Formula E Welcomes Formula 1 To 21st Century Following Grid Girl Ban


Formula 1’s decision to stop using grid girls has been met with a “welcome to the 21st century” message from Formula E.

As part of Liberty Media’s revamp of grand prix racing, the tradition of using grid girls for F1 and its support categories will cease from the 2018 season.

F1 commercial chief Sean Bratches said using grid girls “does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms”.

FE used grid girls in its early seasons but opted for “grid kids” in Montreal last season for the 2016/17 season finale.

An FE spokesperson said: “We’re glad to welcome F1 to the 21st century. Formula E stopped using grid girls last year already, but we just didn’t feel the need to shout about it.”

FE has continued to invite younger fans and aspiring drivers onto the grid in the current 2017/18 campaign.

There were grid girls for the season opener in Hong Kong at the demand of the local promoter, but FE’s stance is this will not be repeated in future races.

It also has a ‘superfan’ initiative that involves a supporter being invited to take part in the official podium ceremony.

“We’re using a new concept and focusing on grid kids, and where possible we involve young and aspiring drivers that race in junior go-kart championships,” the spokesperson continued.

“It’s a great and emotional experience for these kids to be on the starting grid, next to the drivers and cars that they might drive one day, so hopefully it also works as a good motivation for them.

“The concept is working really well.”

FE was not the first major series to abandon the use of grid girls.

The World Endurance Championship announced before the start of the 2015 season that it would no longer continue with the practice

“For me that is the past,” WEC chief executive Gerard Neveu said at the time. The condition of women is a little bit different now.”

For that year’s Le Mans 24 Hours, the WEC then introduced a ‘women’s pavillion’, which included a beauticians, a ‘relaxation area’ that included “chat corners for girls” and a racing display that featured portraits of female Le Mans participants.

It has continued to be used at Le Mans since.

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The WEC has always been forward thinking in efficiency, safety and ethics. The “Lad” dinosaurs need to understand that these events should be family friendly.

If you’d stop thinking of girls as pieces of meat, you’d realize cheerleaders make sports more family friendly. They’re people too, with lives and a job to do. That job is to get the whole family involved in the event. If cheerleaders aren’t family friendly, why are they mostly found at schools?

Question, was the old job paid and this new “fan experience” a unpaid one?

Mostly this garbage is just about saving money for someone’s pocket.

Actually, no, this about making more money. The pressure is coming from TV broadcasters.

The feminist cancer is killing yet another event

Where will we go to objectify women now!?

Pretty much. I wasn’t aware that having women hold a # or something wasn’t family friendly.

I am not even sure there are any around me but I’m absolutely amazed that Hooters is still in business with all the PC crap being as out of control as it is…

Grid Kids, as detailed above, seems like a total win over the legacy “Grid Girls” paradigm. Making the racing the object of desire seems much more aligned with the racing organization’s sustainability goals than hiring part time workers who might enjoy the racing or might rather next week be likewise paid to promote something they like better. This belated move in F1 has sent some waves through sports as a whole as many simply don’t want to air the dirty laundry of legacy practices. They deserve to take some heat for the move, but organizations still lagging behind perhaps deserve it more.

Next they are going to ban cute girls at Milan fashion week

I think many people would say that the fashion industry has long avoided cute girls in favor of stick insects.


Yep great now all them girls are out of a job, feminism is cancer.

God forbid that the money paid to them would somehow be used to pay them for less demeaning work. My wife runs a major corporation and is a feminist, and perhaps that is cancer to you, but I’m pretty comfortable with women who choose to be something other than a prop to gross men who gawk at them.

Same thing happened to our newspaper.
There was a “Sun Girl” in the back of the newspaper.
Fake feminists complained.
No more sun girls.
Women lost their jobs.

Who are these people that are against women having jobs and why do people give in to them

PC = Political Cancer and one article I read says the girls are not necessarily happy about it since someone else decided to be their GOD and let them know what their rights are and who they are supposed to be…

See my reply to Brian above. This is driven by the TV broadcasters who want to broaden the appeal.

They believe that nobody is going to watch because of the models, but some won’t watch because of them. Not because of strong direct opposition to the models, but because of the image it presents of the sport.

Thank god. Using women as props to fulfill impotent male fantasies is a concept that should’ve gone away in 1950, not lived on until 2017. Now to get rid of them at the unveiling of new cars.

FE already cancelled their grid girl ban..

well that sucks. Next they will ban the cars for being a safety danger…

FE is using grid girls after all! Please correct your “news”.