Formula E Marrakesh Race Highlights – Video


Race highlights: 2018 ABB FIA Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix

As usual, there were crashes, passes and some exhilarating side-by-side racing.

Formula E never disappoints and there’s never a dull moment.

In fact, right up to the end, there’s almost never a clear winner.

The Marrakesh e-prix was no exception.

Video Description:

We were treated to some great racing in Marrakesh, but who came out on top? Find out in our race highlights package.

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OK, so I’m not really into motorsports but was recently in Marrakesh so I watched the video.

Forumula E is interesting, no exhaust, or noise like a motor race. No explosions (“they blowed up real good”) – is this going to attract viewers? What happens when Hollywood makes the paradigm shift when explosions aren’t the result of a collision with a motorized object? What then???? Is that when we’ll know electric cars have really taken over?

Aw, c’mon, you’re just one of those guys who watches just for the wrecks…?

I am beginning to hone in more and more on the top player’s use of energy management. To traditional race fans, that doesn’t register. Yet it is not only a race series that will improve street EVs over time, but educate the masses as to different strategies we all fiddle with to eke out the best efficiency and most electric miles.

One guy hot rods to the lead while the best glider and most clever, patient driver wins the show. F1 teams coach their drivers when to use KERS and trim their wing, Fe teams are on varying strategies during a race squeezing out the most speed for the least juice.

Note how many NASCAR, F1 and IndyCar races are won on fuel strategy. Fans hate those races, but a win is a win is a win.

Not sure the announcers really mentioned any of that strategy, or it went over my head.

As a less than casual observer, the only real times I hear about auto sport is when there’s a big wreck.