Formula E Gen 2 Race Car Called A “Beast” By Driver


Jaguar driver Mitch Evans reckons the Gen2 car Formula E will introduce for its fifth season in 2018/19 is “somewhere between a prototype and single-seater”.

The new car has a battery capable of storing energy for twice the range of the current Spark-Renault SRT_01E, which will eliminate the need for mid-race car swaps.

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It also features a dramatic aerodynamic concept and will have a primary race power mode of 200kW, with a second higher setting that will be mandatory to use during races.

All nine season-five manufacturers completed a second closed group test of their new machines at the Calafat circuit this week, with Evans driving Jaguar’s I-TYPE 3 for the first time.

“[FE] is growing all the time. Obviously in season six everyone will be in,” he said.

“Next season we will have BMW and a few others but it’s starting to get pretty serious now and these cars are a significant step up – somewhere between a prototype and single seater.

“I think the technology is going to develop a lot and I think it should be a good spectacle for everyone watching.”

Evans added that he thinks the new car will increase FE’s popularity, but at the same time hopes the aerodynamics used to create the aggressive look of the Gen2 cars will not impact on the close racing that has been a feature of the championship’s first four seasons.

“I think it’s going to be huge, even more so now I’ve driven the car just because it’s a different beast, it’s faster,” he said.

“Especially in qualifying mode at 250kW the car is moving pretty quick so I think visually this will be more spectacular around the Formula E circuits.

“I think it’s very hard to improve the racing at the moment, as we saw in Rome the racing is really close.

“Hopefully, the way the aero works with these cars you won’t get any aero wash so you can still run behind cars and get close. I think the future is bright for the series.”

Audi driver Daniel Abt also sampled the Gen2 machine for the first time at the Calafat track.

The Mexico race winner was particularly impressed with the looks and initial feel of the new car.

“I was really excited about my first test and arrived in Spain with great expectations – and they were even surpassed,” he said. “Driving is huge fun and the car marks a major step forward in every respect.

“On the race track, the Audi e-tron FE05 looks even more spectacular than it does on pictures.

“When you’re driving between other cars you almost feel like you’re in a science fiction movie.”

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Interesting how Total is still a sponsor, guessing for its lubricants. Exciting to see FormulaE cars getting quicker. Would love to see one on Pikes Peak, should be able to post a quick time.

The Chassis could do Pikes Peak, no doubt, but because the formula limits to 200-250KW I think the batteries are not optimal. I’m excited to see how VW’s entry does this year. At 600-700HP (~485KW), and only enough battery to make it through a 9 minute climb, the chemistry may be very different.

Last year’s Pikes Peak EV entry advertised 50KWh and 1,050KW (Implies a 20 C-rate). I don’t think for a second that it was capable of 1,300+HP for very long, but it shows how different this application is.

k = kilo, K = Kelvin.

He didn’t say it’s a “Beast”, he said it’s a “different beast”. Those two phrases have VERY different meanings.

Very interesting stuff! I do like the close racing, but the 20 minutes of racing before switching cars gets old fast.

This new car looks and sounds totally next level. The current cars are OK, but remind me of Formula V, speed and wcpxcitement wise. Don’t get me wrong, a great initial foray into inspiring the public.