Formula E Might Join Olympics In 2020

AUG 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 17

Formula E Logo

Formula E Logo

FIA president Jean Todt threw out the idea that a Formula E event could possibly be included in the 2020 Olympic games.

There are no details how this might work. Maybe drivers from different countries could race for medals like in other disciplines?

For now, Formula E is independent series with 11 rounds a year and 20 teams.

2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo.


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i don’t understand the appeal of formula e racing; compared to formula one, formula e is relatively slow speed racing.

Yes. And the World Sailing Cup is pointless, since speed boats are so much faster.

sailing is a different skill from driving a speed boat. but formula e racing is the same as formula one racing – just slower. that’s the part that i don’t get; apparently you don’t get it either.

In formula 1 there is very restricted roles about the car so it’s nearly only good driver that matters but in formula e the stall have mush more options of costumes the car wish will hopefully drive the research on electric motor and battery faster which will help BEVs.

My point was that slower does not equal bad, just different. Racing until the last driver is alive might be exciting too, but it would be sick. Racing ICE now is sick.

If you followed F1 in the last year … the conclusion from the many spectacular airborne accidents is the cars are going too fast to ensure safety of drivers and the crowd.

F1 already limits power, for 2016 they are considering design changes to further limit speeds on track.

Actually they are think about making F1 cars faster. Wider tires, bigger diameter rims and brakes etc.

They have less grip and less downforce and are always close to a wall, so I would say it’s harder and takes more skills to drive a FE car than a F1 one. But that’s my opinion.

I also find the FE much more entertaining since there are so many more take-overs and the tough driving with the high risk of errors makes it much more exciting and less predictable. As well as the natural energy conservation needed which often lead to wasters suddenly dropping down in the field.

I watch F1 (and have done so for as long as I can remember) too but I prefer FE. F1 hasn’t really been all that interesting since the 90’s (with occational exceptions of course).

And what is even more interesting is that the FE will increase the effect and capacity year by year, hopefully still keeping the excitment. While the F1 is going the other way, cutting power and energy use… the best days are gone.

Speed is not everything.

Perhaps they could do a Le Mans style start…starting 26 miles from the cars. 🙂

The olympics is about displays of human strength, endurance, agility, and stamina. Differences in equipment can be overcome by individual abilities in many cases. I don’t see Formula E fitting in well with that ethos.

Sure… like the olympic sports shooting, golf or fencing. All that requires a lot less strenght, endurance, agility (well maybe not the fencing) and stamina than the Formula E.

Sports shooting could at least be considered an extension of archery, which goes towards agility.

Frankly, I don’t get why golf is in the olympics either?!?!

But in all cases, none of their equipment are self-powered.

The shooting must be considered self-powered. Or what ever you should call it when it only needs the force of a little kid to pull the trigger.

Anyway, I don’t want the FE to be an olympic sport. I don’t really think that any sport where you are (very much) material depended should be in the Olympics.

the olympic events that i find the most questionable are the equestrian events: the horse does the work but the rider gets the medal. the reasoning that puts equestrian events under the olympics rubric could also be used to justify formula e racing as an olympic event.

That was my thought, too. In what way does any sort of racecar driving qualify as an Olympic sport? The Olympics are about celebrating human physical achievement; not mechanical performance.

Mikael said:
[sarcasm] Sure…like the olympic sports shooting, golf or fencing.[/sarcasm]

You think Olympic level fencing is not a display of human strength, endurance, agility, and stamina? I can only assume you’ve never watched it, then.

I certainly agree that target shooting has no place at the Olympics, and the “sports” of golf and curling are at least rather questionable. If you look at the competitors in curling, the term “athlete” does not come to mind.

May be the real race is having endurance athletes involved in charging the batteries of the cars. The one that charges the battery the fastest to 100% and is out of the pen wins.

Might as well include RC planes. Sport?? Haha!