Formula E Chooses As Official Digital Media Partner


All-electric championship news and content to be showcased on’s online platforms, with extensive TV and video content to be showcased on TV and online on

MIAMI, FL (Thursday, November 30, 2017) – The world’s fastest growing motorsport media brand will join forces with the FIA Formula E Championship – the all-electric global street racing series which is also experiencing dramatic expansion with new manufacturers, new venues and new fans around the world.

Season four of the FIA Formula E championship will kick off this weekend in Hong Kong with a double-header weekend – the first of ten rounds to be held in the 2017/18 season.

New venues for the 2017/18 season include Santiago, Chile; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Rome, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland.

The championship already attracts leading manufacturers including mainstream brands Audi, Renault, Jaguar, DS Automobiles; Indian industrial giant Mahindra and Chinese start-up, NIO.

Nissan and BMW will join the series in season five when the series debuts the next generation of Formula E car and Porsche and Mercedes are scheduled to debut in season six. The championship also recently finalized a global partnership with the prestige Hugo Boss clothing brand. will now showcase an enhanced news coverage package for the championship across its world-wide network which now attracts more than 214 million page views per month across 28 global editions in 81 countries in 17 different languages.

Specialist electric vehicles website will also feature additional news coverage of the championship and its participating manufacturers and regular guest columns from a number of leading Formula E drivers.

Additionally, new video content including the Formula E “Street Racers” magazine program will be shown on’s broadcast platforms on traditional cable, plus its online OTT apps and website. showcased the Formula E championship earlier this year with the “Inside Formula E” custom branded video series produced in conjunction with TAG Heuer by in-house branded content studio.

Alejandro Agag, the founder and CEO of Formula E said, “We are delighted to welcome Motorsport Network as our digital media partner as we aim to benefit from the extensive reach of their platforms to bring Formula E content to as many passionate fans around the world. Formula E is transforming motor racing for the digital generation and as the leading motoring and motorsport media operation Motorsport Network are the ideal partner to continue growing our presence in this space.”

Motorsport Network has experienced rapid expansion in the past two years to become the world’s largest independent automotive and motorsport-related digital platform, connecting hundreds of millions of people that love motorsport and cars.

The new media partnership is an extension of the existing relationship between Motorsport Network and the FIA Formula E championship. Motorsport Network Chairman, Zak Brown, announced in January at the CES Show in Las Vegas, that the media organization had taken an ownership stake in the Formula E championship.

“The Formula E championship and Motorsport Network are both experiencing massive growth and we believe joining forces with this media partnership will provide to be very beneficial for both of us,” Motorsport Network Chairman, Zak Brown said.

“Motorsport Network’s investment in Formula E was driven by the audience growth and engagement we saw in the series on our platforms including and

“The global reach of our network including additional dedicated coverage on will help Formula E showcase its exciting racing to an even broader audience. Similarly, there is a new breed of motorsport fan around the world that is inspired by electric mobility that will discover Motorsport Network for the first time thanks to our partnership.

“We also plan to work closely with the championship’s manufacturers to help them showcase their vision of the future of electric vehicles.”

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Now I understand, the frequency of Formula E stuff here. It makes sense.

I cannot see how Formula 1 and E coexist in the long run. It is a series of manufacturers, always was and will be (funds are limited after all) …. it will be interesting to watch Ferrari, since they are the bee’s knees … with a huge fan base to follow and money of course.

@mxs said: “I cannot see how Formula 1 and E coexist in the long run.”

Will be interesting to see how that plays out.

As traditional car makers are forced to increasingly migrate to full electric for their high performance consumer cars Formula 1 will either also meed to migrate to electric otherwise Formula E by default becomes the new dominant race venue while Formula 1 fades away… or at some point the two agree to merge into one sans ICE.

The site covered Formula E long before the Motorsport Network purchase. Continuation and expansion of coverage is now even more relevant as the reins are let looser in Formula E racing developments of technology intended to improve roadgoing cars.

It’s true, we used to re-broadcast the races in their entirety ‘back in the day’ when they were available, and also do post game recaps and whatnot.

Fun fact: The deciding factor for me deciding to partner with Motorsport originally is when they told me they were taking up an ownership position in Formula E.

…in other words, they offered more than just lip-service saying they wanted to be a part of the electric vehicle business, they are fully embracing the coming change.

And I think if one looks at the results since we partnered last February, it has been nothing but positive so far.

The Motorsport Network has added to the team and what InsideEVs can offer day-to-day, while at the same time haven’t imposed any huge ‘corporate-itis’ (the IEV staff still run/control the happenings – cause we know what we are doing)…while at the same time IEV has helped ‘electrify’ the content on Motorsport’s more traditional auto platforms.

From Article: “Formula E Chooses As Official Digital Media Partner…Specialist electric vehicles website will also feature additional news coverage of the championship and its participating manufacturers and regular guest columns from a number of leading Formula E drivers…”

Congratulations to the InsideEVs team and parent Motorsport Network! /Well deserved.

Look for me to be added to the Formula E driver roster next season!

…and for my subsequent series of articles entitled, “How to get out of the way of other racers, while hoping to gain standings points by finishing in the Top 10 provided enough other drivers crash and/or get DQ’d”

Lol… best of luck… peddle down! …trick is to before race unplug your competition from the chargers when they not looking.