Formula E Won’t Change Technical Roadmap For New Manufacturers



Formula E boss Alejandro Agag insists that the all-electric series’ technical roadmap will not be altered by the arrival of new manufacturers.

With Mercedes and Porsche due to join Formula E in season six, some fears have been voiced about the potential for a technological “arms race” in the championship, especially if teams were to be granted the freedom to design their own batteries or aerodynamic parts.

However, Agag says that the series’ roadmap contains specifically-designed safeguards that prevent escalating costs, and that these will definitely remain in place for the foreseeable future.

“We designed Formula E for this and we when we went to the drawing board on day zero we designed a championship for what is happening today,” Agag told

“Our structures and our rules are such that they will accommodate and everyone can be comfortable within those rules so we can avoid an ‘arms race’. We will not accept any change of that framework by anyone.

“You either accept the rules or you don’t come here. Manufacturers themselves are telling us don’t change anything because we like it as the way it is: don’t allow the costs to go high, don’t change the fact we have to provide a powertrain at a set price to a privateer team.

“I’m not worried at all that the manufacturers are coming, I am encouraged and I am happy that they are a great addition to the championship.”

FE must remain ‘Utopian’ – Tai

DS Virgin Racing boss Alex Tai said one manufacturer had already lobbied for greater technical freedoms in the hope of taking a “Manchester United approach” of outspending its competition, but this was rebuffed.

“Last year in Berlin we had a meeting and one of the OEMs in it said, ‘we want to come in and be able to do everything,” explained Tai. “They had this Manchester United approach of out-spending everyone else and dominating, and we all said: ‘Absolutely no way’.

“We need to keep this Utopian level of allowing any manufacturer to come in to this, because every manufacturer is going to be driving forward these types of powertrains in the future.”

Tai also stressed that allowing private teams to purchase powertrains for a reasonable cost will be key to maintaining the series’ long-term health.

“Manufacturers can develop and spend as much as they like on these but I need to be able to buy it for a reasonable price which makes us competitive as a team,” he added.  “Independent teams can make money in Formula E and OEMs can invest in at the right level and spend hundreds of millions and still get a fantastic return.

“The fundamentals of Formula E are correct and we all know this.”

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Please publish their roadmap…


Supposedly it was going to be published earlier this year, but it still hasn’t published it.

Gerald Ganger

It sounds like a total lack of opportunity to innovate.


When are they finally going to do away with the stupid “fan-boost” thing? A driver ‘s popularity and adroitness at public media should be the absolute LAST thing that should be allowed to influence the outcome of a race. It’s against the very spirit of racing. It once used to be “when the start flag drops, bullshit stops”. Now the bull**** decides the race.


It doesn’t affect much. I like it.


Your both right.
It’s silly!
But it doesn’t effect much!
It’s been a really long time since I have seen a driver do anything absolutely race altering with fan boost. In fact half the time they never even use it, or just use it on a straight somewhere. Basically they are finishing on close to zero battery these days so using fan boost hardly gets you anything unless you happen to get the absolutely perfect opportunity to use it.

Personally I ditch though, I don’t like unfair external influences on my racing no matter how small the impact.


This is the right way to go. We dont’t need another F1 where some teams are struggling to survive the whole season financially.


Fan Boost doesn’t usually make a difference. In the 1st season you could use it any time in both cars. From season 2 one you could only use it in the second car, and only if the battery was at 50% full.

I read somewhere that for season 4 they are also changing the fastest lap scoring. In seasons 1 and 2 it was 2 points, in the season 3 they reduced it to 1 point. But they still had drivers that were effectively out of the race out there getting in the way of others to get that one point. In season 4 you only get the fastest lap point if you finish in the top 10.