Check Out The Four Model 3 Motors That Power The Tesla Semi – Video

Tesla Semi


This time, KmanAuto goes “ninja” and delivers rare shots of the Tesla Semi’s “Beefy/Pumpkiny” drive units!

The Tesla Semi likely has a battery pack that’s around 1 MWh, and it uses four independent electric motors. This gives the truck the torque of several top-of-the-line Model S vehicles and also makes the ride about as smooth as that of any other Tesla vehicle. In fact, Musk said at the recent event that it’s really the same as driving any Tesla vehicle, yet it’s bigger.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi drive units

These four motors send all power to the rear wheels, which makes the most sense for a typical semi truck. In order to streamline production processes, the motors being used are the same as those found in the Tesla Model 3. This goes along with Musk’s recent statement (via Teslarati):

“Most of that semi is actually made out of Model 3 parts, by the way.”

Musk said that all four motors aren’t actually even needed, as two would suffice. However, it’s a redundant system for increased efficiency. He shared (via Teslarati):

“You can lose two of the four motors, and the truck will still keep going. In fact, even if you have only two of the four motors active it will still beat a diesel truck.”

Fortunately, we can see these for ourselves in a very nice, night-vision green hue. Kman obviously went sneaking around during the evening of the Tesla Semi reveal event and took a bit of an up-close video as proof. He’s lucky no one decided to take the truck out for a spin while he was in ninja mode!

Video Description via KmanAuto on YouTube:

Tesla Semi Drive Units RARE Shots! Kman goes Ninja! ——————-

Kman uses his Super Italian Ninja skills and gets rare shots of the Tesla Semi Truck’s Drive Units, Gear Box and other internals. In this video, I bring you a look at the 4 drive units, 2 gear boxes, wiring, and more! The one and only!

The differentials are extremely “Beefy” (Unless your a vegetarian, then they are Pumpkiny). This thing is built to not only last, but Haul Ass, Haul Loads. This thing is just overbuilt. By my best estimate, in a tractor pull, the Tesla Semi could easily out pull 6 standard Semi’s.

Complete breakdown of the semi information coming soon! Kman get you all the Information the OTHERS DON’T!!! Please consider supporting me through Patreon to help me bring you Valuable Content!

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GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS and Diesels that spew toxic clouds of filth onto my Leaf.

Can you imagine the clean air???

And the silence…

Another Euro point of view (improved version)

Awesome !

Finally someone did it. I really wanted to see that

Tesla changing the world single-handedly. Big oil is happy with no change unti everyone starts dying from air pollution!

This truck a joke no mirrors on either side of truck and the driver to watch monitor to watch what the truck doing what about the road I think truck going to be unsafe for highway use and where are you going to charge the batteries for the truck or is it a local 100 mile radius of terminal at least can go more than 100 miles of home and make more money for the company

Cameras. Active safety measures. Mega Chargers (see previous article on this very thing) And how in the #*(&!@&^ do you get a 100 mile radius out of a 500 mile range?

Please go away.

Poor Walter. So much time, so little knowledge.

Walter, looks like the joke’s on you. The core reality is that Diesel trucks aren’t sustainable, whether they have mirrors or not. The Tesla truck is sustainable. The death of diesel trucks is only a matter of time.

We need to see Total Cost of Ownership after the batteries lose range and need to be replaced.

Funny, you never mention Total Cost of Ownership on your favorite fuel cell truck, when the Hydrogen tanks reach the end of their certification date, and when the fuel cell catalyst material depletes, and the fuel cell needs replaced. Not to mention that fuel cell vehicles have battery packs too.

What is the TCO of h2 fuel cell trucks after replacement of traction battery, fuel cell, and hydrogen tanks?

Oh, poor baby; still losing money on your TSLA short investment, are you?
😀 😀 😀

Serial Tesla bashers used to get a lot of mileage (pardon the pun) out of insinuating that Tesla cars would need to have the battery pack replaced — multiple times! — before data came out showing the battery pack should outlast the car.

Looks like Tesla bashers are gonna dust off this FUD and try to paste it on the Tesla Semi Truck.

Anti-Tesla FUDster clowns are losers in every possible way!


Looks sort of like a conventional steel axle banjo housing with a motor/gearbox bolted on each side directly driving the differential rings in lieu of a pinion carrier. Although it’s probably a custom housing fabrication, it would make sense to use conventional truck bearings, axles and hubs for servicibility.

Probably have to wait for a while before someone gets an opportunity to take apart the the drive assembly to see what it looks like.

Note from video (2:17) 15:1 gear ratio on label.

Far more complex than I would have expected from an EV.

Thx for the video, Kman!

It needs a big reduction to get enough torque for this application. The motor is definitely spinning faster than in the Model 3 case for equivalent road speed. But that’s OK since trucks don’t need to go as fast.

Yeah you have to take KMAN with a grain of salt. He’s the one that did “Minus 20 degree F” videos where none of the houses had frost on the windows and you couldn’t even see his breath. The only thing I got a clear look at was a Parker distribution valve. The rest of it was pretty grainy for 720 dpi.

I’ll leave it to the trucking companies themselves to declare whether something is beefy or not. From the video I had trouble discerning the scale of the equipment.

Trucking Companies WERE on the Inside of the Design of this Tesla, from Jerome who managed Daimlers Truck development, to others in the shipping industry!

Well, no offense, but we’ll see.

I am seeing some improvement – as an example the 12 volt battery in the ‘3’ is easily changed out as compared with the abortion in the “S”, so that is a big improvement in serviceability.

I haven’t seen a Model ‘3’ charging cord as of yet, – will be interesting to see if it is an improvement over the problematic ones for the “S” and “X”, although I do note that Tesla now offers an “adapterless” ‘3 prong’ 14-50 with a molded plug and there is no further trouble with adapter heating since it doesn’t have any.

I’m still not fond of using a 30 amp relay for a 40 ampere continuous duty job – for $520. I recently purchased a wallbox for $269 plus $20 shipping that is rated at 32 amperes, with a 50 amp switching relay (40 amps continuous)…. So the question still remains why can a half-priced thing be designed conservatively yet Tesla is pushing the limits.

That is sort of the Tesla Planet fantasy, but no one who ever came close to the trucking industry would ever think the ‘center seat’ thing will work.

It will have normal seating positions by the time it actual ships. It’s unworkable in its current form.

You need to watch the Autoblog take on this fantasy…

I saw that 15:1 label, on the aft drive, but also noted what looked like 23:1 on the Forward drive!

Just another technique to get excellent torque, plus a wider range of hard pulling speeds! Seems similar to what I understand on the Dual Motor S & X, optimising each drive set for different aspects, acceleration, & cruising!

I doubt they intend the Semi to do the 155 Mph targets of the Sedan or SUV, so they can adjust the stock gear ratios to suit this better!

I ! say ! there ! are ! too ! many ! exclaimation ! points !!

Wow Amazing. Great application for an EV.
Tesla done it again.