Formula E Sounds Like a “Fighter Jet Or Like The Podracer in Star Wars” – Video


Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag says that the electric racers have a “futuristic” sound that reminds him of either a “fighter jet” or the “Podracer in Star Wars.”

Formula E Racer

Formula E Racer

Perhaps that’s not a clear explanation of the sound of Formula E and then neither is this:

“We think the sound of Formula E is going to be a big surprise for everyone. The sounds that comes out is completely futuristic, new, different.”

“It sounds more like a jet, a fighter jet. Or like the Podracer in Star Wars. So that’s the kind of feel we want to give to the fans, much more futuristic. It doesn’t sound at all like a combustion engine.”

But this video of Jarno Trulli taking a Formula E racer for a test drive definitely provides us with the true sounds of Formula E:

Source: Yahoo Sports

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I like the sound. It’s like F1 with their v8’s, but up an entire octave.

What caught my attention was the manual transmission. I’m hopeful that this will spur development of transmissions for EV’s. This will improve the top speeds of the performance variants of EV’s so that the trouncing of ICE’s leaves no metric unbeaten.

One really big advantage with EV’s is that a transmission isn’t needed. Getting back transmissions and especially manual ones would be a huge step backwards.
What would be next, maybe small cabin burners of petrol just to get that petrol scent?

EVs don’t need multi-speed transmissions, this is true. However, they could still benefit from them. While more costly, they could increase efficiency (read: RANGE) and top speed. This, of course, is done at the expense of complexity and cost.

Personally, I hope that some EVs are offered with multi-speed transmissions and others with a single-speed (like they are now). Let the consumers decide which is best for them.

I used to live next to a racetrack for electric RC cars. The sound was much the same except the RC cars have a higher pitch.

Probably b/c of higher rpm. =)

The whines are either from the gears, bearing or the electric motor’s rotator with magnetic phase shifting….

All of them are related to the rpm.

I thought I heard that the noise was largely from the inverter, as opposed to something mechanical (much like a transformer on a power line pole hums). Of course with a synchronous A/C motor, the frequency of the inverter (and therefor pitch of the whine) is related to the rpm of the motor.

Fighter jets THUNDER thru the sky, not whine. The Pod Racer sound effects were created by many things including electric tooth brushes and electric razors so I’ll give him that one.