Forum Member Pokes Fun at NYT Writer; Defines New Verb “To Broder”


Definition of "to broder"

Definition of “to broder”

New York Times vs Tesla Motors

New York Times vs Tesla Motors

It’s fun-day Friday here at InsideEVs, so here’s a post that definitely gave us a chuckle or two.

A few Tesla Motors Forum member created and defined a new verb based on the recent “failed” Tesla Model S test drive by New York Times writer John Broder.  And here’s the verb: broder

Rather than discuss this, we’ll simply let the words of two forum members do the dirty work.

broder (verb)

  • to purposely or with willful ignorance run down the battery pack of an electric vehicle to the point that it no longer moves the vehicle. Note: This is an extreme form of turtling an electric vehicle that is either a planned act or involves extreme negligence or outright idiocy to accomplish.


“Tony brodered his Leaf to get the data to make his range chart.”

“I can’t believe he brodered his Tesla by attempting to drive 60 miles when the car predicted 30 miles of remaining range.”

“I reminded my wife to charge the Leaf last night, but she thought there was plenty of charge remaining. Today she ended up brodering the Leaf. Of course, I took responsibility by saying I should have purchased a Gid meter last month.”

 Broder [brohd-er]  verb

  • to attempt (but fail) to flatten the battery of an electric vehicle: I tried to broder it, but it wouldn’t brick.

  • to deliberately omit certain facts to alter the interpretation of events: If we broder it a little, they’ll think it failed.

Follow the link below for more information on how to properly “broder” an electric vehicle.

via Tesla Motors Forum

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They should add that to Urban Dictionary.

Can this be used for things other than cars?

“Honey, I meant to call you back but I totally brodered my phone from surfing the web.”


“Are you talking about John? Yeah, he writes down EVERYTHING so he can broder his tax return numbers”.

Broder Confession Bear


…I got your back kdawg, (=

Thanks, html is not my strong point.

The price you pay for negative spin. Negative news, OK. Negative spin, not so much….

I heard he’s testing/reviewing the Volt soon. I wonder if he’ll be able to broder that as well?

PS. Keep this guy away from any EV at all costs!!!

Plus 1 to kdawg – Broder Confession Bear – lol lmao!!!!

Or even more basically…
“To willfully ignore any or all instructions for correct usage. To intentionally cause a system to fail. See also Sabotage.”

I guess he broders his electric razor and i-phone as well…