Formula E Plans To Increase Power Output To 250 kW In Three Years

JAN 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Formula E

Formula E needs more power

Formula E announced plans to increase the power output limit for electric racers (on the battery level, we believe).

In the fifth season, the cars will be able to use up to 250 kW, which is a lot when you combine low weight of 888 kg / 1958 lbs (880 from season three).

We did a small outlook on power limits in Formula E:

  • Season 1: 150 kW (originally planned 133 kW)
  • Season 2: 170 kW (today)
  • Season 3: 200 kW
  • Season 4: 220 kW
  • Season 5: 250 kW

“Although there is scope within the technical regulations for battery power to be raised to 250kW next season, as outlined in the original technical road map, after careful analysis of the performance of the batteries and the cost of developing this technology, the decision was made to phase in the power increase more gradually.”

Formula E is increasing regenerative braking power from 100 kW as of today to 150 kW starting in season three.

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“At the battery level”?
I doubt it, because it’s meaningless, since internal losses in wire, battery and inverter are not known precisely and probably vary with each model.
So the accurate way to measure it is at the motor output or at least input.
If you follow the race, there is some available data given to the viewer about kW, speed, gears, and energy left in the battery.

You would want to be monitoring it at the point in the drive train where everything was still identicle in every care, the whole point of the exercise is for teams to extract as much as possible from an identicle source.

Yep – measuring at the battery encourages the teams to develop the most efficient inverter, gearbox and motor.

250 kW ought to make things pretty exciting.

Dave R said:

“…measuring at the battery encourages the teams to develop the most efficient inverter, gearbox and motor.”

Exactly. Formula E race cars are limited by the power and energy available from a standardized battery pack. How well the rest of the car performs is up to the engineering teams and the drivers.

Its a nice pace. And I like the idea of gradually improving the specs, to keep costs for new teams minimal, but they really could have made a 2 to 3 battery supplier competition. They are already limiting the output and the weight of the battery, they could at least let someone else than Williams, try to come up with something.

There are some small companies, that work on higher power, or energy denser cells, that could use the Formula E, to further finance their research, while testing their cells.

OxiS energy, just to give you an example, has some 300 Wh/kg and 1800 W/kg cells, that need very little casing, or cooling. They could build a 50 kWh battery with enough power for season 5, now.

What would make formula E interesting is swappable batteries during pit stops, each car only gets 3 battery swaps per race

This is great as long as the research and tech get passed onto tbe general public in cars we can drive.