese? When people talk about sales figures, they don’t use those Chinese characters for “numbers”.

      1. Anon says:


    2. Idiot destroyer says:

      The funny part is that anyone who knows Chinese would know you are a fake.

      The translation is terrible. That is what is funny with translation website. They translate the words, but not content so the final translation doesn’t make sense.

      1. Anon says:

        从来没有任何要求到是母语。你没有。 🙂

      2. lzl says:

        you are clearly not a native engrish speaker either =p

  3. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Qin sounds like an interesting car.

    I wonder if that is going to be the first BYD car arriving in the US.

  4. Qoros says:

    I hope BYD smartens up and fires all their Toyota copycat designers and then hire some top notch designers from elite European car companies.