Formula E Team Radio Messages From Hong Kong Are X-Rated At Times – Audio Video


The truly chaotic nature of the Formula E opener in Hong Kong has been exposed by a series of sometimes X-rated team radio messages between drivers and their engineers that’s been released on video today.

The race, which was red flagged and restarted, featured winner Sam Bird being penalised for crashing into his pit stall during the mid-race car swap. After being instructed to take a drive-through penalty he complains: “What, because they can’t clean the pitlane? Come on use some sense! It’s not like I wanted to do that…”

Watch the video (contains adult content, NSFW)…

Bird is also heard incredulously asking his team why he’s still P1 after taking the penalty, while race victory rival Jean-Eric Vergne asks: “He’s leading the race, I don’t understand!?”

As reigning champion Lucas di Grassi hit trouble, arch rival Sebastien Buemi shouts: “Di Grassi has a problem, he’s losing the wheel! He’s losing the wheel!”

Nick Heidfeld goes crazy about Vergne’s defensive tactics: “He’s moving too much. He should give me at least one car width. He’s always coming back into my line, if I got to his side we’d crash. I mean, this guy is doing slalom!”

Former champion Nelson Piquet Jr – who finished fourth on his debut for Jaguar – complains his car is “understeering like a pig” before protesting about miscommunications: “We seem to be on completely different strategy between me and you there.”

Winner Bird concludes the video by getting confused about where the podium is: “Where do I go?! Oh, there.”

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Visitors to this site don’t seem so interested in Fe…

I watch all the races. Record them on the DVR. It’s been a mixed bag for sure, but I feel we need to support this new breed of racing as it matures and improves.

Empire State

James – I agree that posters here do not seem very interested in Formula E, or motorsports in general. I think it’s OK if people here are overwhelmingly enthusiasts of their own self-consumption of EVs and are pretty ambivalent about EV motorsports. If EV motorsports are to be relevant enough to satisfy their own needs, they need to be able to attract fans from outside of EV consumers. In fact, I imagine that people who eschew car ownership altogether might make good Formula E fans. There’s no need to own a car yourself to make it to these events in person.


“Visitors to this site don’t seem so interested in Fe…”

It’s certainly noticeable that most articles posted to InsideEVs on Formula E rating receive zero comments. Perhaps there’s not a lot of overlap between motorsport racing enthusiasts and EV enthusiasts. Or perhaps EV racing enthusiasts are generally not the sort of people who like to post comments on Internet forums.


Perhaps we’re just happy to read the article but don’t feel the need to make comments on it. It’s news after all and not an obviously area for controversy unlike anything related to Tesla.
FWIW Formula E is maturing into an excellent racing series. It’s certainly more interesting than F1. Touring cars still beats it. For now….


… just wait until Tesla enters Formula E, then…

These pages will light up with haters and supporters?

I guess we’ll never know until it happens.

American drivers don’t seem to be in the mix, although Andretti Motorsports is in the thick of it.

F1 has an American venue but no American driver. What’s up with Haas Racing? You want American fans, it seems a no brainer to fill a seat with an American driver or two.

Perhaps NASCAR and IndyCar are just too lucrative. The list of Fe drivers has so far looked a bit like a band of F1 discards and LeMans has-beens. A Piquet here and a Prost there do give the series some star power. I’m happy to see a list of drivers from a variety of racing series given new life in this venture. I’m not sure how highly they’re compensated, but with big name manufacturers surely will come bigger budgets and bigger names.

At any rate, racing improves the breed. For this reason alone, EV fans world over should get excited about electric racing series.


Despite being a big proponent of EV and Solar, Formula E just isn’t my cup of team. Don’t get me wrong, I love Motorsports but those things sound like the RC toys I used to play as a kid.

Also “BMS shutdown!”, “what’s my energy level?” sound funny.