Formula E Could Be Watched Live By More Than 460 Million Viewers


Round 1 Race Set For September 13

Round 1 Race Set For September 13

The first-ever Formula E race is set to be aired live from Beijing, China on September 13, 2014.

Formula E informs us of the following in regards to its televised races:

CANAL+ has a current estimated household reach of six million homes and joins previously announced broadcasters FOX Sports, TV Asahi, ITV4 and CCTV who have all committed to showing live coverage of Formula E races.

The FOX Sports deal alone covers 88 territories around the world and a potential global audience of 180 million households, whilst TV Asahi boasts a household reach of 51.4 million. ITV4 is available to almost 26.2 million homes in the UK with an estimated weekly audience of 10.6 million.

CCTV-5 is the main sports channel in the People’s Republic of China and part of the China Central Television (CCTV) network. CCTV is also the principal state broadcaster in mainland China with a network of 45 channels – the largest number of television sub-channels in the world – and a potential reach of more than 200 million people.

Add it all up and there’s potential for more than 460 million viewers to tune into the first-ever Formula E race!!!  We think they would be happy to net just half of one percent of that audience though.

Formula E Donington Park

Formula E Donington Park

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As advanced as Formula E is you would think they would be advertising/offering online streaming. Power to the cord cutters!

u can watch via ITV4 stream channel. u just need a uk proxy though…

“Could be”. Yes and we could all have ponies.

My bet, maybe 1,000,000 will turn in but all but 20,000 will tune out when the viewers see just how boring EV racers actually are.

As always, please define your terms – EV racing (that has not yet developed) is boring in comparison to what racing form that you personally enjoy.
Unexpected but helpful would be in the form of “I personally enjoy (…) racing events on TV.”

Boring as in cars taking a left turn on an oval track for hours on end? This will be quite different I think.

I avidly watch F-1 and endurance racing, great entertainment. Oval track is, as mentioned boring. A few years back, in preparation for this effort, they ran some EVs at Long Beach. No sound, no real strategy….boring.

EVs may do many things quite well, but they don’t fit everywhere. Racing is one place IMHO they don’t belong.

Energy harvesting on the other hand…

I don’t know if you’ve watched any of the videos on the Formula E, but there certainly is sound. It might not be deafening, but I think it’s kind of cool. But then again, I’ve never been a fan of roaring engines.

To each their own, I assume many people are like you and don’t like the sound.

But F-1 fans are legend and do like the sound. For instance this year the engine sound is much different as the cars only rev to around 10,000 RPM and have turbos and many of the fans are complaining.

However I believe that the E cars are spec cars and differ only in color. It’s the same gimmick NASCAR and Indy Car uses to keep the racing tight. Most racing fans that are in to cars hate this approach.

I don’t see much crossover from real race fans. After the first couple of races only the EV fans will be watching.

They’re only identical for the first season, after that teams will build their own cars.

So Fox is the place to watch for the race in the US?

I put it on my calender.
Sat Sept 13

I’ll be tuning in as long as I can be awake at 4am.

DirecTV gave me my new DVR for free. Been a customer for years.

At that – I believe the first DVR I ever bought was $110 or so.

I currently have a new TiVo in the box for sale. Any takers? 🙂

I wonder how many pounds per lap they’ll lose? 😀

Sounds like we’ll need cable – that counts me out …