Formula E Hong Kong Race 1 – Video Highlights


HKT Hong Kong E-Prix Saturday Highlights – Formula E

The first race of the 2017/18 Formula E season is now in the books. Here we look back at the race it was.


Overtakes, crashes and nail-biting battles for the lead; Formula E is back! Enjoy highlights from the thrilling season opener in Hong Kong.

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Can you guys do an article on the new senate bill that was just finalized? Are the EV tax credits still in there? I know they were removed in the House version. Any charging rebate or other impacts on EV / fossil fuel industries? Thanks!

The website has a contact section, with an email address you can reach them. America’s various problems are a lame unrelated distraction from this article.

We’re looking into it. The language is pretty heavy and hard to follow, so we didn’t post something without knowing all of the facts. When, and if, we find out more concrete details, we will fill you in.

Awesome race! Bird’s pass for the win was amazing. I’m glad the FIA penalized him for the pitlane incident, as it was very unsafe. I’m glad no one got hurt, and I’m also glad he did enough to overcome the penalty, because bird is one of my favorites. Vergne continued to be a grumpy a-hole on track. I also like Rosenqvist, but man was his race a yo-yos, from fifth to 13, back to fifth, then back to eight.

Why the auto-cross tight circuit?

Great stuff!! Thanks for posting the highlights!!