Formula E Driving On Arctic Ice To Raise Awareness Of Global Warming- Video

OCT 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 4

Prior to launch of season three, the Formula E visited Arctic to raise awareness of unused ice tracks global warming.

World First! Formula E Car Visits Arctic Ice Cap #ProjectIce

World First! Formula E Car Visits Arctic Ice Cap #ProjectIce

Formula E driver, Lucas di Grassi even took the racer for a quick spin on the Arctic ice cap.

“With the earth experiencing the warmest year on record, the amount of sea ice breaking away from the Arctic has reached historic new levels.

To raise awareness of this crucial and pressing issue, Formula E joined forces with Julius Baer, Visa, DHL, Schaeffler, The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Mumm Champagne House to bring this spectacular event to life. The zero-emission racer was driven on the ice cap by adventurous race-winning Formula E driver, Lucas di Grassi.

The Brazilian, who will be seeking to go one better than his runner-up position in the season two championship when the series returns with the HKT Hong Kong ePrix on October 9, performed a series of jaw-dropping runs on the ice cap, inside the Arctic circle in the north of Greenland.

The seemingly impossible act was captured in a series of impactful short films that will draw the world’s attention to the escalating threat posed by the melting of the ice cap to global sea levels.

World First! Formula E Car Visits Arctic Ice Cap #ProjectIce

World First! Formula E Car Visits Arctic Ice Cap #ProjectIce

The stunning exhibition is a continuation of Formula E’s commitment to showcasing the ability of electric car technology to act as a key part of a more sustainable future, and play a vital role in tackling climate change.”

“The event was only possible due to the co-operation and assistance of the Greenland government and its desire to raise awareness of a need for action on climate change. In order to learn more about the effects of the melting ice cap, Formula E has teamed up with Southampton University, and during the trip a tracking beacon was placed upon an iceberg that had broken away from the ice sheet.

This will help to advance the research into the behaviour of these ice sheets in the open ocean, and the tracking device will allow climate scientists and fans alike to understand more about the graceful journey they undertake as they return back to the sea.”

“A special 48-minute documentary looking at every aspect of how the event was put together has been commissioned and will be premiered at COP22, which takes place in Marrakesh, Morocco on November 13 this year. Formula E will also be in the North African country at the same time for the inaugural Marrakesh ePrix.”

World First! Formula E Car Visits Arctic Ice Cap #ProjectIce

World First! Formula E Car Visits Arctic Ice Cap #ProjectIce

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag said:

“I have four children and the future of the planet depends on how we can control the effect that human life is having on the environment and the climate.

That is why I think climate change is very important to address, to control, to face, and everyone can do something. We do something for motorsport, other people can do something from whatever they do in their lives.”

Formula E vice-champion Lucas di Grassi said:

“It was such a beautiful, peaceful place. To come here and see how huge the ice cap is and how the effect of global warming is changing it, melting it, gives me a completely different understanding of what we are doing with Formula E and the importance of driving electric cars.”

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco added:

“I fully support the bold and ambitious activity that Formula E has undertaken as a way of raising awareness of the effect climate change is having on the ice cap in Greenland. My Foundation recognises the role that electric vehicles can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and believes that Formula E can inspire a new generation of motorists and potential motorists to ‘drive electric’ and help in the fight against global warming through high-profile activations like this.”

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These ‘we visited climate impacted areas’ type stunts are getting very old. Hopefully they somehow offset the pollution generated by multiple helicopters, jet flights, trucks etc. used to get all the celebs and vehicles to the location.

So true! For most people I know, they can do far more for green house gas reduction than EV if they simply avoid taking once/twice year vacation to faraway lands that result in 8000 to 20,000 miles plane pollution. They don’t seem to realize some planes burn equivalent to 35 MPG gas car per passenger.

This is why celebrities and scientists flying all over the world to “promote green” and “green conferences” are hypocrites, especially if they’re flying in private jets. Surely, they heard of Skype.

I don’t know if showing him tearing up the ice with his studded tires is a good way to appeal to people worried about diminishing sea ice. 🙂

I like that they’re trying to motivate people to realize the benefits that electric vehicles have in emissions reductions though!

It’s at least better than burning rubber on asphalt. Still, this is a bit silly.