Fortune Lists Elon Musk & Mary Barra Among World’s 50 Greatest Leaders


Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

General Motors CEO Mary Barra

General Motors CEO Mary Barra

Both Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk and General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra were listed by Fortune among the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.

Here’s how Fortune compiles its 50 Greatest list:

“How Fortune built this year’s list: In compiling the 2015 list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, we gathered advice, fittingly, from more than two dozen of the world’s best minds. Their suggestions were invaluable, but the editors of Fortune accept full responsibility for the final list. Here is our full list of nominators: Mildred Apenyo, Dominic Barton, Kathy Bloomgarden, Ian Bremmer, Kenneth Chenault, Caitlin Colegrove, Sen. Christopher Coons, Rohitesh Dhawan, Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Charlotte Florance, Laurie Garrett, Ilene Gordon, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Richard Haass, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Thomas Kolditz, Anand Mahindra, Rita Gunther McGrath, Denise Morrison, Alan Mulally, Joseph Nye, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Zhang Ruimin, Carol Sawdye, Witney Schneidman, Peter Thiel, Paul Volcker, and the Fortune staff.”

Fortune’s list is diverse, including stars such as Lebron James and Taylor Swift, as well as religious leaders like Pope Francis and even relative unknowns like Tri Rismaharini.  Check out the full list at the link below.

Source: Fortune

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6 Comments on "Fortune Lists Elon Musk & Mary Barra Among World’s 50 Greatest Leaders"

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After Musk the greatest leader is Ghosn ! He pushed the Leaf in market as no other conventional car maker build a electric car.

Just came here to same the exact same thing.
But, GM deserves to be in spot number 3, they’ve put plenty of money into Improving the Volt, and researching every battery breakthru on the market.

Plus, they take the threat of Tesla seriously.
( I think the market will be big enough for both, it will be Ford and Chrysler that give up market share, by being last to the party. )

The list isn’t for companies, it’s for leaders. I agree Mary has done a great job, but remember the Volt and Bolt were started before her. Let’s see how she continues to electrify the portfolio. She is an EE after all.

Johan de Nysschen didn’t make the list?

Fortune doesn’t look at EV-friendliness as a criteria for a great leader. That said, I think Mary ranks hands-down higher than Elon, at least in my book.

Elon is innovative and bold, but full of bluster and very uneven. Mary walked into her position and was promptly greeted by multiple disasters – the Cruze ignition switch dominating. Grilled by Congress. Grilled by the press. She was visibly shaken, but was forthright, contrite, and I’m sure, behind the scenes, was an absolutely-fierce mother bear.

She has set a no-compromise tone, too, of driving GM to be not just competitive, but the absolute best auto manufacturer in the world – ethically, technically, and economically. The recent roll-out of incredible products reflects that tone.

Mary Barra has been great for GM, but NOBODY has pushed the needle farther then Elon Musk in especially electrification, but also several other forward thinking ways like their direct sales model and OTA/constant updates.