Formula E Technology In Detail – Video


“Craig Scarborough takes us through the Formula E powertrain.”

Who’s Craig Scarborough?  Well, he’s the guy who’s been presenting everything technical in Formula One for ages now, so the man knows his stuff.

“The electric powertrain and electronics from McLaren Electronics Systems, batteries from Williams Advanced Engineering (part of the Williams group of companies that includes the Williams F1 Team) producing 200kw, the equivalent of 270bhp, linked to a five-speed paddle shift sequential gearbox, supplied by Hewland, with fixed ratios to help reduce costs further.”

Check out the video to discover the technology behind Formula E.

Formula E In Detail

Formula E In Detail

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RESS…Rechargeable Energy Storage System…otherwise known as a battery pack and BMS, maybe some capacitors. 🙂

Why did they design a reverse gear into the gearbox? Wouldn’t it be much lighter, more compact and reliable just to switch it electrically?