Formula E Fully Charged – Video


BMW i8 Formula E Safety Car

BMW i8 Formula E Safety Car

Robert Llewellyn recently spent some time at Donington Park where Formula E racers recently ended pre-season tests.

Here is the Fully Charged report from the track and paddock.

Plus extra wireless charging demo in one of Formula E safety cars.

“A bit of background and an overview of the upcoming FIA Formula E championship season. With many thanks to Steve DH and Formula E for some of the footage.”

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Thx for the post.

Do we know when and where we can watch this in the US?

Fox Sports 1

Oh, and all live, according to the FIA Formula E site.

Of course, you might not want to want be up at 4am on Sat September 13th to watch Beijing.

Sigh. Race is at 4pm Beijing time which is UTC+7. So, EDT is UTC-4, which means Beijing-11, race 5am EDT, 4am CDT, 2am PDT. I’d set my alarm but my wife would be very annoyed

Very interested in watching the Formula E races, but I’m a TV cord cutter. Can the series be viewed online? In a legal non gray area (torrents) way? Either live or replay would be fine. Roku, Chromecast, or on PC somehow?

Saturday (09/13) on FOX Sports 1 from 2:30 AM (!) on…

Sorry, I was replying to GeorgeS…

Thx Chris and Not About,

Looks like I’ll just get the delayed somewhere.

And not too late to get that DVR you’ve been thinking about. As a long-time DirectTV customer, I recently called and was surprised I was eligible for a FREE Genie upgrade! Tech came out and installed the whole setup with one DVR in the living room and another in the master bdrm.. It was interesting to see the size difference between the DVR and remote room unit vs. the ones I had installed 5 years ago. Much smaller, indeed!

Now I can watch different shows in different rooms and record up to 7 shows simultaneously, which is over the top – but not out of reality when you have two small tech-savvy kids who record tons of cartoons and kiddie shows – most of which they don’t get around to watching. Nothing like that day you go off to church thinking that Seahawks game will be there waiting for you at your convenience – and you realize your 9 year-old has figured out how to up-prioritize her cartoon and wiped out the entire football game!!! ARGHHH! Now THAT will never happen again, happily!