Fortum To Install 77 DC Fast Chargers In Southern Norway

2 years ago by Mark Kane 22

Fortum Charge & Drive for modern times

Fortum Charge & Drive for modern times

Fortum DC fast charger

Fortum DC fast charger

Fortum announced a big project in southern Norway, where it intends to install 77 DC fast chargers along major routes.

That’s a significant move forward, as so far the company had around 160 AC charging points and 160 fast chargers in Norway.

According to the press release, Norway already has DC fast chargers between major cities, but an additional 77 DC fast chargers will strengthen the network and lessen potential wait times in the future.

The infrastructure is available through Fortum Charge & Drive.

“Fortum has been granted funds to fill the main thoroughfares of southern Norway with 77 new fast chargers, to help EV users travel between Norway’s biggest cities.

Earlier this year Enova, a Norwegian government enterprise responsible for promotion of environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy, advertised grants for construction of charging stations along six national transport corridors in Norway. Fortum has now been granted the funds for all six highway stretches, for a total funding of 10.5 million NOK (about 1.1 MEUR).

The six transport corridors are:
• E18 Oslo-Grenland-Kristiansand – 12 new fast chargers
• E39 Kristiansand-Stavanger – 9 new fast chargers
• E16 Oslo-Bergen – 20 new fast chargers
• RV7 Hønefoss-Gol and RV52 Gol-Borlaug – 6 new fast chargers
• E6 Oslo-Trondheim – 14 new fast chargers
• RV3 Kolomoen-Ulsberg – 16 new fast chargers
Each location will enable charging for all types of electric vehicles.

Enova’s requirements entail that Fortum must establish charging locations every 50 kilometers. In total, 77 new fast chargers will be installed in 44 different locations. In 37 of the locations there are no charging possibilities today, the rest will be extended from one to two chargers. Fortum’s Norwegian charging network currently has more than 320 chargers, of which 160 are fast chargers.
Exact locations of all chargers will be made official by May 1st.

– This brings the Norwegian charging infrastructure into a new phase. We look forward to providing EV users a much greater freedom and a cure for range anxiety, as we build more charging stations between the largest cities in the country, says Jan Haugen Ihle, Country Manager for  Fortum Charge & Drive in Norway.

There are fast chargers from several different operators along most of the sections as of today, but not enough for a predictable EV journey between the cities of Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Kristiansand and Stavanger.
In this project Fortum collaborates with, among others Renault, McDonald’s, Ringerikskraft and BKK. RBI Norway (Renault) covers the cost of all semi fast chargers.”

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22 responses to "Fortum To Install 77 DC Fast Chargers In Southern Norway"

  1. jerryd says:

    Would be nice to know how fast charging they are. 50kw? 100kw?

    1. Speculawyer says:

      i would assume no more than 50KW. Does any make a car that will take more than 50 kw other than Tesla?

      1. cros says:

        Some of Norway’s current rapids support up to 120kW. Some cars like the Kia Soul EV support charging above 50kW and if not the available power can be split among several cars connected to the one rapid.

        But most of them are still 45/50kW

        1. Knut Erik Ballestad says:

          Yes the Kim supports 70kW Chademo.
          Therefore some modular dual-head CCS/Chademo chargers supports 120 kW – no CCS-based car supports more than 50kW.
          As cars supports higher charging rates, these chargers can be expanded in 10kW increments.

          1. cros says:

            no CCS-based car supports more than 50kW…..yet

            CCS allows for 170kW using the current plug design for 800V+ charging.

            Even at 400V there are rumours when the i3 upgrades it’s pack in summer that it will support CCS at 70-80kW.

    2. Hi Jerry,
      The fast chargers provide 50 kW with both CCS and ChaDeMo. There is also semi fast charging with type 2 chargers at 22 kW at all locations.

      With kind regards,
      Stian Mathisen, Communications Officer at Fortum Norway

      1. jerryd says:

        Thanks all for the answers.
        Fast chargers need to be at least upgradable to 100kw+ as nothing less will make traveling in EV’s close to gas cars.

    1. Hi,
      The fast chargers actually provide 50 kW (CCS and ChaDeMo), but there will also be type 2 chargers providing 22 kW at all locations.

      With kind regards,
      Stian Mathisen, Communications Officer at Fortum Norway

      1. ffbj says:

        Thanks. Instead of using designations like semi-fast and fast why not just state the actual number?

        1. Fast and semi fast charging have become the standard terms for 22 kW and 50 kW charging here in Norway. Since EVs are quite commonplace here (70 000 + vehicles in a country of five million people), it is not only the tech savy first adopters who drive these cars. Therefore a term like “fast charging” will make more sense than “charging at 50 kW” to most people, who might not know what a kilowatt is.

          With kind regards,
          Stian Mathisen, Communications Officer at Fortum Norway

  2. Frank says:

    Leaf 2016 supports more than 50KW

    1. mr. M says:

      Cool 🙂 how long?

  3. KUD says:

    “to help EV users travel between Norway’s biggest cities.”

    That is what makes me jealous, we have a lot of chargers, just not in between cities.

    1. ASJ says:

      KUD, No need to be jealous, we may have a long row of EV chargers, but no big city in any end….only small towns and sporadic collection of houses, and forest, more forest, rock, …and more rock…and then…a small line of houses before the blackness of the atlantic ocean…sigh

      1. KUD says:

        ASJ, and still you can travel between the collection of small houses. Here we can travel in town. (Tesla of course excluded)

  4. Mark C says:

    It’s kind of the difference between atheles, what we often call “having their heart in the game.” Most of the US doesn’t have their heart in the game. That’s a shame for us.

  5. PVH says:

    …as I yet wrote here taking Fasned as an example. Fast (50kw at least) chargers deployment has never been so much of a problem at least here in Europe. Have a few EV’s on the road and you soon see they grow like mushrooms.

  6. So, for 1.1 Million Euro (€), or about 1.5 Million $, they can put in 77 CHAdeMO + CCS 50 kW (+ 22 kw AC) DC chargers that fill in some gaps. The interesting part of that, is that works out to an installed cost average of $19,480.52 per charging station, including DC Charger, Concrete, Wiring, Permits and Inspections, amd all other Labour!

    Can we get the same onstalled cost here in Ontario, Canada? While I highly doubt it, it would be nice to have an istalled price average of $20,000 per unit here on Ontario’s recent pitch of 20 Million $, mostly for DC Fast charhing! That could lead to 1,000 installed DCQC’s here!

    Wishful thinking, eh?

    1. ffbj says:

      I think so if you consider just why there is such a flurry of activity in the Scandinavian countries it is because there is money to be made as the concentration of evs in that region accelerates.

    2. Hi Robert,
      The numbers you quote is what the government grant given to Fortum consists of. It does not cover the entire cost of installation.

      With kind regards,
      Stian Mathisen, Communications Officer at Fortum Norway

  7. SJC says:

    Ironic how Norway made a bundle on North Sea oil.