Formula E Moscow Race – Saturday June 6


Formula E heads to Moscow, Russia this weekend for the ninth race this season. The race is scheduled for Saturday June 6th.

Below you’ll find some information on the race circuit in Moscow, as well as a timetable for the day’s racing events.

As for viewing on TV, tentatively live coverage is set for 10 AM EST June 6 on FS1.

Of course, we’ll post coverage of the race, including full video, upon its completion.

Moscow Track

Moscow Track

Moscow Timetable

Moscow Timetable

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Putin will be installing toilets to nowhere and sinking spy microphones into the asphalt.

Comrade! Putin is at work selecting his crew chief for his future E-Prix team. He has assured them they will not be shot if they go along. It seems he will pay the guy a handsome “salary” of about $100,000 so he can buy gold-plated Lamborghinis and be supplied with all the girls and vodka he can handle. In return, the new crew chief will assemble a fake team that goes through the motions, but insures nobody will get a strong military, ….Uh….errrr…..race team, I mean. 🙂

*100,000,000 –

The conversion from rubles to dollars threw me off.

Good job! Have a cookie!