Formula E Driver Lucas Di Grassi Vs Wirelessly Charging RC Car – Video

JUN 29 2015 BY JAY COLE 6

Check out this Formula E mini-me.

With the Formula E in London wrapping up this weekend (watch full race here, spoiler results here), we figured why not highlight a little more Formula E action.

Only this time it is Formula E racer Lucas Di Grassi versus a remote control version of himself.

Ok, it’s really a slick promo by Qualcomm for wireless charging technology for electric vehicles, but it is still a pretty swell clip we thought fun to share!

Hat tip to Corey C!

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Lotsa fun! I’ve been surprised to not find a service that creates ‘mini me’ RC cars. The parts to build one of my own are in waiting as a winter dad-n-kids project….

Wireless charging is very optional. Why reduce charging efficiency by at least 12% while doubling EVSE cost for a few seconds of time savings? Also I have not found any mention of an app to regulate the EVSE for TOU electric rates or SOC limits. (Yes, some cars have that built-in.) I’ll fence-sit on this technology until multiple miles of inductive charging lanes are in service near Seattle that can transfer 20+ kW while driving. (That power level would barely increase the state of charge while also moving at highway speeds.)

Wireless charging will become a gamechanger when you’ll have parking lot in a residential area including it.
Right now if you’re living in a flat you’re most likely do not owning an EV due to a lack of charging point.

I don’t think so. I would say it is cheaper to build 22kW chargers at the side of the road, than to dig up every street, just to build wireless chargers. And the chargers would have to raise too, because if you would make them at street level, the losses of charging a SUV, would be over the tops. (The magnetic field gets weaker with the distance squared.)

The wife and I were wondering this weekend (while watching all the NASCAR crashes) … why not make the formula E cars completely remote controlled?

Drivers could operate them from a simulator that makes them think they’re in the car.

Mucho safety concerns solved that way… 😉

That would be cool, but lots of injuries and crashes could be avoided, if NESCAR would change some rules.
1) Allow people with an IQ over 70 to race cars, too.
2) Cars can have functioning breaks
3) Cars must not be built out of old cardboard.
4) Don’t allow people with an IQ below 50 to race

Cool movie